‘Loki’ Season 2: What Was the File That Mobius Requested?

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One of the most important characters in Loki’s development in the ‘Loki’ series is none other than Mobius M. Mobius, who served as a TVA analyst and as Loki’s first true friend. Of course, at the end of season 2, we saw that the TVA was still functioning after Loki’s sacrifice. Mobius, for one, continued his work as an analyst and even requested a file that was seemingly quite important to him. So, what was the file that Mobius requested?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mobius has never looked at his life in the branches because he seemingly loved his life at the TVA.
  • However, he requested a file related to his variant’s life so that he could see the people who he and the TVA were protecting the entire time. 

Mobius never looked at his life

The one character who has remained a constant in Loki’s life during the events of the ‘Loki’ series is none other than Mobius M. Mobius. He was the one who helped convince Loki to change his ways and join the TVA to help him and the others hunt down Sylvie. Of course, Mobius stayed a true friend to Loki and was even willing to risk his skin for him, especially when it came to understanding the truth behind the TVA and the people who were controlling this organization.

But while it may be true that Mobius was always a good friend to Loki and a loyal analyst and agent for the TVA, what was also true was that he often forgot about himself. If Loki started out as a selfish god, Mobius was almost always selfless throughout the storyline of his character because he always tried to prioritize the TVA over himself.

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Brad Wolfe and Sylvie, in separate instances, lashed out at Mobius by pointing out that he didn’t care about the branches or that he had no life of his own because he never once tried to look at the life of his variant in the Sacred Timeline.

A nerve always gets hit whenever someone brings this fact up because it was actually true that Mobius was one of the few people who were never curious enough to see what his life would have been if the TVA hadn’t captured him years ago.


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Mobius always tried to dismiss this by saying that he loved his life in the TVA and that he was thankful to whoever brought him there. There may be some truth to this, but we do know that Mobius is still human enough to be curious about the life that he was supposed to have in the Sacred Timeline. 

It is quite possible that he never tried to look at his life there because it would make him hate his life over at the TVA or make him feel like his current life is meaningless. Still, the fact is that this was one of the aspects of Mobius’ character that made him quite intriguing and very human despite how he was almost completely loyal to his job at the TVA.

Mobius takes a break from the TVA

Loki, the best friend Mobius has ever had, decided to make the ultimate sacrifice by destroying the Temporal Loom and using his powers as a conduit to control the different timelines in the multiverse. This means that Loki had to leave the TVA to stay over at the end of time, where he was alone for all eternity. Nevertheless, his sacrifice saved the different timelines and allowed his friends to have the freedom they wanted.

The TVA was able to continue to operate after Loki’s sacrifice. This time, they were now monitoring threats all over the multiverse, as Mobius mentioned something about the He Who Remains variant over at Earth-616. He even requested a file that contained information regarding a certain variant. 


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But instead of joining B-15 over at the War Room to discuss important matters together with the rest of the TVA, Mobius told her that he had decided to take a break from the TVA. He said that he wanted to see what the TVA had been trying to protect the entire time, and that means that Mobius wanted to go and see the different timelines in the multiverse, including the timeline of his variant.

Mobius was seen overlooking the house of the variant whom Loki met during the events of episode 5 of season 2. Sylvie joined him to tell him that it was weird not seeing Loki around. Mobius looked a little sad, but it was clear that he now knew what he and everyone else over at the TVA worked hard to protect. Still, the life of a father with two young boys was probably one he would have chosen if he had a chance.

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But while Mobius previously never looked at his life in the Sacred Timeline, it is possible that Loki’s sacrifice prompted him to do so. He understood that Loki gave his freedom for the sake of his friends so that they could enjoy their freedom. At the same time, he also understood that the TVA still needed to exist to protect the timelines from the different Kang variants in the multiverse.

So, because he knew that his best friend made a sacrifice play for him and the TVA, Mobius needed to understand how important it was for him and the rest of the TVA to protect the lives of the different people in the various timelines that exist in the multiverse.


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It may be true that Mobius has left the TVA, but there’s a good chance that seeing his life in the timeline will give him more reason to understand how important his job is. And that means that there is still a possibility of him appearing in the future once more.

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