Star Wars: Here’s Why Snoke Was Never a Sith Lord

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One of the things that we know about the sequel trilogy of Star Wars is that there was a new powerful user of the dark side of the Force in the form of Supreme Leader Snoke, who was the one leading the First Order before his death. He was a powerful user of the dark side and was strong enough to overwhelm Kylo Ren, who was also strong in the dark side. But the thing is that Snoke was never mentioned to be a Sith Lord at all. So, why wasn’t Snoke a Sith Lord?

Snoke was never a Sith Lord because he wasn’t a part of the Sith Order. He may have been strong in the dark side of the Force, but Snoke was never inducted into the Sith Order by either Palpatine or Darth Vader. And after the deaths of Palpatine and Vader, Snoke couldn’t declare himself a Sith Lord because he was never indoctrinated as a Sith.

When it comes to the world of Star Wars, semantics do matter. That means that not everyone strong in the dark side is a Sith Lord, as it takes one to be inducted into the Sith Order to actually become a Sith Lord. Due to his history as a “reject,” Snoke was never a Sith Lord despite his strength in the dark side of the Force. That said, let’s look at why Snoke was never a Sith Lord.

Snoke wasn’t chosen to become a Sith

During the earlier part of the sequel trilogy of Star Wars, people were introduced to Supreme Leader Snoke, Kylo Ren’s master, while working with the First Order to hunt down Luke Skywalker and destroy the Jedi Order once and for all. Many people wondered who Snoke was and what he could be, especially after he said he was there during the rise and fall of the Empire. And that was when fans started to make speculations about Snoke’s identity.

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But in ‘Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi,’ Snoke was killed off without us understanding who he was and where he came from. Kylo Ren betrayed his master so that he could save Rey and take his place as the new leader of the First Order. And while Snoke may have been strong in the dark side of the Force, he certainly didn’t see the betrayal of Kylo Ren coming.

Of course, while we didn’t get to learn more about Snoke in the sequel movies, we did get to learn more about him in the comics that told his origins. That was when we discovered he was an artificial strandcast created by the Sith Eternal years before the fall of the Empire.

Emperor Palpatine had already predicted that Darth Vader would betray him in the future, and that was why he tried to find a way to secure his place as the Emperor by making sure that he had clones that served as the new vessel for his spirit.


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In that regard, Snoke was one of the genetic beings created by the Sith Eternal cult during the reign of the Empire. He was born on Exegol as a strandcast that was naturally strong in the Force. Of course, Snoke was also aware in the sense that he had his own free will and identity after he was created.

The problem was that Snoke was a “failure” because he wasn’t a perfect genetic organism. That explains why Snoke’s body was already failing during the events of the sequel trilogy, as something must have gone wrong when he was created. And this could be because the Empire couldn’t perfect the cloning technology of the Kaminoans.

So, because of that, Snoke was a reject in the eyes of Palpatine, and that was why he didn’t think that he would be a good vessel for his soul. Nevertheless, the fact that Snoke was strong on the dark side was a good reason for Palpatine to use him for his benefit. Palpatine planned on using Snoke as a puppet replacement for him during the era of the New Republic so that his influence would remain long after his death. And that was why Snoke was allowed to be the one to rule as the Supreme Leader of the First Order.

Still, Snoke was never a Sith Lord. He was strong in the Force and intelligent enough to become a scholar of the dark side of the Force while he was still learning more about the nature of the dark side. But the fact that he was rejected was why he was never a Sith Lord.

When Snoke was born, there were already two Sith Lords in accordance with the Rule of Two. Darth Sidious (Palpatine) and Darth Vader were the ones ruling the galaxy as the Sith Lords of the Sith Order. In that regard, Snoke had no place within the Sith Order. And because of his imperfect body, Palpatine didn’t even see him as a worthy replacement for Darth Vader as he understood that he could never use Snoke’s weak body as his vessel after his death.


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So, the Sith Order died with them after Palpatine and Vader died. That means that Snoke was never a part of the Sith Order during the time of the First Order, as he was never chosen to be a Sith Lord. And while he may have been strong in the dark side, a Sith Lord has to be inducted into the Sith Order for them to call themselves a Sith.

Are Snoke and Palpatine the same person?

As mentioned, Snoke was created as a genetic strandcast that was supposed to serve as one of the vessels of Palpatine’s soul. Nevertheless, he was a failure of a genetic creation as he had a weaker body. In that regard, he wasn’t worthy of being the vessel of Palpatine’s spirit after the Emperor’s death.

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But what needs to be cleared out is that Snoke wasn’t Palpatine. Like all of the other strandcasts created to be vessels of the Sith Lord, Snoke was genetic creation formed from different genes. Of course, Palpatine’s genes were also used to create the strandcasts, as Rey’s father was one of Palpatine’s clones.

The difference, however, is that Rey’s father was created to be a true Palpatine clone. On the other hand, Snoke was not a one-to-one clone of any single person, as it is possible that multiple genes were used to create him so that the Sith Eternal could create a being gifted in the Force. After all, Rey’s father, who may have been a true Palpatine clone, wasn’t born with the ability to use the Force. And this failure to create a Force-sensitive clone was probably why different genes were used to create Snoke.

As such, Snoke was an entirely new being created by the scientific workings of the Sith Eternal, who bastardized the Kaminoans’ cloning technology to produce their cloning technology. And Snoke was one of the few survivors of this cloning process that the Sith Eternal developed to try to find a way to give Emperor Palpatine the immortality that he yearned for.

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