Who Is Red Lantern Supergirl? Red Daughter of Krypton Explained


Supergirl is among the most iconic comic book characters, and as such, she had many interesting storylines over the years. One of the most common themes in her storylines is, however, the theme of abandonment due to being basically among the only survivors of the destruction of Krypton. This theme played an important part in Supergirl’s ‘Red Daughter of Krypton Storyline’ when her rage-fueled behavior led to her binding with Red Lantern Ring leading her to acquire many interesting but dangerous powers. This is why we set out today to explain exactly who is Red Lantern Supergirl and how powerful she is.

Red Lantern Supergirl is the version of Supergirl that attracted the Red Lantern ring due to her uncontrollable rage and grief. She gained vast powers but also became emotionally unstable. As Red Lantern, Supergirl faced the first Worldkiller King – Worldkiller-1, and managed to defeat him by taking off her Red Lantern ring and dying. The proximity of the sun, however, kept her alive, and she managed to return back to her former self, wiser and calmer than before.

This is just a brief summary of what happened to the Red Daughter of Krypton. It was quite an interesting journey that made us look at Supergirl from an entirely different perspective. If you’re interested in how all of this played out, stay with us and keep reading!

Supergirl attracted the Red Lantern Ring with her rage

The story of the Red Daughter of Krypton begins in ‘Supergirl #26’ we see Kara back on Earth following her fight with Cyborg Superman. Despite being out of danger, Kara is lonelier than ever before and haunted by her past. She lost everything, and even in her current state, she seems to be rejected by everyone around her, including her friends and her younger cousin Superman. She even had to kill her potential love interest.

She definitely doesn’t fit into human society and overall feels miserable. The last straw was when she returned to her friend Siobhan, who found a new roommate in Supergirl’s absence in the meantime. Once again defeated, Supergirl heads toward the Block to visit Doctor Shay Veritas and confirm that she is physically healthy.

Supergirl pours her heart out to Shay, and Shay offers for her to move into the Block. Supergirl is a step away from the solution when Lobo appears and starts taunting her, clearly attempting to manipulate her.

Supergirl fights Lobo and, during the fight, beats him down so hard that she is convinced that Lobo is dead. Lobo is brought to the Block, and Supergirl feels only partially guilty for killing him. What she doesn’t know is that Lobo was actually faking it this whole time, and once “resurrected,” he attacks the Block and kills several doctors on the premises.

Supergirl and Lobo once again engage in a fight. This time, the fight is so destructive they are teleported above new york. Supergirl is going for the kill and proceeds to brutally beat down Lobo. But one more thing happened, all this pent-up rage that Kara unleashed attracted the Red Lantern ring, which proceeded to fuse with her turning her into a member of the Red Lantern corps.

Red Lantern Corps are notable for utilizing their anger to access their powers, and as both a Kryptonian and Red Lantern, Kara is especially dangerous when fused with the Ring.


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Supergirl will die if she takes the Ring off

Following her fusion with the Red Lantern ring, Kara flies through space, nearly crazed with rage. She is quickly apprehended by two Green Lanterns and is taken to Hal Jordan quickly. Hal notices that she is a Kryptonian and is immediately worried and contacts Guy Gardner, the leader of the Red Lantern Corps. Guy can clearly see that Supergirl is unstable, and he is aware that he has a problem at his hands, a major problem, but one thing worse than having an emotionally unstable Kryptonian Red Lantern is breaking this news to her cousin – Superman.

Guy eventually finds Superman attempting to speak with him in private, but Kara finds them and gets mad. Superman can’t believe the state of Kara and accuses Guy of turning his cousin into Red Lantern on purpose. Guy explains that he cannot create a Red Lantern. The Ring chooses its own host.

Superman demands that Kara take off the Ring and return to her former state, but Guy explains that this is impossible. Once the host is merged with the Red Lantern ring, the Ring replaces its heart. If Kara is to take off the Ring, she will die. Once you are a Red Lantern, you stay one forever.

Apparently, Blue Lanterns knew how to take off the Ring, but since they are gone, Kara is stuck with being a Red Lantern forever. Considering that she is Krpytonian, it’s definitely forever.


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Kara is shaken by this news and realizes the consequences of what has taken place. She gets into a fight with Superman, being generally edgy & how nobody understands her. Superman puts her right in her place, stating that he has attempted to help many times, but she refuses his help every time.

How did Supergirl get rid of the Red Lantern Ring?

Supergirl and Red Lanterns had an assignment to deal with Diasporans, a reptilian race of conquerors. Immediately after facing them, Supergirl told Red Lantern Corps that they reminded her of one other race that came in contact with her and actually came after her while she was on Earth, Worldkillers.

What she didn’t know at the time was the leader of Diasporans, Atrocitus, was actually the first king of the Worldkillers, Worldkiller-1, and he planned to capture Supergirl, possess her, and use her as a tool. Considering that she was now stronger than ever when she was bound to the Red Lantern ring.

In the meantime, Kara was kicked out of the Red Lantern Corps and was busy helping her cousin deal with his transformation into a Doomsday-like beast. Due to this, the whole Earth’s atmosphere was filled with Kryptonite clouds. And this is where Supergirl was ambushed by the Diasporans. She managed to make quick work of them until Atrocitus arrived at the scene.

Supergirl immediately noticed that Atrocitus was different than the rest of the Diasporans and correctly assumed that he was not the same species as them. During the fight with him, Atrocitus reveals that this is not his true form but only a suit and that he is actually the first Worldkiller and attempts to harvest her powers for his own goals.

Kara uses her amped-up heat vision to destroy him, but instead of killing him, she only shatters his armor, revealing his other form. There is a strange black liquid leaking from him, and he threatens to descend down to Earth and start possessing humans if she doesn’t bond with him immediately and allows him control of her body.

Kara knows that she can’t face Worldkiller-1 in this state, as he is too powerful and she is too weakened by the atmospheric Kryptonite poisoning.

The only way that Kara can think of to stop Worldkiller from having her as his host is to remove her Ring, which will effectively kill her.

After removing the Ring, Worldkiller dumps her body into the sun. Now seeing inside her mind, he knows that Superman is still an option as far as hosts go. He states that he has seen into Supergirl’s mind, and even though she is extremely angry, she is still an innocent being.

Meanwhile, at the sun’s surface, now doused with yellow sun radiation Supergirl’s heart is healed and restarted, and she is brought back to life, resurrected by the sun’s energies.

Due to the proximity of the sun, she is also superpowered and manages to deal with Worldkiller-1 quickly, taking him down and flinging his body into the sun, effectively incinerating him.

After removing the Ring, Kara realizes that there is more to life than being angry, and now, for the first time in a long time, she feels clearheaded and calm, free of the Red Lantern Ring forever.


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How powerful is Red Lantern Supergirl?

Red Lantern Supergirl is more powerful than her standard version due to being empowered by rage. Rage empowerment also provides her with numerous other unique abilities that she doesn’t have access to as a Regular Kryptonian, such as rage infection, rage transformation, rage plasma, construction creation, and rage energy projection.

She can also create quite powerful force fields to protect herself. Red Lantern is among the most powerful weapons in the universe, and Supergirl, while wielding it, has the potential to become unstoppable.

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