‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 Release Date: Everything We Know

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Since the MCU kicked off with Phase 4, we’ve finally gotten an expansion from movies only to TV shows that are a part of the MCU as well. One such show that is quite unique compared to the others, though, was ‘I Am Groot.’ The endearing five-episode first season of short animated films about Baby Groot captured our hearts – but will there be another season?

It is confirmed that ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 will happen, but an official date hasn’t been set just yet. However, some sources suggest that we could see ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 arrive on Disney+ as early as September 2023. Meaning – it would be the next MCU entry in line right after ‘Secret Invasion’ and before ‘Loki’ Season 2 in October.

Now that the industry-wide strikes are in full effect as we speak, everything could eventually be pushed back a bit, so take this information with a grain of salt. What we do know, however, is that the second season will see some changes, but also, it’ll see the return of a dear character we saw in the MCU before… Here’s everything we know.

What is ‘I Am Groot’ about?

If you haven’t seen ‘I Am Groot’ Season 1 yet; you might be wondering what it’s all about and when in the MCU timeline does it take place? Well, the first season premiered on Disney+ on August 10, 2022, and was the second MCU show that was animated, behind ‘What If…?’ Season 1.

‘I Am Groot’ consisted of five short episodes, unrelated to one another story-wise – other than the fact that our little Baby Groot was the star of each episode. It followed his misadventures and gave us some serious laughs. However, it also confused some people, as it was a bit tough to determine when exactly these adventures were taking place.

Well, actually, it wasn’t that hard to figure out. You see, between the ending of ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2’, and its post-credits scene where we already see Teenage Groot playing video games and having a potty mouth towards Quill, there’s a big chunk of time that’s unaccounted for with our beloved Guardians. And that’s where I Am Groot’s misadventures take place.


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When is ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 coming out?

While there’s still no official word from Marvel Studios, some sources confirmed that ‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 could actually be the next MCU entry in the line, coming to Disney+ as early as September of this year.

That means we’ll get to see more of Groot’s adorable misadventures right after Secret Invasion is finished and right before ‘Loki’ Season 2 hits in October – and then ‘Echo’ Season 1 arrives on the platform in November.

‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 plot details

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As far as the storyline goes, we’ll pretty much get the same formula as we had for the first season – five new episodes of Groot shorts, each likely following a new misadventure of our beloved Twig. As it seems, the second season will also revolve around Baby Groot in the same timeframe as the first.

That being said, some things will be dramatically different. Kirsten Lepore worked hard on the first season of ‘I Am Groot,’ and the episodes were mostly her brain children, inspired by her own son, some Buster Keaton comedies, and even Looney Tunes. 

However, she worked closely with James Gunn – the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director – to ensure she got the portrayal of Baby Groot right. We can’t count on that anymore, as James Gunn has departed from the MCU to take over the DCU.


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‘I Am Groot’ Season 2 cast & crew details

As I’ve mentioned before, pretty much everything is still held under tight wraps regarding the plot, so it’s hard to determine which cast members will return and which new characters we might see. However, we do have some information that’s as interesting as it gets.

Firstly, Vin Diesel is certainly returning to voice Baby Groot, which is awesome. But, the bombshell information – again coming from The Cosmic Circus – is that Jeffrey Wright is returning to the MCU to continue his role as Uatu, aka The Watcher.

If you remember, Uatu first appeared in MCU’s ‘What If…?’ series, being the main narrator and character in several episodes. However, the animation style of What If…? is completely different from I Am Groot, so it’ll be interesting to see how, when, and where Uatu and Baby Groot will cross paths to appear in the same show.

It’ll also be interesting to see what Uatu will look like. Will the animation be more consistent with ‘What If…?’, or with ‘I Am Groot’? Or perhaps, we’ll get to see Jeffrey Wright appear as the Watcher in a live-action sequence? Whatever happens, we’re here for it!

We’ll share more information as it arrives, but until then, let’s hope we get to see more of this adorable little fellow as early as September 2023.

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