Is Miles Morales Gay, Bi or Straight? Explained

Is Miles Morales Gay, Bi or Straight

Miles Morales first appeared in Marvel Comics in 2011 as a part of the Ultimate Universe. The Ultimate Universe was set on Earth-1610, where Miles Morales was originally from until the Secret Wars event “collapsed” the universe and brought some characters to Earth-616. Since then, we’ve been having two Spider-Men in the same universe, who sometimes work together, but each has their own stories and paths in Marvel Comics. This article will discuss Miles Morales and his romance in the Marvel Universe, from which we will establish whom Spider-Man from Brooklyn prefers.

Miles Morales is straight in Marvel Comics. Ultimate Universe and Earth-616 established Miles as a heterosexual with his fair share of romantic interests, including Spider-Gwen from Earth-65, Kate Bishop from Earth-1610, and Tiana Toomes, Starling from Earth-616. Recently, there have been hints of Miles Morales having feelings for Kamala Khan, known as Ms. Marvel, explored more in his Miles Morales: Spider-Man comic book run from 2019.

Miles Morales is already an established character from Marvel Comics, who found himself being the second Spider-Man after Peter Parker and the protector of the worlds with the rest of the superheroes from Earth-616. His love interests are quite frequent in the comics, which is normal since he is still a teenager, and with Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse being released soon, we decided to ponder Miles and his preferences. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

Miles Morales’ relationships in the comics

First of all, Miles Morales has been Spider-Man since 2011, when the Ultimate Universe released its new comic book run where Peter Parker accidentally went to Earth-1610, where he met a teenager carrying his mantle and discovered the alternate version of him is dead.

In the beginning, Miles was quite young, only 14-15 years old, and the character wasn’t really focused on crushes and potential love interests since he was trying to establish himself as Earth-1610’s Spider-Man after Peter Parker died.

However, as the months, years, and even big events went by, the writers started developing Miles’ character, who, frankly, was a hormonal teenager developing feelings for others and having crushes on his school colleagues.

Ultimate Universe saw Miles Morales dating Kate Bishop

Of course, since Miles Morales’ beginnings started in Ultimate Universe or Earth-1610, we saw Miles crushing on his schoolmates, including Katherine Bishop. On Earth-616, we know Kate Bishop as the third Hawkeye, while the Ultimate version of her character is milder.

Kate is Miles’ school colleague from Brooklyn Visions Academy and his classmate. One year after Venom killed Rio Morales, Kate, and Miles, started dating, and she didn’t know Miles’ superhero identity. However, he had enough feelings for her to contemplate telling her about his superhero gig, and he was even seen surviving Ultron and Galactus’s invasion of Earth.


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Their relationship worsens when Miles tells Kate about him being Spider-Man, leading to her running away. Kate then discovers her parents are part of HYDRA, who drug Miles and take him to the evil organization’s secret base, where Doom conducts shady experiments. After the torture afflicted on Miles by Doom and her parents, Kate severely regrets her rejecting Miles.

Miles Morales and Earth-65’s Gwen Stacy hit it off during the Spider-Verse

Is Miles Morales Gay, Bi or Straight?

Next on our “list” is Earth-65’s Gwendolyn Stacy, known as Spider-Woman and Ghost Spider. Their relationship is featured in the Sony Animated Universe, where it seems that two Spider-Men will be romantically involved, but their relationship isn’t that different in Marvel Comics.

Besides working together during the Spider-Verse event and fighting against Inheritors, Gwen, and Miles joined forces when Miles’ father, Jefferson, mysteriously disappeared and ended up on Earth-65.

Miles and Gwen work together to bring Jefferson back to Earth-616 but accidentally travel to Earth-65’s possible future, called Earth-8. They discover their potential future involved them getting married and having two children together. Miles and Gwen get involved but ultimately break up, which leads us to the next romantic interest.

Granddaughter of Vulture, Tiana Toomes and Miles dated in the Marvel Comics

Is Miles Morales Gay, Bi or Straight?

During the Miles Morales: Spider-Man comic book run from 2019, Miles met Starling during her fight with Tombstone’s goons when she thought Spider-Man was one of the villains.

Of course, this leads to bigger things for the duo. Miles intervened a few times during Starling’s fight against Tombstone, which led to the woman saving Spidey and her enemy. Starling actually unmasked herself and revealed her identity to Miles as a Vulture granddaughter; seeing that Spider-Man won’t do the same, she bid farewell to the hero and left. They finally met officially when they combined their efforts to defeat Frost Pharaoh when Miles unmasked himself and revealed his identity. They kissed afterward and started dating.

Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man are seen flirting with each other in the Miles Morales comics

Finally, we will mention one more potential crush or love interest of Miles Morales: Ms. Marvel herself, Kamala Khan. Of course, nothing is official between these two, but in the Miles Morales: Spider-Man comic book story from 2019, we see Kamal and Miles being awkward with each other and hanging out as best friends in their free time.

Is Miles Morales Gay, Bi or Straight?

Nothing is official between the two, but there were some hints in the comics, and their being the most popular young superheroes of Marvel Comics makes them potentially a really cool couple.

There are more women in Miles’ life, but we will conclude this article with the final verdict.


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Is Miles Morales gay, bisexual, or straight?

Miles Morales is definitely straight. Since 2011, the teenager has had a few relationships or at least dates with other girls, including the notable ones we mentioned. Besides the mantle, Miles shares much more with his mentor Peter Parker – he is attractive to young women in comics, which he cannot always date since his life is too fast.

The current crush or relationship is with Vulture’s granddaughter, Tiana Toomes/Starling, and it seems she will be one of many young women of Miles Morales.

In the animated universe, it seems that Spider-Gwen might be favored as Miles’ lead crush, and frankly, we don’t mind. There are no indications that Miles Morales is something other than heterosexual, and that will most likely stay that way for the foreseeable future.

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