All 13 Loki Variants From ‘Loki’ Show, Ranked by Power


Loki started off as a big villain in the MCU, but over the years, he grew into one of the franchise’s most beloved, fan-favorite characters. The Disney+ series, ‘Loki,’ is by far the most successful TV show belonging to the MCU, and fans are now eagerly awaiting for Season 2 to premiere.

In the show, however, we have seen more than a fair share of Loki Variants that have either been pruned, on the run, or living in the Void. Naturally, they all boast of being the most powerful Loki, but only one can hold that claim. So, without further ado, here’s the ultimate list of all 13 Loki Variants from the ‘Loki’ series, ranked by their power.

13. Cyclist Champion Loki

In the second episode of ‘Loki’ Season 1, Mobius shows Loki several pruned holographic Loki variants that the TVA had already dealt with in the past. One of them is labeled as variant L1247, affectionately called by fans the Cyclist Champion Loki. 

He seems to be holding the Lanterne Rouge, aka the Tour de France trophy, suggesting he’s likely devoted to cycling on Midgard instead of being the God of Mischief. If he’s using his trickery to trick people into winning, it makes him no better than Lance Armstrong, so I guess we can’t put him higher on the list.

12. Jester/Trickster Loki

Another Loki hologram we saw was labeled L8914 and known to fans as Jester Loki. I’ve also seen the nickname Trickster Loki being used, but isn’t every Loki a trickster? This variant has no distinguishable qualities compared to other Lokis other than a ridiculous outfit and a full beard and mustache.

He may look a bit like Pan – the Greek God of Mischief. Maybe this Loki just chose to look like Pan as a gag to tease the Greek Gods? Eh, it’s a stretch. 

11. Viking Loki

Now, this guy is someone you’d go to war with. L7803 is also referred to by fans as Viking Loki, as this hologram variant donates a Viking-looking outfit. He kind of looks like a pure depiction of Loki from Norse mythology, with a little flare added to his styling.

Suppose this Loki was really based on the actual Norse god. In that case, he’s not far behind Thor in power – this Loki is quite a powerful guy, as in Norse mythology, Loki had actually killed another son of Odin – Balder.


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10. Bulked Loki/Frost Giant Loki

Now, I’ve seen these two being separate on many lists, and to be frank, they were separate variants in the show as well. Or, at least, they had separate holograms. However, they were both labeled as variant L6792, making me believe that, in some form or fashion, they were actually the same Loki variant from different timelines.

The Bulked Loki actually kind of looked like a mix of Loki and the Hulk – with a huge, buff, greenish body and actual horns instead of a horned helmet. The Frost Giant Loki looked kind of like the version we saw in MCU’s ‘What If…?’ series – where Loki was raised by his biological father Laufey in Jotunheim instead of Odin in Asgard.

Perhaps the Frost Giant Loki found a way to merge or become the Hulk somehow? Or, they are just two completely different variants with the same label.

9. Boastful Loki

Even for Loki standards, Boastful Loki talked way too much about how awesome he is. He claimed to have defeated Iron Man and Captain America en route to collecting all six Infinity Stones, but then again, nobody believed them.

Boastful Loki had an awesome hammer, though, so I guess there’s a slight chance of his story being true; so we have to give him at least the benefit of the doubt and place him in the top 10.

8. President Loki’s goons

President Loki’s goons were clearly inferior Lokis (but equally prepared to betray each other). They even looked utterly ridiculous, especially that guy who appeared to have bicycle handlebars instead of horns on his head.

That being said, every Loki had powers, and although these goons were not the most powerful Loki variants, they had strength in numbers, so they deserve a spot here on this list.


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7. President Loki

President Loki was based on a Marvel Comics variant of Loki from a storyline called Vote Loki. Here, Loki decided to dive into politics with a little twist – instead of lying to people behind their backs, he actually lied in their faces. It got him quite a bit of votes actually, and as it seems, it got him a nice little squad in the Void as well.

President Loki is so high on this list because not only did he have magical power – he had political power as well. That is until Alligator Loki bit his hand clean off, and his goons betrayed him, so he likely suffered a painful death.

6. Alligator Loki

I mean, I wanted to put Alligator Loki at number one just because of that insanely awesome and hilarious scene. You know, the little president’s hand snack. In reality, this is kind of where Alligator Loki genuinely fits on the list – a spot above the guy whose hand he ate.

Alligator Loki is a Loki variant, and he’s also an Alligator. There’s not much else to it, besides the fact that Kid Loki seems to be his owner… or best friend?

5. Kid Loki

Don’t let the fact that he’s a kid fool you. Kid Loki is the only variant whose Nexus event was actually killing Thor. He’s been in the Void for a long time, and it seems he was among the first to make it kind of their home. He was eventually helpful, although not as helpful as the old guy.

The fact that he was able to kill Thor means that Kid Loki had some serious power, which is why he’s the one breaking the top 5 on this list.

4. Sylvie

Sylvie, aka Lady Loki, is the only female Loki we saw in the show. She has incredible enchantment powers and was kind of my favorite Loki variant in the entire show. Unfortunately, she was also the most ‘Loki’ out of all the Lokis in Season 1, eventually leading to her betraying our main protagonist, Loki, in the season finale.


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3. TVA Loki

TVA Loki is the name I’m giving to variant L1130 or the main protagonist of the ‘Loki’ series. He’s not to be mistaken with the original MCU Loki, as he’s a different variant due to the Avengers traveling back in time and him stealing the Tesseract – hence, him ending up arrested by the TVA.

This Loki came to some major realizations and character development throughout the show. Still, in terms of power, the guy who went through Ragnarok and got killed by Thanos in ‘Infinity War’ deserves to be a spot higher on the list simply due to experience reasons.

2. Original MCU Loki

This Loki variant is the first Loki that we ever saw in the MCU – the first ‘Avengers’ main antagonist, who went through one of the greatest character arcs in MCU’s history on his way to becoming the fan-favorite character that Loki is today. Although he died several times, his final death in ‘Infinity War’ was arguably as heartbreaking as any other hero death in the MCU.

This Loki has been through the wringer numerous times, and it’s only logical that we have him so high up on this list, not just for his power and experience but for purely biased and emotional reasons.

1. Classic Loki

You could argue with me across this entire list and its rankings, but there’s no denying that Classic Loki is the most powerful variant we’ve seen in ‘Loki’ so far. His artificial constructs weren’t only images like our original Loki’s – Classic Loki could create hard, palpable constructs so vivid and real that they even tricked Thanos himself into thinking he killed the right Loki.

Instead, Classic Loki escaped into the void of space and found peace on a lonely planet where he lived out most of his days before returning to find Thor – because he just missed his bro. Classic Loki proved his dominant power when he created an illusion of the entire city of Asgard to fool Alioth before being eaten by the beast.

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