How Strong Is Star-Lord? Compared to Other Marvel Characters

How Strong Is Star-Lord Compared to Other Marvel Characters

Comic book characters are always hard to determine regarding their power. Each new writer adds or removes powers and abilities from Marvel characters, and Star-Lord has been one of the superheroes who underwent some changes. From being a mere man who went to space to being a semi-immortal half of Spartax, Star-Lord evolved a lot in Marvel Comics, which prompted us to make a quick comparison to other Marvel characters.

We will use Star-Lord from Marvel Comics or Earth-616, who became a Master of the Sun in the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 6 comic book run and got stronger. The characters we will oppose to Star-Lord are mostly the Avengers, and if you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Star-Lord powers and abilities in Marvel Comics

First of all, before we even go into the “battles,” let’s see the current state of Star-Lord’s powers. When we last saw him, he was helping Nova defeat the insane Olympians who started destroying the whole universe.

After the event that saw Star-Lord being forced to manually detonate the black hole and send himself and the new Olympians to outside reality, Quill’s Element Gun and the man himself got tangled in the Dark Olympian’s power and took it.

Peter is then plagued by the visions of alien Ragnar, who uncovered more powers and abilities of Quill and made him the Master of the Sun. Peter spends years in the alternate dimension, meets two nomads, falls in love, has a child with them, and essentially becomes a mystical man with superhuman abilities.

How Strong Is Star-Lord? Compared to Other Marvel Characters

Before the Master of the Sun title (and enhancements), Star-Lord was an agile, athletic man with formidable skills in combat and swordsmanship. He was also an excellent marksman, strategist, and great pilot.

Over the years in space, Star-Lord got upgrades like weapons, most notably his Elemental Gun and Power Suit that allows him to fly and survive in space and heal and regenerate shields.

Finally, Peter, as the Master of the Sun, got superhuman physiology and semi-immortality. The latter was explained in the comics, that Peter had stolen fire from the Dark Olympians through assault battery in his Elemental Gun. Since then, Peter Quill’s life force has increased tenfold, decreasing his age rate massively.


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Star-Lord gained a regenerative healing factor that can help him grow some of the lost parts of his body (like his left eye). Finally, the Master of the Sun Star-Lord became the source of the elements; specifically, he utilizes his powers through his Elemental Gun, channeling his elemental blasts. He is telepathically resistant and has cosmic awareness as well, making him much stronger than before – but can he do it against other Marvel characters? Let’s find out.

Star-Lord vs. Nova

How Strong Is Star-Lord? Compared to Other Marvel Characters

Okay, so this will be a fight between really good friends in Peter Quill and Richard Rider, but why not pit them against each other in this hypothetical battle? Interestingly enough, Richard Rider actually isn’t the current Nova in the comics (Sam Alexander is), but he is still one of the most popular characters in Marvel Comics and the one who will (most likely) feature in the MCU sooner.

Nova harnesses a powerful energy source called the Nova Force. This near-limitless energy source is part of every member of the Nova Corps (space militia) in small parts. Still, Richard Rider is special since he harnesses almost the entire Nova Force, hence why he is the leader of the Corps and the most notable and strongest member.


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His powers include superhuman physiology, flight, and energy generation (which includes many other variations of this power). Finally, he is a host of Xandarian Worldmind, which grants him the power to access any technology in the universe.

Nova is truly powerful, and unfortunately for Quill, Rider would blast his friend in pieces if they fought each other. Yes, Star-Lord gained enhanced physiology and is essentially the power source himself, who can blast his enemies away, but Nova Force is much superior. Marvel Comics even compares Nova Force to the Power Cosmic source, which is handled by Galactus and his heralds.

Despite the enhancements, Star-Lord loses his fight against Nova.

Star-Lord vs. Iron Man

How Strong Is Star-Lord? Compared to Other Marvel Characters

Marvel Cinematic Universe saw Iron Man become quite a formidable superhero, especially the suits that granted him vast power against his enemies. However, Marvel Comics went even further and really upgraded Iron Man’s power.

First of all, Tony Stark is a certified genius, scientifically and strategically. He uses his knowledge to overcome the most complicated obstacles and has been instrumental in protecting the world from extraterrestrial threats.

Of course, despite his mantra “knowledge is power,” Tony Stark is mostly known as Iron Man, where his raw power mostly comes from. Iron Man suit massively enhances Tony Stark’s ability and powers, including superhuman physiology, speed, flight, and power cells that are instrumental as the main power source for the Armor Model 37.


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Iron Man can also absorb energy in its surroundings, has a self-contained life support system, anti-magnetism, and magnetism, and the suit has an installed computer.

Among other powers that include insane defensive enhancements for the suit, the offensive arsenal of Iron Man is vast, and that includes Repulsor Rays that could pierce anything from steel to mountain. Lasers, uni-beam, pulse bolts, and missiles are only a few of the vast arsenal we could go on about for days, hence why Star-Lord would lose a fight against the armored superhero.

Frankly, if Iron Man directs a massive blast toward Star-Lord, there is a high possibility that Quill would disintegrate. Now, his Olympian powers could prevent that, but in the end, Iron Man’s raw power and arsenal would prevail.

Star-Lord vs. Captain America

Steve Rogers is the ultimate Avenger of Marvel Comics and a quite powerful individual. A World War II veteran whose body was permanently enhanced by Super-Soldier Serum, making him basically a superhuman.

His combat skills are vast, especially in hand-to-hand combat, and his vibranium shield could hurt most enemies. However, against Star-Lord and his Elemental Gun, combined with superhuman physiology, Cap can’t threaten Quill and his newfound powers.

This isn’t a surprise since Quill can hurt Cap with his weapons, which are powered by the Master of the Sun himself. Captain America is a powerful individual, but in most fights, Star-Lord fires his Elemental Gun and defeats America’s hero.

Star-Lord vs. Spider-Man

How Strong Is Star-Lord? Compared to Other Marvel Characters

Finally, we will pin Peter Parker’s Spider-Man and Star-Lord against each other. Spider-Man is essentially a superhuman who gained his powers from a radioactive spider with which the hero shares his powers.

Great strength, superhuman physiology, and Spidey Sense seem quite poor compared to other Star-Lord opponents in this article. However, his agility, connection to the Web of Life, and upgraded Spider-Man suit makes Peter Parker a formidable opponent.


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Against Star-Lord, Spidey struggles. However, his durability, speed, and raw strength can defeat Star-Lord. Yes, Quill is currently enhanced and has some of the powers he “stole” from Dark Olympians, but Spider-Man is famous for bullet-evading speed, which can only increase.

Star-Lord fires his Elemental Gun, but Spider-Man evades it and pulls something out of his sleeve. Star-Lord is smart in his own right, and his strategic thinking and versatility got him out of more trouble than we can remember.

This might be really close in general, and both Master of the Sun Star-Lord and Spider-Man could definitely steal wins from their fights.

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