All 28 ‘Ahsoka’ Easter Eggs So Far Explained


Arguably one of the most important Star Wars series released in recent years is Ahsoka,’ which follows the story of Ahsoka Tano as she and Sabine Wren are on a mission to try to stop the return of Grand Admiral Thrawn while also getting their good friend, Ezra Bridger, back. In that regard, the story has already referenced many different things we saw in the past, all while preserving the essence of what makes it an original story.

‘Ahsoka’ has already had many easter eggs that fans were quick to point out. These easter eggs may not be obvious to some fans, but they were able to excite fans who are now eager to see what is next for Ahsoka and her allies. That said, let’s look at all of the easter eggs we’ve seen in ‘Ahsoka’ so far.

1. Opening Crawl

One of the things that Star Wars has always been known for is the opening crawl out into space. The purpose of the opening crawl is to introduce the story’s plot before the story even begins to ensure that the audience members are privy to whatever the series is about. And all of the major Star Wars movies have opening crawls.


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The opening crawl was absent in some Star Wars movies and shows, particularly those released in recent years. Nevertheless, the opening crawl returned in ‘Ahsoka’ in a unique way as the letters were red and were not fading out into space, unlike in the mainline Star Wars movies. And probably the reason why there is an opening crawl in ‘Ahsoka’ is to tell those who couldn’t watch ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ what the series is all about.

2. “We are no Jedi”

When Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati arrived in a New Republic cruiser to rescue Morgan Elsbeth, they used an old Jedi clearance code to gain access to the cruiser. The cruiser captain met up with them in person, only for him to tell Baylan and Shin that he didn’t believe they were Jedi. That was when Baylan and Shin started attacking everyone, as Baylan stabbed the captain with his lightsaber after saying, “We are no Jedi.”

This is clearly a reference to the fact that Ahsoka often said she was not a Jedi when people mistook her for a Jedi. Of course, we know that Ahsoka left the Jedi Order before she even became a Jedi Knight. She often corrected people by saying, “I am no Jedi.” And Baylan’s words were about Ahsoka’s own words.

3. Imperial remnants

Another thing to notice was that the Imperial remnants were still very much at large. In fact, Morgan Elsbeth herself is an Imperial remnant loyal to Grand Admiral Thrawn. And that’s why she is looking to bring him back, as she believes that Thrawn is the only one capable of uniting all of the remnants under one banner.

We already know that the Shadow Council exists as the council of the different Imperial remnants operating independently and in secret. But they lack leadership and vision. That is where Thrawn is set to come in, as his return will usher in a new age for these Imperial remnants and their quest to destroy the New Republic.

4. Nightsisters of Dathomir

Ahsoka went to a planet with ancient ruins that housed a secret starmap that she was able to learn about after she interrogated Morgan Elsbeth. The Jedi did not create these ancient ruins they were erected there by a race of people who had similar powers. And that was when we learned the truth from Morgan Elsbeth herself.


All 28 ‘Ahsoka’ Easter Eggs So Far Explained

After Elsbeth escaped from the New Republic, she and her allies went to the same ruins that Ahsoka went to. Shin wondered who created these ruins, only for Elsbeth to say that they were created by her ancestors, the Nightsisters of Dathomir. Elsbeth was a Nightsister the entire time, and her knowledge of the Nightsister’s ancient temples and ruins led her to that planet.

5. The return of Hera

After Ashoka Tano retrieved the starmap and escaped the ancient Nightsister planet called Arcana, she rendezvoused with a New Republic cruiser. That was when she reunited with Hera Syndulla, who made her first live-action appearance in the Star Wars universe.

We know that Hera was one of the leaders of the Spectres during the events of ‘Rebels.’ Since then, she has worked as a general for the New Republic and is still actively trying to prevent another war from breaking out. And she was the one who showed Ahsoka the footage of Baylan and Shin attacking one of their cruisers.

6. Liberation of Lothal and Ezra’s Sacrifice

Hera told Ahsoka to seek help from a familiar character, and that was when the scene shifted to Lothal in what was the first live-action appearance of this iconic planet from ‘Rebels.’ The people of Lothal were celebrating the Liberation of Lothal, which happened right around a decade before the events of ‘Ahsoka.’

Of course, the Liberation of Lothal also included Ezra Bridger’s noble sacrifice when he used the power of the Purrgil to take himself and Thrawn to the galaxy’s far reaches so that he could save his friends and the people of his home planet. And Ezra’s sacrifice was recognized in that ceremony.

7. Ryder Azadi and Jai Kell

The one leading the celebration of the anniversary of the Liberation of Lothal was none other than Governor Ryder Azadi, who regained his position as the governor of Lothal after he assisted the Spectres in the Liberation of Lothal. And one of the people who were there with Ryder was Jai Kell.

For those who may have forgotten, Jai was one of the young cadets Ezra befriended when he infiltrated the Imperial Academy. Jai went on to become a Rebel. After the Liberation of Lothal, he became the representative of the planet on the New Republic Senate.

8. Sabine, the artist

The reason why Ahsoka needed Sabine’s help was the fact that neither she nor Huyang could open the starmap due to the fact that a puzzle locked it. As such, Ahsoka believed that Sabine was the best person for the job because her artistic eye always had a knack for solving problems that were related to art, puzzles, and ruins.

Back in the events of ‘Rebels,’ one of the archeologists trying to solve the Jedi Temple puzzle on Lothal captured Sabine and tried to make her solve the puzzle because he trusted in her artistic eye. As an artist, Sabine was able to crack a puzzle that not even an intelligent archeologist could solve. And that’s why Ahsoka needed Sabine’s help, as she believed that she was the only one who could crack the starmap’s puzzle.

9. Master and apprentice parallels

It was made clear that Baylan Skoll was the master and that Shin Hati was his apprentice. There were a lot of different parallels shown in relation to this master-and-apprentice relationship, as Huyang even told Ahsoka that she wouldn’t stand a chance against this master-and-apprentice duo without the help of her own apprentice, who we know is Sabine Wren.

In that regard, it was clear that this master-and-apprentice relationship was one of the major themes in ‘Ahsoka.’ Even Hera made a reference to the relationship between Ahsoka and her own master, Anakin Skywalker. The fact that there are parallels between Ahsoka and Sabine’s relationship and the relationship between Baylan and Shin shows just how important it is for a master and an apprentice to be on the same page.

10. Shin’s Darth Maul tribute

Baylan Skoll sent Shin Hati to go to Lothal so that she could retrieve the starmap from Ahsoka’s apprentice, Sabine Wren. We also know that Sabine took the starmap out of Ahsoka’s ship so that she could think clearer while she was in her home. And that was when a probe droid was seen observing Sabine as she was on her way home.


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The probe droid returned to Shin in a scene similar to the one we saw in ‘Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace’ when Darth Maul sent a probe droid to observe Qui-Gon Jinn on Tatooine. In that regard, there’s a good chance that this reference was made to allow us to see how Shin was similar to Maul in that she was also an apprentice.

11. The Gods of Mortis

Sabine was in the comfort of her home on the abandoned communications tower of Lothal. She was trying to solve the puzzle of the starmap, as she used an outline of the ruins to crack the code. That was when she noticed that three statues were quite prominent in the ruins of Arcana.

These three statues likely reference the Gods of Mortis, a trio of Force-sensitive entities with powers beyond any Force user. The Gods of Mortis are composed of the Father (balance), the Daughter (light side), and the Son (dark side). Sabine was familiar with these figures because she once solved the puzzle of the Jedi Temple on Lothal, which also featured these three entities. 

12. Near-fatal lightsaber stab

Shin and her HK droids attacked Sabine’s home to retrieve the starmap in her possession. Sabine called Huyang for backup and engaged Shin while still waiting for Ahsoka to arrive. That was when they fought in a lightsaber duel that showcased their difference in power and training.

As Ahsoka was about to arrive to help Sabine out, Shin stabbed her opponent near the right side of the gut so that she could escape. This is a reference to the many near-fatal lightsaber stabs we’ve seen in Star Wars, as we’ve seen plenty of characters surviving from the very same lightsaber stab that killed Qui-Gon Jinn. Kylo Ren, the Grand Inquisitor, and Reva are some of the characters who survived after getting stabbed by a lightsaber in the gut.

13. Super Star Destroyer

After Sabine traced the manufacturing code of the HK droids back to Corellia, which was supposed to have ceased production of Imperial droids, Ahsoka and Hera decided to pay a visit to the former Imperial factory there. They discovered that the factory was now repurposing former Imperial cruises and ships by taking them apart and selling their parts to the New Republic.

Hera noticed a large hyperdrive on one of the platforms, and that was when it was revealed that this was a Super Star Destroyer hyperdrive. Super Star Destroyers were several times larger than the already large Star Destroyers. Hera was alarmed because she knew that the New Republic wasn’t producing ships that needed a hyperdrive that large. 

14. Sabine’s mural

After Sabine decided to help out Ahsoka on her mission, she donned her Mandalorian armor and cut her hair. She called Ahsoka to tell her that she was ready. And before Ahsoka’s arrival, Sabine was already there on the platform of Lothal to wait for her master.

That was when Sabine was appreciating the Spectres mural she painted long ago to remember the allies she fought alongside during the events of ‘Rebels.’ And it was clear that she was doing this for Ezra because she focused her attention on Ezra’s figure on the mural.

15. Recreation of ‘Rebels’ epilogue

In connection to the previous easter egg, Ahsoka arrived on the platform to greet Sabine, who was ready to accompany her master on a mission to stop the Imperial remnants from bringing Thrawn back and to bring Ezra back from wherever he may be in the vast universe.


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This scene was similar to the one we saw at the end of ‘Rebels,’ wherein Sabine met with Ahsoka as they were ready to embark on a mission to find Ezra in the farthest reaches of the galaxy. As such, ‘Ahsoka’ recreated this scene to remind us that both Ahsoka and Sabine haven’t given up on rescuing their friend.

16. Darth Sion

In the final scene of episode 2, we saw Morgan Elsbeth overseeing the construction of the large ship that she called the Eye of Sion. She said that this structure was what was going to bring Thrawn back from Peridea. And it was clear that the Eye of Sion was so large that it needed multiple Super Star Destroyer hyperdrives.

The Eye of Sion refers to Darth Sion, a Sith Lord during the Old Republic. Darth Sion was a prominent antagonist in ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II.’ He was basically immortal after using the dark side of the Force to bring himself back from the dead at the cost of his humanity. Sion became a zombie-like figure with a white eye, as it was clear that the Eye of Sion was referencing this eye.

17. Grievous Huyang

Episode 3 opened up with Huyang sparring with Sabine using holographic lightsabers. But the interesting part was that he was using four arms in this training session, as he might have been making things a bit more challenging for Sabine to allow her to catch up with her training quickly.

Of course, there have been very few droid-like lightsaber-wielding enemies in Star Wars, and the most prominent of them is General Grievous, who killed a lot of Jedi during the Clone Wars. This programming was likely created to prepare Jedi Padawans against someone like Grievous, who didn’t have the Force but was extremely formidable in a lightsaber duel. After all, Ahsoka herself took up Jar’Kai partly because Grievous and other Clone Wars enemies used multiple lightsabers.

18. Zatochi

After Huyang and Sabine’s training session, Ahsoka recommended Zatochi, to which Huyang replied negatively because he didn’t believe she was ready for that. Nevertheless, Ahsoka took over Sabine’s training and made her wear a helmet that obscured her vision so that she could learn to rely on her other senses.


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This Zatochi training technique is obviously a reference to the Japanese book and movie starring a blind samurai named Zatoichi, who relied on his other senses as an elite swordsman. As such, Zatochi pays homage to the fact that Star Wars has always had samurai influences.

19. Ahsoka’s explanation of the dark side

While training Sabine using Zatochi, Ahsoka made things hard for her Padawan. A frustrated Sabine relied more on her anger and frustration to try to guess where Ahsoka’s attacks were coming from. She did well enough to counter some of Ahsoka’s attacks but lost her balance along the way.

Ahsoka perfectly explained what the dark side was capable of. She told Sabine that anger can make a Jedi powerful but at the cost of making them unbalanced. In this case, Sabine’s anger may have allowed her to fight on par with Ahsoka for a while, but she lost her balance.

20. New Republic Senate

While Ahsoka and Sabine were training, Hera had a different battle that she needed to fight. We are talking about the political battlefield because she met with the New Republic Senate headed by Chancellor Mon Mothma. However, one of her men warned that Senator Xiono was in attendance.

It quickly became clear why and how the New Republic Senate failed to contain the First Order in the sequels because there was too much bureaucracy and politicking going on, especially on the side of Xiono, who was dismissive of the fact that the Imperial remnants and Thrawn were still threats. And that was why Hera failed to send backup to Ahsoka and Sabine.

21. Senator Hamato Xiono

Speaking of Senator Hamato Xiono, fans of ‘Star Wars: Resistance’ would be familiar with him because he is the father of no other than Kaz Xiono, the main character of the show. And like his live-action counterpart, animated Hamato Xiono is dismissive of their enemies because he didn’t think that the First Order could threaten the New Republic.

In that regard, Senator Xiono’s tendency to focus more on politics rather than on action has a precedent because that was what he did in episode 3 of ‘Ahsoka.’ He claimed that both Thrawn and Ezra Bridger were dead and that there was no reason for Hera to be trying to search for either or both of them because she would just be wasting resources.

22. Jacen Syndulla’s live-action debut

After the meeting with the New Republic Senate, Hera Syndulla met up with her son, Jacen Syndulla, who was with her on the New Republic cruiser that she was on. Of course, Jacen is the hybrid son of Kanan Jarrus and Hera Syndulla. Sadly, Kanan died quite a while back during the events of ‘Rebels.’

Jacen is somewhere around ten years old already. In that scene, he talked about how Chopper told him that Sabine was going to be a Jedi. He also said that he wanted to be a Jedi. After all, his father was a great Jedi Knight, and that means that Jacen may have inherited his affinity for the Force.

23. Jedi Standards

During a short moment involving Ahsoka and Huyang, the droid told the former Jedi that the Jedi Order would have never accepted Sabine because she lacked the Force sensitivity required to be a Jedi. Huyang said that the Jedi Order has always had standards when it comes to choosing who could be trained to be a Jedi.

It is possible that the Jedi standards that Huyang was referring to were the minimum Midi-chlorian count required for a person to be a Jedi. While every person has Midi-chlorians, the Jedi Order was said to require someone to have a minimum Midi-chlorian count of 7,000 in Legends. This has never been confirmed in canon, but there’s a good chance that Huyang was referring to this when he talked about the Jedi Standards.

24. There have been very few Mandalorian Jedi

In addition to the fact that Huyang was doubtful about Sabine’s aptitude as a Jedi, he also said that there have been very few Mandalorian Jedi in history. He was probably referring to Tarre Vizsla, who was the first Mandalorian Jedi and the one who constructed the Darksaber. But the fact that he said “very few” could indicate that there were more Mandalorian Jedi.

Of course, Huyang’s doubts about a Mandalorian becoming a Jedi could be related to the fact that the Mandalorians are too closed off to the Force to become Jedi. And this could be the reason why there has only been one other Mandalorian Jedi in recorded history.

25. Clone Wars references

There have been quite a few Clone Wars references in the series. For one, the very first scene of episode 1 referenced the Jedi clearance code often used by the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars. Episode 3 also had the same Clone Wars references.


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For example, in episode 3, Shin Hati used a headset that the Jedi often used whenever they were piloting their starfighters during the Clone Wars. Another example was the spacesuit that Ahsoka wore when she exited her ship to confront the enemy starfighters out in space. Expect more Clone Wars references in the series because Dave Filoni helmed both of these shows.

26. The Eye of Sion is a Hyperspace Ring

Back in episode 2, we already had hunches of what the Eye of Sion could be. We know that Morgan Elsbeth wants to use it to get to Peridea and take Thrawn back to the known galaxy. But the weird shape of this structure allowed us to think that it could be more than just a ship.

In episode 3, Huyang’s initial observation and scans proved that the Eye of Sion is a massive hyperspace ring with six Super Star Destroyer hyperdrives to travel through hyperspace at incredible speeds. And this massive hyperspace ring was meant to dock with the Chimaera, Thrawn’s flagship, so that Elsbeth’s faction could bring him back to the known galaxy.

27. Purrgil up close

After a close encounter with death after their ship got damaged, Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang needed to enter Seatos’ atmosphere to seek shelter from Shin Hati and Marrok. While they were struggling to shake their enemies off, they were surprised that there was Purrgil in this planet’s atmosphere.

Sabine was visibly shocked and silenced by the appearance of the Purrgil, who were useful in keeping Shin and Marrok off the heroes’ tails. After shaking their enemies off, Ahsoka asked Sabine if she was okay. Clearly, Sabine was affected by the appearance of the Purrgil because the last time she saw them was when Ezra disappeared.

28. Intergalactic travel

Huyang’s scans indicated that the Eye of Sion was a powerful hyperspace docking ring that could travel long distances in a very short amount of time. In that regard, Ahsoka asked if it was theoretically possible for them to travel from one galaxy to another using hyperspace.


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That was when Huyang brought up the fact that the Jedi Archives tell the story of how the Purrgil use hyperspace migration routes to travel from one galaxy to another. This could mean that the Pathway to Peridea was always just a secret Purrgil hyperspace route that connected the two galaxies together. And Elsbeth is likely going to use this route to get to Thrawn, who is in another galaxy.

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