‘Ahsoka’: Here’s Where Thrawn & Ezra Are Currently


One of the major plots of the ‘Ahsoka’ series involved the search for Grand Admiral Thrawn on the part of the Imperial remnants. Of course, Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren are also interested in Thrawn’s whereabouts not only because they want to prevent a war from breaking out but also because Ezra Bridger could also be where Thrawn is. So, where are Thrawn and Ezra currently?

Ezra Bridger and Thrawn were discovered on Peridea, the ancient homeworld of Nightsister. Thrawn survived and allied with the trio of Great Mothers, while Ezra allied himself with the local Noti tribe to survive on the desolate planet.

Let’s not forget that around a decade has passed since the events of Ezra’s heroic efforts to defeat Thrawn using the power of the Purrgil, and throughout those ten years, Imperial Remnants, as well as the “Rebels,” never stopped looking for Thrawn and Ezera. Let’s see how it all went down.

Their allies spent years looking for them

Back in the finale of ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ Ezra Bridger found a way to defeat an opponent that no one else in the Star Wars galaxy could outsmart. Ezra gave himself up to Grand Admiral Thrawn in exchange for the safety of the people of Lothal when the Imperial commander bombed the capital city of the planet during the time that Ezra and his allies were ready to liberate Lothal from the Empire.

However, Thrawn didn’t know that Ezra had a backup plan involving the Purrgil, which are space whales capable of traveling through hyperspace at will. He asked some of his allies to lead the Purrgil to Lothal. And because Ezra had a strong connection to other lifeforms through the Force, he could communicate with the Purrgil.

purgill thrawn

While Ezra was still in Thrawn’s ship, the Chimaera, he could isolate the Grand Admiral inside the bridge while keeping the other soldiers at bay. He commanded the Purrgil to keep Thrawn occupied. And before the Grand Admiral knew it, he had lost because Ezra had commanded the Purrgil to take them into hyperspace.

So, in a sense, Ezra was able to defeat Thrawn by using an element that his enemy knew nothing about—the Purrgil. Thrawn is exceptionally dangerous when he has all of the information he needs on the table. But because he knew nothing about the Purrgil, he lost.

This event took place on 1 BBY, around one year before the Battle of Yavin, which took place during the events of ‘Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope.’ The entire Rebellion period concluded on 4 ABY, meaning that five years had passed since Ezra’s disappearance. In the epilogue or ‘Rebels,’ we saw Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren meeting up with one another to try to look for Ezra because the defeat of the Empire now made it easier for them to do so.


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Of course, we also learned in ‘The Mandalorian’ and in ‘Ahsoka’ that Thrawn still had a lot of different allies left in the galaxy. These allies likely spent years looking for Thrawn as well. We also know that the Empire had resources that the Rebels didn’t have, meaning they had contacts all over the galaxy. Despite that, none of them were able to find Thrawn.

In ‘Ahsoka,’ we saw that Ahsoka and Sabine likely also spent years together. The ‘Ahsoka’ events take place at least five years after the fall of the Empire and around ten years after Ezra disappeared. But because they couldn’t find him, they concluded that Ezra had died. In episode 3, we also learned that even Hera Syndulla joined in the search at one point because the New Republic Senate had grown tired of her using valuable resources to search for Ezra.

Episode 6 of ‘Ahsoka’ revealed that Thrawn and Ezra were on Peridea

After it was revealed that a starmap exists that leads to a mythical place called Peridea, fans were quick to conclude that this must be where Ezra and Thrawn were currently, and if you were among them, you were right.

Following Baylan’s duel with Ahsoka, we saw that Sabine gave up the starmap willingly, and she managed to get on board and secure her place on a trip to Peridea. Once near the planet, Morgan Elsbeth revealed it was an ancient planet of Nightsisters, while Baylan offered that this must be where Purrgils come to die.

Once on the planet’s surface, we first found out what happened to Thrawn in the last ten years. When he arrived on the desolate planet, he allied himself with the Trio of extremely powerful Nightsisters called “The Great Mothers.” The Great Mothers likely used their necromancy to revive any fallen soldier they came across and create Thrawn’s current regiment of Night Troopers.

great mothers 1

We also learned that Thrawn and Ezra weren’t together as the Jedi escaped him some time ago. This is where Sabine comes in. Thrawn let Sabine go seemingly out of the goodness of his heart and even provided her with some provisions, all in hopes that Sabine would lead him to Ezra.

You see, Thrawn did not have enough intelligent soldiers to spare to send them after Ezra, so he planned to utilize Sabine for that. Sabine was successful as she discovered that Ezra was alive and well, living among the local snail creatures called Noti in their village.

ezra and sabine

It’s likely that Thrawn will locate both Sabine and Ezra, but this is secondary to the topic of this article. The most important is that we have their locations confirmed.


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