Star Wars: Is Ahsoka Gay? Who Is Her Love Interest?


Rosario Dawson’s performance as Ahsoka Tano in ‘Ahsoka‘ is impeccable, so fans feel a little greedy to ask for more. However, they need a hero they relate with, and sexuality will always be part of that discussion. Since the creators have remained tight-lipped on the sexuality of Dawson’s character, fans are left to make their own conclusions, some of which are wide off the mark. Still, Ahsoka flirts with girls in multiple non-canon books, so many fans still wonder whether Ahsoka could be gay or bisexual.

There is no definitive answer regarding the question of Ahsoka’s sexuality in canon material. Dave Filoni said he avoided the topic to keep the character independent and free to make her own choices. However, Ahsoka displayed feelings for a boy in ‘Clone Wars’ but also flirted with girls in some of the comic books, although it was retconned.

“There is nothing easy about being a Jedi,” Ahsoka said while reminding Sabine of the many sacrifices of becoming a knight of the light. While Jedi have to remain celibate, they also have feelings, and when love calls, they tend to answer, and Ahsoka is no different. While Dave Filoni’s scripts have cautiously avoided exploring Ahsoka’s sexuality, the character has been loved and fallen in love, so let’s look at how it happened.

Who was Ahsoka in love with?

Ahsoka and Lux romance in Clone Wars

Lux Bonteri is the most obvious love interest Ahsoka Tano has ever had on the screens. Lux met Ahsoka in ‘Clone Wars’ when she accompanied Senator Padme to meet Lux’s mother, Mina Bonteri, on Raxus. Lux started flirting with Ahsoka, and while she initially shrugged him off, she developed feelings for him later.

After Lux’s mother was assassinated, he kidnapped Ahsoka on his way to Carla to meet The Death Watch (Mandalorian terrorists), whom he hoped would help avenge his mother. In front of the Death Watch (who hate Jedi), Lux and Ahsoka pretend to be lovers betrothed for marriage to hide Ahsoka’s Jedi identity. The two even shared a kiss, although it was faked.


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Ahsoka’s true identity was later discovered, leading to her being sentenced to death by The Death Watch, but she escaped with the help of her droid, R2. However, after they finally escaped the Death Watch, Lux chose to leave Ahsoka and become a separatist in Onderon despite Ahsoka’s clearly romantic plea for him to stay.

Ahsoka later meets Lux again on Onderon, but their relationship is complicated as Lux is with Steela now, and Ahsoka is jealous, but she doesn’t do anything about it. However, Lux’s crush on Ahsoka never went away, as revealed after Steela’s death. However, Lux and Ahsoka were young at the time, leading many fans to assume that their relationship was just exploratory.

Ahsoka would have also had a boyfriend named Nyx Okami if the seventh season of ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’ hadn’t been canceled. The uncompleted scenes, which have since been leaked online, had Nyx (voiced by Mathew Yang King) and Ahsoka (Voiced by Ashley Eckstein) in a more realistic relationship than what Ahsoka and Lux had.


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In Emily K. Johnston’s ‘Ahsoka’ novel, Kaeden Larte, a woman, expresses her feelings for Ahsoka while she hides from the Empire on Raada. In the book, Ahsoka saves Kaeden and her fellow farmers before they are evacuated from the doomed planet. Kaeden’s feelings for Ahsoka are so strong that she says she would love to kiss her.

While the book doesn’t explain whether Ahsoka reciprocates Kaeden’s feelings, the author confirmed in a series of tweets that Ahsoka did like Kaedan, but she didn’t know how to process these feelings at the time. In the tweets, Johnston argues that Ahsoka isn’t hers to label, but she described the character as queer.

With the noticeable underrepresentation of LGBTQ+ characters in Star Wars, many fans hoped Ahsoka would make the first LGBTQ+ lead character in the live-action show. However, Dave Filoni chose to avoid the topic of Ahsoka’s sexuality altogether, choosing instead to focus on her strength and independence.

Did Ahsoka have romantic feelings for Anakin?

Ahsoka’s relationship with Anakin was purely platonic, as no indication was given that the two could be involved romantically. Ahsoka actually knew about Anakin’s relationship with Padme and didn’t express any jealousy toward her in ‘Clone Wars.’ Ahsoka was, therefore, comfortable with the brother-sister relationship.

Dave Filoni actually had shipping concerns while introducing Ahsoka as Anakin’s Padawan in ‘Clone Wars.’ The animated show’s voice actors were expressly told that the relationship had to remain platonic, a trend Filoni maintained throughout the series.


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Ahsoka’s decision to stay celibate could actually have been caused by the tragic end of Anakin’s relationship with Padme. In ‘Ahsoka,’ She talks about Sabine being too attached, saying she has seen such attachment destroy a Jedi before, clearly referring to Anakin.

Creating another love interest for Anakin right after Padme’s death would also have received negative reactions from the many Anakin-Padme shippers. Filoni, therefore, chose to keep Ahsoka’s real love interests a secret, making Ahsoka an independent character free to be with anyone she chooses in the future.

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