‘Loki’ Season 2: Where Did Mobius Go & Will He Return to the TVA?

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‘Loki’ Season 2 wrapped up, and boy, did it leave us all in an emotional mess. Fans of the God of Mischief will be very happy to know that he finally found his glorious purpose, but sad to learn what his glorious purpose is – destined to be the God of Stories, alone, outside of time, forever. The rest of the team scattered – some continued their work in the newly repurposed TVA, like Hunter B-15, while others simply didn’t yet know what they’d do, like Sylvie. But what about Loki’s best buddy, Mobius? Where did he go, and will he ever be a part of the TVA again?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mobius continued to work for the TVA, tracking down and ‘taking care’ of Kang variants, preventing them from causing war and finding out about the TV. However, right before an important meeting, he told B-15 that he’d be leaving.
  • He left to observe ‘what the TVA works so hard to protect’ – meaning, the real world.

What happens to Mobius in ‘Loki’ Season 2 finale?

The finale of ‘Loki’ Season 2 was satisfying, yet gut-wrenching through and through. The entire episode revolved around Loki (Tom Hiddleston) using his newfound control of his time slipping to find a way to fix things and prevent the Temporal Loom meltdown.

Through all of this, we see Mobius die along with the rest of the team before Loki goes right back to try again. And, it never works – not even after he spends centuries learning everything he possibly can about physics and the science of how the Loom and the Throughput Multiplier works.

In the end, he realizes that there’s nothing he can do but choose – destroy the Loom and all existence or kill Sylvie before she kills He Who Remains, saving at least the Sacred Timeline. Loki opts for the third option, and he becomes the living Temporal Loom, holding together all the infinite branches of the Multiverse forever, alone on a throne at the end of time, becoming the God of Stories.

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Finally, that leads us back to our guy, Mobius.

The TVA has now been restored. But, instead of keeping the Sacred Timeline in check by pruning branches, they are now keeping Kang variants in check, preventing them from causing a Multiversal War or finding out about the existence of the TVA. 

The big monitor where the Sacred Timeline was once presented now presents the Multiversal tree (looking awfully a lot like Yggdrasil, the World Tree from Norse mythology), whose center is Loki.

Mobius still works for the TVA and mentions a Kang variant that has been ‘taken care of’ in a universe adjacent to ‘616.’ He was referring to Kang from ‘Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania,’ letting us know that the entire plot of Loki finished right before ‘Quantumania’ took place on the timeline.


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Hunter B-15 calls Mobius in for a big meeting, but right before it begins, he tells her that he’s leaving the TVA, opting to go down to the timeline and find a life for himself. B-15 knows that Mobius will be missed but lets him go.

We’re back on Earth, seeing Don, the jet-ski salesman, hanging out and goofing around with his two sons. It’s a life that Mobius could’ve had, but can now only observe it from across the street – to see what the TVA is fighting so hard to protect.

Sylvie appears at his side, and they share how hard and weird it is not having Loki around. Now that he’s gone, and their ‘mission’ is completed, there’s no reason for the team to stay together – so they scatter, and everyone chooses their own path.

Finally, Sylvie asks Mobius what he’ll do now, and he delivers the final line of the season: “I might just wait here for a bit. Let time pass by.”

In the TVA, the time doesn’t flow; it stands still. Mobius is down there on the timeline, simply enjoying the fact that time actually flows and that it’s possible due to Loki’s huge sacrifice. The end credits role not long after this, and we’re left to wonder, what’s next for Mobius?

Where does Mobius go after the ending of ‘Loki’ Season 2?

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So, Mobius left the TVA and is now on the timeline, observing and letting time pass by. But where does he go from there?

Honestly, Loki’s character arc is great but devastating, as he worried about being alone – and now, he’s destined to be alone for all eternity. However, Mobius’ character arc, to me, is just as devastating.

I mean, think about it. The only life he ever knew was being a TVA agent – and he loved it. But then, he learned that it was not supposed to be his life. He was supposed to sell jet skis and enjoy life with his children in a suburban neighborhood in Ohio. It’s a simple life but a happy life.


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Instead, he can only observe that life that is kind of his but really isn’t. His wish was to experience life on the timeline, but now, he can only watch it as a variant of himself living it. In the meantime, his best friend sacrificed himself to be completely alone – his greatest fear – for all eternity, making it possible for Mobius to be there and observe.

Where does he go from there? I have no idea. He might try and find a life for himself, just like Sylvie will, and just like his variant has with his two boys. Or, he can eventually just return to the TVA – the life he always knew and loved, way before all of this had happened.

Will Mobius eventually return to the TVA?

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Mobius might’ve left the TVA for now, but my best guess is that he’ll return to the TVA soon and continue his duties as a TVA agent. After all, the Time Variance Authority now works in a completely different manner. 

Everyone seems to be much more connected, friendly, and doing a job with no hidden meanings, no ulterior motifs from the superiors – just doing what needs to be done to keep the timelines in check, making sure Loki’s sacrifice wasn’t in vain.


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To add to the theory that Mobius will eventually return to the TVA – himself, Miss Minutes, and the Time Variance Authority are all supposed to play a part in the upcoming ‘Deadpool 3’ movie. To what capacity, we don’t know, but that fact alone is enough for us to understand that Mobius’ return to the TVA is certain.

After all, it is the only life he ever knew – and he loved it.

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