‘Loki’: Who Is Ouroboros? Ke Huy Quan’s Character Explained

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We know that the events of ‘Loki’ season 1 ended with a cliffhanger when Loki and Sylvie messed up with the Sacred Timeline after meeting He Who Remains. Season 2 opened up with Loki experiencing problems with the timeline as he constantly slipped between the past and the present in the TVA. That was when Mobius needed to help him as he brought him to someone named Ouroboros. So, who is Ouroboros in ‘Loki’ season 2?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Ouroboros, nicknamed OB, is the only person working on Repairs and Advancements in the TVA and is responsible for things that are related to the Temporal Loom.
  • OB seems to be able to remember the past, as his memories weren’t wiped away.
  • Ke Huy Quan, who received a career resurgence, is the one playing Ouroboros.

Ouroboros is the only person in R&A

Back at the end of the first season of ‘Loki,’ we saw that Loki got kicked out of He Who Remains’ chambers by Sylvie, who wanted to kill the man at the end of time so that she could become free. But the problem was that Loki ended up back in the TVA, which wasn’t the one he was familiar with as it had a huge statue of He Who Remains. Moreover, no one on the TVA remembered him.

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Season 2 opened up with Loki having problems figuring out why no one remembers him, and that was when he had to flee from Mobius and the other agents. He then discovered that his body was uncontrollably slipping between the past and the present, and that was when he realized that no one remembered him because he was in the past of the TVA. And he tried to make the present-day Mobius understand this whenever he slipped back into the present timeline.

After Loki told his story to the Council of Judges, he and Mobius had a moment. That was when he showed what was happening to him and how he had been uncontrollably traveling from the present to the past.

Mobius, unwilling to see his friend in pain as time slipping looked like it was warping and deforming Loki whenever it was happening, told him they should go to Miss Minutes. But when Loki told him Miss Minutes was in league with He Who Remains, Mobius had to get him to Repairs and Advancements.


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As they got down to R&A, they were greeted by a man named Ouroboros, who said he was the only one working in that department and had been so busy for years that he never had time to rest or sleep. Nicknamed OB, he was portrayed by Ke Huy Quan, who has had a resurgence in his career after winning an Oscar in ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once.’ It was also Ouroboros who helped figure out what was happening to Loki and how they could stop him from slipping through repeatedly.

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But while it may be true that OB had a solution to Loki’s problem, there was a bigger problem at hand because the power interruptions happening in the TVA were caused by the Temporal Loom, which was the entity that was transforming raw time into physical time. And because the Sacred Timeline was branching uncontrollably, the Temporal Loom was overloading and was giving off tons of energy.

Because of that, OB said they needed to close the blast doors to ensure the TVA would not get damaged. This also meant that Loki had limited time to fix his condition because they needed to close the blast doors immediately.

Of course, thanks to Mobius’ help and a weird event that pruned Loki, the god of mischief was able to fix his time-slipping problem in time before OB closed the blast doors. As such, OB was incredibly helpful in fixing Loki and is set to have more roles in the storyline.

OB’s memory wasn’t wiped

While OB’s character was introduced as a jolly and happy-go-lucky person, one more thing was incredibly unique about him. We have to go back to the fact that Loki was slipping between the present and the past and was interacting with the different people of the TVA in the past, yet no one could remember who he was.


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Loki brought this up with Mobius, who said that he should have remembered Loki from the past if he was slipping into the past. But Loki believed that He Who Remains and Renslayer possibly worked together in the past to erase the memories of everyone in the TVA. As such, this explains why none of the members of the TVA remembered Loki from the past.

Nevertheless, when Loki and Mobius visited OB, the one person working in R&A could remember that Mobius visited him around 400 years ago. However, Mobius had no memory of this because his memory had been wiped off. Nevertheless, OB could remember what happened, as it is possible that he was the only person other than Renslayer whose memory wasn’t erased.

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Further proof of this could be seen in the fact that Loki slipped into the past and met OB there. OB could remember the things that Loki was telling him in the past. This further supports the theory that his memories weren’t wiped.

OB’s memories could not have been wiped because he was the only person working in R&A, which wasn’t the most important department for preserving the Sacred Timeline. Renslayer may have forgotten about him. But because OB’s work was also related to the Temporal Loom, it is possible that Renslayer didn’t wipe his memories away, as doing so could affect his work. Whatever the case may be, it is clear that he was the only one who could remember the things that happened in the TVA hundreds of years ago.

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