Is Wonder Woman a Human? Is She From Earth?

Is Wonder Woman a Human & Is She From Earth

Despite having hundreds of characters, DC Comics has few that changed the comic book media and popular culture over the decades. Besides Batman and Superman, Wonder Woman is arguably the most important female superhero in comics ever. Her story is quite interesting because it was changed multiple times in DC Comics. Major events like ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths,’ Flashpoint, and others saw small or significant changes to the characters, prompting us to explore her origins more. This article will discuss whether Wonder Woman is a human and whether she is from Earth.

According to legend, Wonder Woman is not a human but an Amazon Warrior who was born out of clay after her mother, Queen Hippolyta, wished for a child. However, it was later revealed that Hippolyta had an affair with the God of Olympus, Zeus. Diana’s origin was hidden because of the extremely jealous Zeus’ wife, Hera, the goddess of women and marriage. Wonder Woman isn’t a human but is from Earth, specifically Themyscira, which is now located and hidden in the Bermuda Triangle. Before Bermuda Triangle, Wonder Woman’s home was located in the location of modern-day Turkey, but it was destroyed during the civil war between Amazon tribes.

Wonder Woman’s origin story is really complicated since DC Comics changed her origin story with every major event. This is the same with Themyscira, which was destroyed, rebuilt, and reimagined multiple times, especially during the 2000s. If you’re interested, stay with us until the end.

Wonder Woman is an Amazonian Warrior that had multiple different origin stories

We all know who Wonder Woman is – she is THE most notable superheroine in comic book history and the character that inspired many future superhero characters in various publications and media.

Wonder Woman first appeared in DC Comics in 1941, and since she was created during the raging World War II, she was the “poster girl” for her brave bravery and fight against the Nazis. However, as the war ended and years passed, Wonder Woman evolved with time, and DC writers decided to create a superheroine that was different from the regular view of women during those years.

Wonder Woman was far from being a damsel in distress; she was a leader and inspiration to many people to fight against evil forces. From Golden Age to Bronze Age, Wonder Woman’s origin story suggested that she was sculpted from clay by her mother, Queen Hippolyta, and was given the powers by the Gods of Olympus.

Is Wonder Woman a Human? & Is She From Earth?
Batman and Superman meeting Wonder Woman for the first time.

This was part of her origin story until the ‘New 52’ in 2011, when we see that Wonder Woman was a child of Queen Hippolyta and the God of Olympus, Zeus. She was no longer “a child created from clay without no man” but a legitimate daughter of God from Greek mythology.

This surprised many fans, and some even disliked the premise for the notable superheroine. But this is her current origin story which consequently changed her abilities and powers. When it comes to her “human” side, Wonder Woman might look like one, but she is far from it – she is an Amazon with superpowers.

The history of Themyscira is interesting, but when it comes to Wonder Woman and her physiology, that is where some people get confused. Essentially, Amazons are a special race of warrior women who live and thrive in Themyscira and are immortal.


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The warriors were either created from clay, the creation of Aphrodite, or children of the Queen of Olympian Gods, Hera. The latter is correct, but the DC Rebirth established the Post-Crisis origin story, suggesting that Amazons are immortal and conceived from the souls of women who died at the hands of men.

Without the energy of the gods, Amazons wouldn’t be alive; hence why Wonder Woman is immortal, and the rest of her fellow Amazons are the same. Diana is not a human since she is a daughter of Amazon and the God of Olympus and has superhuman powers. But what about Themyscira? Is it located on Earth? Let’s find out.

Is Wonder Woman from Earth?

Themyscira was changed multiple times in DC Comics. Besides the controversial part of Amazon New 52 storyline that depicts warrior women leaving Paradise Island to mate with men and then killing them to prolong their race, the origin story of Themyscira was changed multiple times.

Thankfully, DC Rebirth erased the “mating” part from the Amazon lore, but to understand Themyscira and its history in DC Comics, we must return to Golden Age. Initially, the home of Wonder Woman was called Amazonia, a peaceful matriarchal society backed by Aphrodite.

Is Wonder Woman a Human? & Is She From Earth?
Zeus, the God of Olympus and Wonder Woman’s father.

Queen Hippolyta was leading the nation in peace, but the male warriors became jealous, and the God of War, Mars, sent out Hercules to destroy the nation and overthrow Queen Hippolyta.

After fleeing male warriors, Aphrodite led Amazons to another location and helped them establish a new nation.

Diana was born or created during this time out of Queen Hippolyta’s wishes. Then World War II kickstarted, and the rest is history – Wonder Woman left her home to go to Man’s World.


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However, New Earth Themyscira is more tied to Greek Mythology, and DC Comics established that Amazons were created 3000 years ago to teach love and equality to men of the ‘Patriarchal World.’ We see more Greek Mythology implemented into Wonder Woman and Themyscira lore, which makes sense since Amazons were originally from there. Nevertheless, Themyscira was located in real-life modern-day Turkey during that time, but the alien forces of Imperiex destroyed it.

Is Wonder Woman a Human? & Is She From Earth?
Themyscira, also known as Paradise Island, the home of Amazons and Wonder Woman.

New Themyscira is located in today’s Bermuda Triangle, where no one can find the world, but during the ‘Infinite Crisis’ storyline, we see that Paradise Island is briefly relocated from the Earth realm.

Since Themyscira has been destroyed multiple times in the comics, Paradise Island can be relocated whenever, which is a great option to have.

In conclusion, Wonder Woman isn’t a human woman, but an Amazonian Warrior and a daughter of Zeus and Queen Hippolyta, who does reside on Earth in the hidden Paradise Island, also known as Themyscira. Great character with many revisions during the decades, but still one of the most iconic characters of all time.

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