15 Most Feared Supergirl Villains of All Time


Supergirl is one of the most iconic superheroes in today’s more modern world, as she has already learned how to become her own hero and step out of the shadow of her cousin’s popularity. In that regard, she has faced her own fair share of villains throughout her career as a superhero, and most of these villains are uniquely part of her rogue’s gallery.

There’s no doubt that Supergirl has faced some of the toughest opponents that the universe has to offer. But she always found a way to succeed no matter how strong her opponent was. This is because she is just like her cousin, Superman, whose indomitable will and courage were always able to help him succeed in the toughest situation possible, no matter how fearful the enemy may be. So, with that said, let’s look at the most feared Supergirl villains of all time.

15. Dark Supergirl

Yes, there is actually a dark version of the beloved Supergirl character. She was created when Lex Luthor exposed Supergirl to a piece of Black Kryptonite. What happened was that the worst sides of Supergirl were isolated as Dark Supergirl became similar to the original character, except for the fact that she loathed herself and had survivor’s guilt, considering that she had to see her entire planet getting destroyed. 


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The reason why Dark Supergirl is so feared is that she has everything that Supergirl has in her arsenal of powers and abilities. But the scary part is the fact that she is the darker side of the Kryptonian hero and is capable of things that Supergirl isn’t capable of. That means she is just as strong but even deadlier than the original due to her dark nature.

14. Positive Man

Don’t let the name fool you because there is nothing positive about Positive Man. This villain was once a scientist from an alien planet. However, he destroyed his own planet when he created a doomsday device that blew up and turned him into a massive creature made out of pure energy and was overcome with hatred and jealousy over all other living things in the universe.

Positive Man went from one planet to another to destroy entire worlds due to hatred. However, when he came across Supergirl, the planet-destroying monster finally met his match. Supergirl defeated Positive Man permanently to end the creature’s reign of terror all over the universe.

13. Atrocitus

Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lantern Corps and is a powerful being antagonistic to the Green Lanterns because their Power Rings are fueled by rage instead of courage and willpower. Of course, Atrocitus had a reason to hate the Green Lanterns because the Guardians were indirectly responsible for the death of his entire family. And he is one of the enemies of Guy Gardner.

So, what does that have to do with Supergirl? As mentioned, Atrocitus and the Green Lanterns are sworn enemies. At one point in the past, Supergirl sided with Guy and the other Green Lanterns in their fight against Atrocitus and the Red Lantern Corps. As such, the fearsome Atrocitus is one of the enemies that Supergirl fought against during her career as a superhero.

12. Kryptonite Man

As obscure as his name may sound, Kryptonite Man actually exists. He is actually a Kryptonian humanoid with the usual powers of a Kryptonian man. But the difference here is that his body radiates Kryptonite energy permanently, making it incredibly difficult for any Kryptonian to defeat because his presence already weakens them.

Of course, as a Kryptonian, Supergirl is naturally weak to Kryptonite Man’s powers, which means she is one of her most feared enemies because she can’t use her usual powers against him. On top of that, Kryptonite Man has the standard powers and abilities that all other Kryptonians have. And that makes him a very difficult opponent for any other Kryptonian in the DC universe, as they have to find a way to bring him down without getting too close to him.

11. Cythonna

Not many fans know that the Kryptonians actually have their own gods even though these people are already godlike whenever they are exposed to the energy of a yellow sun. Cythonna is the Kryptonian goddess of darkness and a powerful being imprisoned long ago due to her evil nature.

Cythonna, however, was able to break free from her prison and possess Supergirl in her attempt to rule the entire universe. She used Supergirl’s body effectively, combining it with her own powers. But the nigh-omnipotent goddess was eventually defeated and banished to a different dimension in the DC multiverse

10. Brainiac


Brainiac is one of the biggest enemies of the Kryptonian race because of the fact that he goes around the universe to shrink entire cities and add them to his collection. In that regard, Brainiac had a part in Krypton’s destruction and was responsible for shrinking and bottling up the entire city of Kandor, where Supergirl’s parents were during the destruction of their home planet.


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As such, Supergirl hates Brainiac with all of her guts because of what the villain did to her city. While Brainiac did indeed preserve Kandor and could keep many Kryptonians alive, Supergirl sought to free her people. On top of that, Brainiac also turned Supergirl’s father into a version of Cyborg Superman. That is why Supergirl has every reason to hate this powerful and feared villain.

9. Mon-El

Mon-El is a Daxamite that Superboy inspired. He is from the future and was a character that Supergirl met in the ‘Legion of Superheroes’ animated movie when Superman used a portal that allowed them to travel to the future, where he believed Supergirl could feel more comfortable. As a Daxamite, Mon-El has all of the standard abilities that most Kryptonians have except for the Kryptonite weakness innate among Kryptonians.

While Mon-El appeared to be a good guy in the events of the Legion of Superheroes movie, he was a traitor working alongside Brainiac the entire time. As such, he became a difficult opponent for Supergirl because his powers and abilities were very similar to hers.

8. Reactron, The Living Reactor

Reactron, The Living Reactor, is a unique villain that started off as a goofy character but eventually became serious. He first appeared as a nuclear-powered villain in the ‘Daring Adventures of Supergirl #8’. Reactron eventually evolved from a joke character in 2008 when he appeared in ‘Superman: New Krypton’ as an entirely different version of himself. In that storyline, he was a very irritating villain that became a global threat that needed to be stopped.

Supergirl was one of the characters that fought Reactron, even though his serious version was more of an enemy of Superman. Nevertheless, the villain was powerful enough to become a serious threat to Supergirl as he was responsible for killing her mother, Alura. That means that this rivalry became serious for Supergirl as she needed to bring down the being responsible for killing her mother.

7. Bizarro-Girl

If Superman has a Bizarro version, then that means that Supergirl deserves her own Bizarro as well. This came in the form of Bizarro-Girl, who first appeared in 2008 as part of the Supergirl comics. Of course, she was an “evil” clone of Supergirl from Bizarro World, the same place that the original Bizarro came from. And what makes her so fearful is that, unlike Bizarro Superman, Bizarro-Girl doesn’t look like a wacky zombie.

Bizarro-Girl has grey skin and scary red eyes that make her look terrifying. As such, she became a legitimate threat to Supergirl in the comics and TV series, where we saw the two women duking it out in an incredibly entertaining fight scene. Like Bizarro Superman, Bizarro-Girl has powers that are the opposite of Supergirl’s abilities.

6. Reign

Reign is relatively new to the world of Supergirl, but that doesn’t make her less feared than any of the other enemies she faced. She first appeared in 2011 as a world-killing creature that Supergirl’s father created. Reign invaded Earth to learn more about her origin as she defeated Supergirl easily before nearly destroying New York.

In that regard, there’s no denying that Reign is an incredibly powerful and cool villain, stronger than Supergirl. She can fight toe-to-toe with all other Kryptonians and deliver hits more powerful than what Supergirl can dish out. She is also so cool with her sword, as she possesses a blade that’s strong enough to stab Supergirl. And Reign believes that she was born to fight and slaughter, and there’s nothing more badass than that.

5. Silver Banshee

The Silver Banshee was once a neglected villain that fought Superman but was eventually sidelined because she wasn’t much of a threat to him. However, she was repackaged as one of Supergirl’s greatest rivals in ‘The New 52′ reboot in 2011. This allowed her to find new life as a character that could actually threaten a powerful Kryptonian like Supergirl. And there are reasons why the Silver Banshee is strong enough to be a Supergirl rival.

With her superhuman strength and painful sonic screams, the Silver Banshee was more than a match for Supergirl on many different occasions, as she could pin her down. Of course, what makes her so unique is that she is a very deep character with motives that some readers can relate to and understand. As such, she is not only one of the most feared Supergirl villains of all time but is also one of the favorites among different fans of the Supergirl comic book storyline.

4. Xenon

Supergirl has also had her fair share of supervillains that threaten entire universes. One of them is Xenon, a mysterious being who hates Supergirl with every fiber of his being because a version of the character imprisoned her in a mystical prison a long time ago. Eventually, he got out of prison and decided to kill all of the different Supergirl variants in every universe, including the main Supergirl.


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Due to his mystical powers, Xenon can hurt Kryptonians, whose durability doesn’t extend to magical attacks. That is why Xenon was able to kill a Kryptonian in Earth-One. Of course, his ultimate goal is to eventually bring all of the Supergirls to his domain so that he can kill them all for his thirst for revenge.

3. Darkseid

Of course, any good guy in the world of DC would have Darkseid as one of their enemies, and that’s because he was always one of the biggest threats to the heroes of Earth. That means that Darkseid has been a threat to Supergirl several times. In ‘Superman/Batman: Apocalypse,’ Darkseid tries to win Supergirl over to his side as one of his underlings. And this isn’t the only time that they crossed paths.

Naturally, Darkseid is one of the most feared villains Supergirl has ever faced because he is a freakin New God. That makes him one of the strongest entities in the entire DC universe, as he is a god that can overpower the strongest Kryptonians, including Superman. On several occasions, the Justice League had to work together to defeat Darkseid because he was just too darn powerful.

2. Lesla-Lar

Lesla-Lar is one of the first true enemies of Supergirl, as she is also a Kryptonian. Like Superman had to go up against Zod and his Kryptonian minions, Supergirl met her own Zod in the form of Lesla-Lar, a scientist on Kandor who was envious of her. At one point, Lesla-Lar even impersonated Supergirl and tried to use Lex Luthor to kill Superman.

There was even a point when Lesla-Lar tried to possess Supergirl’s body. In that regard, she is a dangerous adversary who knows how to use her intelligence and brute strength. She knows how to fight her enemies without entering the battlefield herself. And that makes her one of the toughest villains that Supergirl has ever faced.

1. Anti-Monitor

Undoubtedly, the strongest and most fearsome villain on this list is the Anti-Monitor, one of the strongest entities in the entire DC universe and known for being strong enough to destroy the entire universe. In the comics, he first appeared in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ storyline and is a cosmic force born during the dawn of time. The Anti-Monitor has consumed numerous planets in his quest to destroy all life in the universe, and that means that he needed to go up against a collection of powerful superheroes that tried to stop him from doing what he wanted to do.

Although the heroes were able to defeat the Anti-Monitor, his defeat led to the rebirth of an entirely new universe in DC, as all of the other universes combined to change the storylines of most of the characters. Because she also took part in the fight to end the Anti-Monitor, Supergirl regards this as one of her strongest enemies. Anti-Monitor is the only character that could ever claim to have killed Supergirl, as this being blasted her with an energy attack that was more than enough to claim her life.

Who do you think is the greatest Supergirl villain of all time? Let us know in the comments below!

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