How Big Is Galactus & Can He Change His Size?

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No matter whether you consider Galactus to be a true villain or merely a force of nature, there’s no denying that his appearance inspires fear. This is partially due to his enormous powers and his reputation as the planet devourer. For the most part, however, it’s because of Galactus’ height. Galactus is often shown towering above everything and everyone else. This is what made us wonder how tall and big Galactus is and if he can change his own size?

Galactus is 28′9″ (8.76 m) tall, but his size and height greatly depend on whether he is well-fed or starving. If Galactus is starving, his size can change for as much as 10.9 feet which is a drastic change compared to his default size. Galactus has size alteration abilities meaning that he can appear as tall or as short as he wants to, depending on his interactions and situation. His true form is, for a large part, unknown, and it’s been stated numerous times that each race in the Universe perceives him differently, so this can affect his size as well.

Now that we’ve given you the main information regarding Galactus’ size, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Galactus’ size is, for the most part, variable

Galactus doesn’t have an official classification in terms of his race. He is simply grouped together with the rest of the cosmic beings. Although he is often confused with Celestials (primarily due to his size) he is not a Celestial.

Before we analyze Galactus’ size, we have to, however, stress that Galactus’ current form is not his first and real form. Before he became Galactus, he was Galan, a humanoid alien from the planet Taa who underwent a drastic change when his Universe collapsed due to the destruction at the hand of the Black Winter.

The accounts differ, but Galactus was either transformed to his current form by Sentience of Universe, or he was created to be the Herald of Black Winter. In any way, Galactus wasn’t born this way, and even after he was transformed into a cosmic being, centuries passed as he incubated and took the form that he uses today.

Galan before he was Galactus

Galactus is self-contained within his armor, made out of unknown material. If Galactus were to remove his armor, he would most likely be torn apart by the vast cosmic energies and turn into a small star.

Galactus incubator

This is why it’s hard to define exactly how tall Galactus is since his height has varied over the years, and it’s not exactly a fixed metric in itself. The only thing that is sure is that he is much higher than the average humanoid aliens we see on the pages.

How Tall is Galactus?

Galactus is officially 28′9″ (8.76 m) tall and weighs 36400 lbs (16.51 tons). His height, in large part, depends on how fed he is. The more energy Galactus has at his disposal, the greater heights he can achieve. If Galactus were to starve, his height could diminish as much as 10.9 feet. According to some accounts, Galactus can adjust his size depending on the size of the planet he is about to consume.


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Some sources claim that Galactus is as big as Eternity, some versions of Galactus were likewise drawn to be over 100 ft tall, and it is a well-known fact that Galactus has the ability to modify his own size and empower himself during a fight. This, however, likewise greatly depends on his current energy stores.

Galactus increases his size Wraithworld

In ‘Rom’ #27, Galactus spent a large portion of his energy to inflate his size so he could wrestle with the Wraithworld’s Black Sun. He was able to reach the size of a small planetoid, but this is far from his standard form, and if he were to keep that form, he would most likely have to feed more often and with much more energy.

Galactus’ physical strength naturally increases the bigger he becomes.

Is Galactus bigger than Celestials?

Generally, Celestials appear to be bigger than Galactus, but this is not exactly a rule set in stone because, just like with Galactus, their height varies from 2000 ft. to normal humanoid height. Sometimes they can appear to be as tall as planets, and sometimes they are of normal size.

That’s the thing with cosmic beings. They can appear to the lesser creatures in whatever form they want. Take Galactus, for example. Not only does his height vary, but his looks vary depending on what species he is interacting with.

If a human is to interact with Galactus, he will perceive Galactus to be, well, humanoid in nature. It’s what we’re used to seeing him as. If Skrull were to interact with him, Skrull would perceive Galactus to look like a Skrull. If Flora Colossus were to interact with him, Galactus would appear as a giant Groot.

The source of this “power” is unknown, and it’s unknown why Galactus changes his perception depending on the species.


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What is Galactus’ biggest size & how big can he get?

The full extent of Galactus’ size is unknown, unfortunately, although, in theory, he can’t exactly be infinite. As long as he has a steady source of life-nourishing energy he can keep increasing his size. The biggest we’ve seen Galactus become was in the aforementioned ‘Rom’ #27 when he increased his height to appear to be as big as the sun that circled the planet.

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