Odin vs. Thor: Who Would Win in a Fight of Gods?

odin vs thor

The world of Marvel Comics is home to a lot of powerful gods that were worshipped by ancient civilizations. Of course, the Norse gods are some of the most heavily-featured gods in Marvel Comics due to the popularity of the Thor comic book line. When talking about the Norse gods, two of the strongest are Odin and Thor, who both became the leaders of Asgardians. So, who would win in a fight between Odin and Thor?

Odin would win in a fight against Thor because he is simply a lot more powerful and more intelligent than his son. Thor, of course, is the superior physical specimen between the two but is still light years away from his father in terms of his power, intelligence, wisdom, and experience.

Despite the fact that the mainline Thor is now the king of Asgard and the All-Father, prime Odin was still stronger than his son. Still, Thor will eventually surpass his father and will become one of the strongest Skyfathers in Marvel Comics. But, as it stands, Thor is not yet as strong as Odin, whose powers were far above his son’s capabilities. Now, let’s talk more about this hypothetical battle.


Odin is a lot stronger than the average Asgardian, which could lift somewhere around 30 tons, as he was able to lift about 90 tons during his physical prime. Even as an old man, Odin was still very strong and was able to lift around 75 tons. In that regard, Odin was very strong but not strong enough to match some of the strongest characters in the entire Marvel Comics universe, including the likes of the Hulk and Hercules.

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Thor is said to be the mightiest out of all of the different Asgardians, as he was born with a body that allowed him to reach unthinkable levels of strength. That is why Thor is able to match the strength levels of the likes of the Hulk and Hercules, as he can easily lift over 100 tons with minimal to no effort at all. Using his strength, he is capable of leveling mountains, buildings, or even quite possibly, entire cities.


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While Odin was strong during his prime, Thor was just naturally stronger than him. They don’t call Thor the mightiest out of all of the Asgardians for nothing because he is actually a lot stronger than his father in terms of his physical capabilities.

Odin 0, Thor 1


During his prime, Odin was said to have a body that was capable of withstanding some of the strongest attacks in the universe, as he was nearly invulnerable to any kind of damage. That is why even the attacks of cosmic-level beings were not enough to actually kill or seriously injure the All-Father, as he is incredibly durable. On top of that, his regenerative healing factor allows him to almost instantly recover from any injuries dealt to him.

One of the best qualities of Thor is his ability to take hits, as he has been able to survive some of the most powerful blows from godlike and cosmic beings in the Marvel Universe without dying or getting injured. In fact, he took point-blank attacks from his own father but was able to survive them. Thor was also able to duel with Knull, a primordial being far above the level of a Celestial. As such, he is surely very durable.

odin thor

Thor is an incredibly durable character that has the capability to withstand attacks from some of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe, but he doesn’t have his father’s nigh-invulnerability.

Odin 1, Thor 1

Powers and Abilities

The source of Odin’s powers and abilities is a cosmic energy source called the Odinforce, which is capable of providing him the power he needs to perform magical feats with a single thought. It is through the Odinforce that Odin is able to teleport entire races to different dimensions, create powerful blasts of energy, and enchant people and objects with certain powers. However, the Odinforce tends to drain his stamina and causes him to go into the Odinsleep.

odin power.jpg

Thor is called the God of Thunder for a good reason because he is capable of controlling thunder and lightning. He usually channels thunder through his hammer or axe, whichever of the two he is using. However, Thor can summon thunder from anywhere at will due to the very fact that he controls this power. And when Thor became the All-Father, he was able to tap into the mystical source of his father’s energy, although he is yet to show the same kind of mastery over this power that his father once did.

It might be true that Thor has already become so powerful after becoming the All-Father, but Odin was still stronger than him before his death. Nevertheless, Thor is eventually going to reach the level of power that Odin once displayed.

Odin 2, Thor 1


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As the God of Wisdom, Odin is known to be an incredibly intelligent being with knowledge that is at the level of cosmic entities. In fact, it is often said that his most powerful weapons are his intelligence and knowledge of ancient and arcane wisdom. As such, there aren’t a lot of different gods or cosmic entities that are as smart or even smarter than Odin in the Marvel Comics Universe, as his level of intelligence is something that his enemies fear about him.

odin wisdom

To be fair to Thor, he was never the smartest character in Marvel Comics, as that was one of the biggest weaknesses in his arsenal. He still had the common knowledge and wisdom that most Asgardians have, but his intelligence level was not even close to some of the smartest humans on Earth. That is why Thor is often seen as a common brute that often uses his strength to get out of tough situations instead of using his head.

This shouldn’t even be a debate because Thor isn’t even remotely close to his father’s intelligence and wisdom.

Odin 3, Thor 1

Fighting Skills

As an experienced fighter that conquered different realms throughout his time, Odin was an expert combatant that excelled in the use of his spear and in hand-to-hand combat. We didn’t see Odin engaging in a lot of different fights, but we do know that he is like all of the Asgardians in the sense that he was trained to be a great fighter when he was still young. Of course, Odin relied more on his mystical and magical power instead of his fighting skills.

Thor was always known for being a physical beast that preferred to fight with his fists or his hammer. Because of that, he became one of the most skilled fighters in Asgard, as he was trained in the art of Asgardian combat when he was young. On top of that, fighting against the likes of Gorr, Hercules, and a lot of other powerful characters allowed Thor to improve his fighting abilities. As such, Thor isn’t simply a common brute that relies on his incredible strength.

thor vs knull

Even though both Odin and Thor were trained in the same Asgardian style of combat, Thor has the edge here because he loves fighting and is said to be the mightiest of all of the Asgardians.

Odin 3, Thor 2

Odin vs. Thor: Who Wins?

Despite the fact that Thor is obviously physically stronger and a more capable fighter compared to his father, Odin is still a lot more powerful and durable than his son, even when he is already at an advanced age. Of course, there is no doubt that Odin is also exponentially smarter than Thor, considering that he is the God of Wisdom. That said, Odin should be able to handle Thor without trouble.

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