Here’s How Wonder Woman Really Got Her Powers

Heres How Wonder Woman Really Got Her Powers

Wonder Woman is known to be among the most iconic DC characters ever created, and she is also among the most powerful ones. Wonder Woman has long been a synonym for strength and justice, capable of going up against some of DC’s most powerful beings, but due to constant rewrites of her origin story, the source of her powers, as well as her powers, changed over the years. We decided to revisit Wonder Woman’s current origin story and bring you the exact source of her powers. 

 Wonder Woman got her powers partially from the fact that she is Zeus’ daughter, and as a demigoddess, she is more powerful than your regular Amazon. After Wonder Woman decided to leave Themyscira, she was blessed by various gods of Olympus, being granted additional strength, speed, durability, wisdom, and other superhuman attributes. So you can see that Wonder Woman got her powers both due to the blessings of other gods and due to her divine origin. 

Now that we’ve given you a short answer, it’s time to analyze it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in how Wonder Woman’s story changed over time, stay with us and keep reading! 

Wonder Woman’s origin story changed multiple times, and at first, she was merely an Amazon champion 

We know that the only constant in the DC universe is the fact that it gets revamped and rewritten constantly, and some of the most iconic characters of all time are not immune to this as well. Wonder Woman was created by William Moulton Marston and Harry G. Peter and debuted in 1941 in ‘All Star Comics’ #8. At that time, Amazons were, by default, much sturdier and more powerful than regular humans, as the whole race of these honorable warriors was blessed by the gods of Olympus. 

Wonder Woman gained the right to return Steve Trevor to the United States, to the Man’s World where he belonged, and since those humble beginnings, her character evolved and took on epic proportions in terms of her powers and abilities. 

During Silver Age, Wonder Woman was created from clay

The Silver Age of comics gave rise to the origin stories and characters that are known to this day, it had a massive impact on the comic book industry, and Wonder Woman was no exception. 

Wonder Woman was created from clay on Themyscira out of Hippolyta’s great desperation to have a child. She was the only child in Themyscira at the time, so the various Olympus gods decided to grant her special powers to mark such an important event. Aphrodite granted Wonder Woman her beauty, Athena her wisdom, Hermes her incredible speed, and Hercules her strength.


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It is important to note, however, that Wonder Woman decided to de-power herself so she could be able to remain in the Man’s World, and eventually started using Diana Prince as her primary identity. 

Wonder Woman received her latest and most drastic origin in ‘The New 52’ 

The New 52‘ relaunched an entire DC universe, and Wonder Woman has found herself sporting a different origin story yet again. This time she found out that she was actually a daughter of Hippolyta and Zeus and had a twin brother. She found out that Hippolyta was lying to her for all these years to save her life since it was inevitable that once Hera got wind of Zeus’ affair with Hippolyta, she would eventually discover that the father had children, and she would kill them. 

Wonder Woman heritage

So Wonder Woman was not made out of clay afterward, so the blessings never happened? Or did they? 

What is the source of Wonder Woman’s powers? 

Wonder Woman is far stronger than your average human, and this is due to being Amazon. This ancient race of warriors has unparalleled powers and abilities when compared to regular humans, but there’s clearly more to Wonder Woman, something that she doesn’t share with the rest of her brethren, and it’s her lineage. 

Wonder Woman’s primary source of power currently is the fact that she is a demigoddess through her connection with Zeus. As the most powerful among the Olympian gods, Zeus fathered Wonder Woman and, through this, granted her unprecedented levels of strength and durability. 


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Wonder Woman, after she was betrayed by her own mother and laughed at by her own kin, decided to leave Themyscira as the champion, and after she left, she got her old school blessings from the various Olympian gods. 

Current Wonder Woman got her powers from the gods after she already departed to the Man’s World 

Leaving Themyscira meant that Wonder Woman would leave most of her abilities and immortality on the island, which left her nothing more than an extremely skilled human when she arrived in the Man’s Worlds. Wonder Woman was still able to overpower most humans, but this was because of her upbringing and not necessarily because of her powers. 

Wonder Woman losses powers

Soon after she arrived with Trevor in the US, Diana was jailed because no one knew what her deal was, and no one could understand her.

Diana jailed

Alone and confused in her cell, Wonder Woman started doubting her mission and desperately wanted to return back to her island, where she wasn’t jailed, and no one treated her like a prisoner, but at that moment, something magical happened. Olympian gods visited Wonder Woman’s cell in the form of forest animals to give her superpowers. 

WOnder Woman gets her powers

Come the morning, Wonder Woman could speak English, and she understood everyone perfectly. She told everyone present how she was visited by Demeter, Hephaestus, Aphrodite, and Hermes, and they gave her gifts. 

No one, of course, took this seriously, and they considered Wonder Woman to be a raving lunatic until she managed to bend metal bars. 

WOnder Woman bends metal bars

As you can see, Wonder Woman still received the blessings of other gods. She was still as beautiful as Aphrodite, as strong as Demeter, and as fast as Hermes. Only those gifts didn’t come at her birth while she was molded from the lump of clay. Rather they were gifted to her in her time of need while she was already in the Man’s World. 

What’s your favorite Wonder Woman origin story? Let us know in the comments!

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