‘Loki’: Here’s What Victor Timely Considers To Be His Life’s Work

What is Victor Timelys greatest invention

The happenings in episode 3 of ‘Loki’ Season 2 shed light on Victor Timely’s crucial role in the series. The episode showcased Loki and Mobius vying against Ravonna Renslayer to recruit this Kang variant. However, Timely, reluctant to leave his timeline, insisted on retrieving a device he considered his life’s work. The question arises: what is this life’s work that Timely deemed so significant?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Victor Timely’s life work was likely Throughput Multiplier, which is capable of stabilizing Temporal Loom.
  • Throughput Multiplier also gives him the ability to control Temporal Loom, directly giving him the ability to control time.

Victor Timely invented great many things thanks to Ravonna’s and Miss Minutes’ intervention

In Season 1 of ‘Loki,’ Renslayer collaborated with Miss Minutes and eluded the TVA, prompting intrigue. In Season 2, the TVA tracked Renslayer’s whereabouts, revealing her connection to a contingency plan involving He Who Remains. This plan led Renslayer to leave a TVA guidebook in the home of a young boy in the 1860s, aiming to accelerate his potential.

Loki and Mobius trailed Renslayer to the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, discovering Victor Timely and an exhibition on the Temporal Loom. To Loki’s shock, Timely was revealed as a variant of He Who Remains, a scene echoed in the post-credit scene of ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.’ Timely showcased a prototype of the Temporal Loom, explaining its potential to transform raw time into energy for global power. Despite Timely’s dubious reputation as a swindler, his genius was undeniable, creating groundbreaking devices limited by the technology of his time.

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Timely attributed his success to the TVA guidebook, particularly praising Ouroboros, the supposed author, as if personally guiding him. Grateful to Renslayer for leaving the guidebook, Timely acknowledged its role in shaping him as a visionary inventor. However, despite his brilliance, many of Timely’s designs remained unrealized due to the technological limitations of his era.


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Timely refused to leave his timeline without his greatest invention

In the first half of episode 3, Loki and Mobius contend with Renslayer and Sylvie to reach Victor Timely. Renslayer convinced Timely to accompany her to the TVA, intending for him to assume his rightful place as He Who Remains. However, Timely insisted on retrieving his “life’s work” from his lab on the other side of the lake.

Timely, although not explicit about his life’s work, hinted at it during a conversation with Renslayer. He displayed designs in his TVA guidebook, mentioning the Throughput Multiplier as a potential aid to the Temporal Loom at the TVA, describing it as his “greatest discovery.” This suggests that the Throughput Multiplier is likely his life’s work, a device potentially more crucial than the Temporal Loom.

Multiplier loki season

In the latter part of the episode, Timely retrieved a small device, possibly a prototype of the Throughput Multiplier, acknowledging its scaled-down form due to technological constraints. His intention might have been to bring this device to the TVA, where advanced technology could bring the Throughput Multiplier to life.

Loki and Mobius, with Sylvie’s intervention, transported Timely to the TVA, presenting an opportunity for him to prove himself if the Throughput Multiplier indeed possesses the capability to enhance the Temporal Loom and the TVA.

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