‘Loki’ Season 2: Where Did Sylvie Go? Does She Return to Oklahoma?

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The biggest surprise of the finale of the entire ‘Loki’ series was Loki’s sacrifice play at the end when he chose to sacrifice himself for all his friends’ sake. He is now overseeing the entire multiverse from his throne at the end of time at the cost of his freedom. Nevertheless, he saved the lives of his friends, including Sylvie, who is now free to do whatever she wants. So, where did Sylvie go after the ‘Loki’ series.?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Sylvie met up with Mobius, who was watching what his variant was doing in his regular life as they talked about Loki.
  • When Mobius asks Sylvie where she is going, she simply gives him a shoulder shrug as if she is saying that she is free to do whatever she wants.
  • It is possible that Sylvie went back to her Oklahoma life while also hunting down variants of He Who Remains.

Sylvie resumed her life in Oklahoma

In one of the most spectacular endings in the history of the MCU, Loki did what we all thought he would never do as he decided to be the story’s hero by sacrificing himself to save his friends from destruction, all while allowing them to be free. Of course, everyone knows that freedom has always been what Sylvie wanted in life, and that explains why she always kills He Who Remains (HWR) whenever Loki returns to the past to stop her from doing so.

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Loki also learned from HWR that he set things up to make sure that Loki only had two options. The first was to allow Sylvie to kill her and the Temporal Loom, which was a failsafe, to destroy every timeline except the Sacred Timeline, thus allowing HWR to return to power once more. And the second one was to kill Sylvie and allow HWR to remain in power forever.


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By returning to one of his earliest conversations with Mobius, Loki learns the nature of burden from him. As such, Loki flirted with killing Sylvie because he needed to find the best way to save as many lives as possible.

But his conversation with Sylvie allowed him to understand that destroying something to replace it with something better was an option that he could take.

sylvie and loki

Loki decided to destroy the Temporal Loom and replace HWR and the Loom itself as governing and overseeing the different timelines. This was the best option for him because it ensured that HWR couldn’t return to power while also allowing his friends to live and be free.

So, near the end of the series, Mobius left the TVA to look at what his life in the timeline actually was. Sylvie visits him and talks about how it was weird that Loki wasn’t there with them. Mobius agrees but also asks Sylvie what she is going to do next. Sylvie merely gave him a shoulder shrug while smiling as if she was saying that she had complete freedom over what she could do.


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At this point, the easiest answer is that Sylvie may have returned to her life in Oklahoma. She loved her life there and was even willing to allow the TVA to be destroyed so that she could resume her simple life as a McDonald’s employee during the 80s. There was something beautiful about the simplicity of her life in that timeline, and she likely returned to Oklahoma after Loki’s sacrifice.

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But let’s not forget that she still has HWR’s Tempad and that the world, or should we say the multiverse, is now her oyster because this is the first time in her life that she is completely free to do whatever she wants without having to worry about the TVA taking her in or the Temporal Loom destroying her timeline. As such, Sylvie knows that she can do whatever she wants. And she will likely live her life to the fullest to pay respects to Loki’s sacrifice.

Sylvie could be hunting variants of He Who Remains

Back in episode 2, Sylvie tells Loki that she is going to kill all of the HWR variants if they come. Of course, while the events of the storyline have already taken a different turn, and the TVA is now there to monitor the possible rise of HWR, we’re not dismissing the possibility that Sylvie could still be hunting down Kang variants in the vast multiverse.


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It is possible that Sylvie is still aware of the fact that the variants of HWR are still very dangerous and could still be a threat to the multiverse and to everyone living in the different timelines. As such, she could still be prepared for the possibility of the HWR variants becoming threats to the multiverse.

At this point, there’s a chance that Sylvie might be ready enough to hunt down the different variants of HWR, just like how she actually hunted Victor Timely down. Of course, Sylvie is no longer the cold-blooded killer who killed HWR without hesitation, as she even spared Timely. This means that she might be monitoring the HWR variants on her own and is prepared to do whatever it takes to stop them.

This opens the possibility of Sylvie appearing in another MCU project, especially in a movie or series related to Kang or any of the other variants. As such, it wouldn’t be too farfetched of an idea to include Sylvie in the storyline of the upcoming ‘Avengers: Kang Dynasty’ movie, especially because her knowledge of HWR could be useful for the heroes.

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