How Did Ahsoka’s Headtails Fit in the Spacesuit? Ahsoka’s New Spacesuit Explained

How Did Ahsokas Headtails Fit in the Spacesuit

‘Time To Fly’ (‘Ahsoka‘ s01e03) delivered an astonishing space battle with Ahsoka, making one of the best spacewalks in Star Wars history. However, to make the spacewalk, she needed a suit whose helmet would accommodate her Lekku, and the typical fish-bowl-helmet spacesuit would never cut it. However, the creators came up with a befitting spacesuit design to fit Ahsoka’s anatomy, and fans would love to know more about Ahsoka’s new spacesuit.

With her grown Lekku in ‘Ahsoka,’ a typical spacesuit would impede Ahsoka’s ability to move and swing lightsabers during her spacewalk. So, unlike the traditional spacesuits with a bowl-shaped helmet like the one she wore in ‘Clone Wars,’ Ahsoka’s new spacesuit is customized to her anatomy. The suit extends over the head, with extensions to accommodate her headtails, and a vizor instead of a helmet only covering the face for air and visibility.

Her Lekku have grown over the years, which meant a regular Republic-issued Enviro-spacesuit would never fit her. The new suit design will likely work for other characters with Montrals and Lekku, such as Hera. The suit enabled Ahsoka to become the first Jedi to do the spacewalk in a live-action Star Wars. Ahsoka’s suit has, therefore, changed Star Wars history, so let us look at why it is so special.

What happened during Ahsoka’s space fight scene?

ahsoka Spacewalk Scene

Ahsoka’s shuttle was cornered by Shin and Marrok in the space of the planet Seatos in the Deneb System. To defeat the enemy starfighters, Ahsoka chose to walk onto the wing of her shuttle and fight the oncoming shooters with her lightsabers. She managed to take out one of the mercenary starfighters by cutting off its wing.

The fight started after Morgan and her mercenaries attacked Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang’s T-6 shuttle when they approached her hyperspace ring. Ahsoka and Sabine managed to dodge the laser bolts fired by the guns on Morgan’s hyperspace ring, but one shot from Shin’s starfighter struck The Shadow (Ahsoka’s shuttle), causing it to lose power.

With no way to shoot back at the attackers, Ahsoka decided to do a spacewalk and fight with her lightsabers while Sabine fixed the Shadow. She displayed her excellent fighting skills during the walk as she deflected all the laser bolts fired at her from the oncoming starfighters and then leaped high enough to cut the wing off one of them.


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While her fighting skills in the scene were impressive, she only took out the third unnamed mercenary, which means Shin and Marrok are still alive, and she will have to face them again.

Ahsoka’s spacewalk scene marks the first time a Jedi has made a spacewalk in live action. It is also one of Ahsoka’s best lightsaber fights in the show, as the dark background of a dark space gives a better view of her lightsabers in action. Her ability to leap while in space and battle three starfighters prove that she is one of the most powerful Jedi ever.

The scene also contains the best moments of Ahsoka and Sabine’s partnership as master and Padawan since the beginning of the show. Ahsoka goes easy on Sabine, allowing her to take the lead while aiming at the oncoming starfighters. Ahsoka also trusts Sabine to get the Shadow back up. It greatly contrasts Morgan, Shin, and Baylan, whose partnership seems more disjointed.

Why is Ahsoka’s new spacesuit special?

ahsoka spacesuit liveaction

Unlike the previous empire-era Enviro-suits worn by Ahsoka and Anakin in ‘Clone Wars,’ which had a standard helmet, Ahsoka’s new spacesuit only has a vizor in front of the head with a transparent glass for visibility. The rest of the suit is flexible fabric.

The suit also has a customized head cover with cone-shaped extensions to accommodate Ahsoka’s Lekku, allowing them to stay mobile with the rest of her body as she moves. The vizor, therefore, supplies air and visibility, while the rest of the suit doesn’t impede Ahsoka’s ability to skywalk and fight.


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The complete suit also includes a pair of gravity boots, which help Ahsoka get a strong grip on the wings of the Starfighter during the fight. The insignia on the suit is similar to what soldiers had in The Republic Era before The Empire took over.

The new suit is a big improvement on what Ahsoka wore in ‘Clone Wars’ because it fits better and also perfectly matches Ahsoka’s white lightsabers. The combination of the new suit and the dark background enhanced the whole spacewalk, making it one of Ahsoka’s best fight scenes.

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