Jeremy White the Voice of Atahraks, Confirms Ryan Little Is Working On ”Sky World” Stories

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‘What If…?’ a popular animated show, recently introduced two brand new and original superheroes to the MCU, Atahraks and Kahhori, Mohawk Tribe superheroes that got their powers through interactions with the Space Stone that was lost on Earth by accident in their alternative reality.

One of the concepts that Episode 6 of ‘What If…?’ season 2 introduced was Sky World, which seems to be a special world accessible only through “Forbidden Lake.” Sky World is inhabited by special types of flora and fauna related to that world, and from the constellations and celestial objects that can be seen in the sky, it doesn’t look like Sky World is near Earth or adjacent to Earth.

In any case, time doesn’t hold much meaning on Sky World as its inhabitants, who primarily belong to the Mohawk Tribe, are immortal and infused with the Space Stone energy that seems to infuse everything in the world. Sky World is such an interesting concept, and by the end of Episode 6, we’ve seen Atahraks and Kahhori taking up the fight against the Spanish Crown; they were willing to offer peace, but ultimately, in the middle of negotiations, they were interrupted by Strange Supreme that had, other plans for them.


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Both Atahraks and Kahhori were later seen in Episode 9, and both were supposed to feed The Forge that Strange aimed to utilize to recreate his world and the love of his life, Christine.

Now that the finale has aired, fans are eagerly awaiting more projects that feature Atahraks and Kahhori, and this might come sooner rather than later since Ryan Little, writer and producer who wrote episode 6 ‘What If…Kahhori reshaped the World’ is apparently working on more stories that feature Sky World.

This was implied by Jeremy White on X, otherwise known as the voice behind Atahraks.

It’s quite possible that ‘What If…?’ will get another spinoff series, with ‘Marvel Zombies’ being the first spinoff in development, scheduled to be released sometime in 2024. We do know that ‘What If…?’ Season 3 will be the show’s last, according to rumors, and we’re also aware that Marvel is somewhat focusing on animated projects since they have already disclosed having a couple of new projects in development. In any case, we are excited. Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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