Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters Miles Morales Can Defeat

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

Miles Morales is a teenager from Brooklyn, New York, who became famous in 2011 when the character first appeared in Marvel Comics. Specifically, Miles was a version of Spider-Man whose origins are from Earth-1610, the main setting for Ultimate Comics. Miles Morales got powers after being bitten by a genetically enhanced spider and truly became Spider-Man when the Ultimate version of Peter Parker died. After that tragic moment, inspired by the superhero, Miles Morales took over the mantle and continued Peter’s legacy.

Of course, when Marvel ended the Ultimate series, Miles Morales, with other characters, “moved” to Earth-616, where he joined superhero groups like Avengers and Champions. Miles met many vile beings and people and had to fight them to protect the world. The upcoming movie Spider-Man: Across the Universe inspired a topic for this article – we will list ten characters from Marvel and DC Comics who Miles Morales can defeat. The list includes random picks from publications and characters Miles could potentially beat in a fair fight.

10. Venom (Marvel)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

Venom’s symbiote is really powerful in Marvel Comics. Eddie Brock is the most notable host of the symbiote, and in the alternate universe, this case is different. In Earth-1610, specifically, the Ultimate Universe, Venom isn’t Eddie Brock but Conrad Marcus, the creator of the genetically-enhanced spider that bit Miles Morales.


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The whole storyline sees Venom kill Rio Morales, Miles’ mother, and the Spider-Man almost dies. However, Spider-Man defeats Venom by using his Venom Blasts, a unique ability that separates him from the rest of the Spider-Men. Of course, this means that Miles can defeat Venom, as proved in the Marvel Ultimate Comics.

9. Cyborg (DC)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

The first DC character we picked for this list is Victor Stone, also known as Cyborg. Stone is a quite notable character who is part of the most prestigious superhero groups of DC Comics – Justice League and Teen Titans. Now, this fight would be interesting since different sources power both characters.

As the name suggests, Victor Stone is a human cyborg whose cybernetic parts give him superhuman strength, stamina, durability, and others, and combined with his advanced weapons that destroyed the most notorious enemies of DC Comics, make Cyborg extremely powerful.

However, Miles could most definitely defeat Cyborg. With his superhuman strength, Camouflage, Venom Blast, and resistance to injury (among others), Miles could overpower Victor Stone. Despite his technologically advanced weapons and body, Cyborg is too slow for Miles’ agility, which would be an important factor.

8. Prowler (Marvel)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

This is an obvious pick for this list since Prowler is Aaron Davis, Miles’ uncle in Marvel Comics. His criminal history even led to Miles being bitten by a genetically-enhanced spider in Sony’s Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse movie, but the story is different in the comics. Prowler is a powerful villain who uses a technically advanced suit and his expertise in martial arts to defeat anyone on his way, and if we exclude Miles’ love for his uncle, the young Spider-Man would defeat Prowler any day.


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Prowler isn’t in any case in the same tier of powers as Cyborg, but they share Prowler’s ultimate demise by Spider-Man’s superpowers. Agility and Venom Blasts will prevail against Prowler if we exclude the emotional aspect of the battle.

7. Nightwing (DC)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

Nightwing is one of the biggest acrobats in the DC Universe. Besides incredible agility, Batman’s adoptive son wields a series of weaponry and tools for his cause. Nightwing devices and two Eskrima sticks are the most notable parts of the superhero kit.


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Nightwing could definitely match Miles Morales and his agility, but the superpower aspect of it is key in this battle. Dick Grayson has many feats in his 70 years run, but Spider-Man is stronger than him – Venom Blasts, Camouflage, and Spidey Sense would prove to be instrumental in beating Nightwing.

6. Daredevil (Marvel)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

This entry is much closer and could be compared to Venom in many aspects. Matt Murdoch is not an ordinary man – he has superhuman movement, echolocating radar sense, and is an exceptional martial arts expert.

Frankly, Daredevil is similar to Nightwing in many ways, but he has enhanced abilities that separate him from the DC character, and Miles can absolutely exploit them in many ways. Despite being a powerful individual with a superpowered movement and insane combat skills, Miles is just more superpowered and will defeat Daredevil in most cases.

5. Green Arrow (DC)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

One of the classic DC superheroes, Oliver Queen, also known as Green Arrow, is a member of the most notable superhero group in DC Comics, Justice League, and an expert archer. Of course, Green Arrow is more than a simple archer. The best archer in the world is a human who is at the peak of human physical and mental conditioning, insane in combat with his martial arts skill, and quite famous for using high technology for his cause.

Green Arrow will fight against Miles Morales but ultimately fail because the superpower aspect once again prevails over normal humans. Unless you’re Batman, but that’s for another article.

4. Black Widow (Marvel)

Black Widow

Natasha Romanoff went through a few changes in Marvel Comics, and eventually, Marvel Comics set on the artificially-enhanced physiology which was given to her when she was still in the Black Widow Ops Program. Of course, she gained upgraded powers with the Russian equivalent of Super Soldier Serum.


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Of course, Black Widow is a master spy with insane combative skills, enhanced mobility and durability, and intelligence that could fool anyone. Unfortunately for Natasha, Miles Morales will win a fight against her in most cases, but Spider-Man needs to be careful not to fall for her charm because if he does, she definitely wins. However, pure strength and superpowered abilities steer the fight in Miles’ direction against Black Widow.

3. Lex Luthor (DC)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

Lex Luthor is one of the biggest villains of Superman, who spent decades dealing with the business mogul and an extremely skilled engineer. Besides having so many sources at his disposal, Lex is also extremely obsessive towards Superman, marking him as a threat to humanity. Of course, the inventor uses many ways to defeat Superman, and a few of them include kryptonite and superpowered suits that could destroy really powerful opponents.

However, Spider-Man isn’t a Kryptonian, which gives Miles a bigger advantage. Yes, Lex Luthor could harm Miles with his machinery, technology, and intellect, but Spider-Man’s superpowers again prevail.

2. Spider-Man (Marvel)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

Peter Parker is the original Spider-Man who gained powers by being bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him superhuman powers from agility and strength to accelerated healing and wall-climbing. Peter Parker is powerful and shows that through multiple series over the decades. However, Miles’ spider was more “special” than the one that bit Peter.


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Miles Morales gained the same powers as Peter Parker but, as a “bonus,” got the ability to become invisible and throw Venom Blasts that could be fatal for most opponents. Experience goes a long way, but Miles’ pure power will most definitely be the ultimate factor in this battle. That doesn’t mean Peter cannot turn the fight in his favor, which only suggests that Miles has a chance.

1. Joker (DC)

Top 10 Marvel & DC Characters That Miles Morales Can Defeat

Finally, we have the most notorious DC villain of all time, Joker. This might be outrageous to include him on this list, but at the end of the day; Joker is only a human. The insane man brought Batman so much trouble over the decades because of his tricks and manipulation, but Miles Morales would definitely defeat Joker regarding pure power.

Joker is an extremely tricky, manipulative, and dangerous man who would bring the strongest people to their knees, but Miles coming into the fight without reservations like Batman has and the fact that he is essentially a human with superpowers will only put Spider-Man in a favorable position.

Miles shouldn’t fall for Joker’s manipulations and traps and use his Venom Blasts to defeat the most notorious DC characters ever.

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