‘Loki’: Here’s What He Who Remains Had Planned for Victor Timely

what was he who remains plan for victor timely

Episode 3 of ‘Loki’ was a real rollercoaster. Mobius, Loki, Ravonna, Miss Minutes, and Sylvie were hot on the trail of a Kang Variant, even time-traveling to nab Victor Timely, a variant at the center of it all. Mobius and Loki needed Timely for Temporal Loom repairs, Sylvie wanted him gone, and Miss Minutes and Ravonna had a plan from He Who Remains. So, what was He Who Remains’ plan for Victor Timely?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • He Who Remains set a plan in motion for Victor Timely to be groomed to replace him.
  • By reading the TVA guidebook, Victor Timely would get a clearer insight into what it takes to manipulate time and Multiverse.
  • Victor Timely was likely always destined to become He Who Remains.

Ravonna and Miss Minutes knew that TVA doesn’t end with He Who Remains

In Season 2’s first episode, TVA was in chaos after Sylvie offed He Who Remains. Loki was Time Slipping, Ravonna & Miss Minutes were MIA, Sylvie was free, and chaos reigned. In a crucial meeting called by General Dox, Loki overheard a strange recording of Ravonna and He Who Remains. He thanked her for her role, and after episode 3, it all made sense.

Ravonna and Miss Minutes time-traveled to the 1860s, leaving a TVA guidebook by Ouroboros at young Victor Timely’s doorstep. Miss Minutes revealed this as He Who Remains’ contingency plan—a necessary step. By giving Timely the guidebook, he’d be equipped with the knowledge to replace He Who Remains in due time.

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But was that the real plan, or was there more to it? Probably yes.

Timely was likely destined to become He Who Remains all along

The TVA guidebook by Ouroboros, given to Timely, connects to a mythical snake in Greek and Egyptian lore, symbolizing an eternal cycle of destruction and rebirth. He Who Remains foresaw Loki and Sylvie’s arrival, his demise, and his rebirth as Victor Timely. Placing the guidebook ensured Timely’s transformation back into He Who Remains.

He who remains

Victor Timely isn’t just a handy replacement; he’s literally He Who Remains. Unconfirmed but intriguing, right?


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A lingering mystery from Season 1 is Sylvie’s undisclosed action leading to her reality’s pruning and exile. Ravonna knows but won’t spill. He Who Remains died before clarifying.

Sylvie might not have done anything wrong; her arrest could be crucial to He Who Remains’ creation and the TVA’s existence. Killing He Who Remains might be necessary for the cycle to restart.

And then there’s the secret Miss Minutes is about to spill to Ravonna. More mysteries, hopefully, will be unraveled in the upcoming episodes.

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