‘Loki’: Who Is Dox? Meet Kate Dickie’s New Character


We already knew that the events of ‘Loki’ season 2 were going to introduce new characters into the mix, especially now that there is something bigger at stake. Of course, the ending of season 1 allowed us to see the Sacred Timeline of the MCU branching into different timelines that created their own universes. Not everyone in the TVA was happy about the things that were happening, and this included Dox. So, who is Dox in ‘Loki’?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Dox is a general within the TVA and is the leader of the TVA Hunters, who are responsible for pruning the branches of the Sacred Timeline.
  • It was revealed that Dox is also a member of the Council of Judges within the TVA.
  • Dox is quite obsessed with preserving the Sacred Timeline, as she sent out multiple hunters to different timelines under the guise of hunting Sylvie down.

Dox is a new antagonist

We all know what happened at the end of season 1 of ‘Loki’ as it was clear that Loki and Sylvie were not on the same page when it came to what they needed to do with He Who Remains. Sylvie kicked Loki through a time door as she decided to earn her freedom by killing He Who Remains. This eventually caused the entire Sacred Timeline to branch off into multiple timelines that the TVA could not control.

Of course, Loki woke up in the TVA, where no one could recognize him. This was where season 2 started, as Loki tried to make sense of what was happening. And it became clear to him that he was slipping between the past and the present, which was why no one in the past could recognize him.

Elsewhere, Mobius and B-15 tried to make sense of what they needed to do while different branches were branching off the Sacred Timeline. They stopped pruning the branches altogether while they were trying to sort things out. It was even suggested that they tell everyone in the TVA that the Watchers were not exactly real and that everyone in the TVA used to be variants who had their own lives before the TVA took them.

X-5, another hunter, came in to tell Mobius that the Council of Judges needed them in the war room. Loki arrived back in the present as Casey told him that Mobius was on his way to the war room for a meeting with the council. He tried his best to catch up with him, only for him to slip back into the past once more.


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During the meeting with the Council of Judges, Kate Dickie’s General Dox was present together with three other members of the council. She asked Mobius and B-15 why they had stopped pruning the different timelines even though they had no authority to do so. Of course, this came after what happened in season 1 after it was revealed that the Watchers were fake and that everything they knew was a lie.

B-15 tried her best to make it clear that she wouldn’t prune timelines with countless people who have lived there. Pruning was tantamount to killing those people, so she didn’t want to prune anymore. Nevertheless, Dox continued to clarify that she was against the decision to stop pruning. But she was yet to learn the truth behind the man behind everything.

Loki suddenly returned to the present just as Judge Gamble announced that they would no longer prune the different timelines that were branching from the Sacred Timeline. He tried to explain to them what happened and who was behind all of this. Loki even revealed the statue of He Who Remains, hiding behind a wall of paintings in the war room, as it was clear that none of the members of the Council of Judges were familiar with this person.

But when Loki mentioned Sylvie, that was all that Dox could focus on. She asked Loki where Sylvie was, only for him to tell her that he didn’t know. After Loki and Mobius left the room, Dox told X-5 to look for Sylvie in the different timelines.

Dox is obsessed with the Sacred Timeline

While Mobius, B-15, and even Judge Gamble were already quite aware of what was at stake if they pruned the different timelines, General Dox didn’t bother to think about the consequences of destroying different universes and killing countless people. As such, she still continued to try to preserve the Sacred Timeline under the guise of looking for Sylvie.


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When Mobius and Loki were looking to fix Loki’s time-slipping issues, it was announced that Dox and her hunters were raiding the armories and arming themselves with everything they could to hunt Sylvie down in the different timelines. At the end of the episode, it was shown that they were marching into different time doors as B-15 knew that this was not just about Sylvie.

So, in that regard, there’s a good reason to believe that Dox is obsessed with the Sacred Timeline, as she only wanted to preserve it regardless of the warnings from Mobius and B-15.

It is possible that there’s a personal reason behind this, although we are quite sure she wasn’t working with Renslayer and He Who Remains. Of course, after she heard what Loki had to say about He Who Remains and what happened, Dox seemingly realized that the death of He Who Remains would spell trouble. As such, she is likely looking for Sylvie to get to the bottom of everything, regardless of whether she has to use force in doing so.

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