Peacemaker vs. Batman: Who Would Win in a Fight? (DCEU & Comics)

peacemaker vs batman

There are a lot of different DC characters that are popular even though they don’t have superpowers. Peacemaker, a US peace agent, might be a D-list character in the comics but has become quite popular in the DCEU due to the popularity of the ‘Peacemaker’ series. Of course, there’s always Batman, who has been the most successful non-superpowered DC character. So, who would win in a fight between Peacemaker and Batman?

Batman should be able to defeat both the DCEU and the Comics version of Peacemaker in a fight. That’s because Batman is much more skilled and experienced than Peacemaker. There’s also the fact that their intelligence levels aren’t really on the same level due to how somewhat stupid Peacemaker can be.

It might be true that Peacemaker is incredibly popular right now because of the silliness of the ‘Peacemaker’ series, but he doesn’t have anything on the success of Batman, who is strong enough to take on some of the strongest superpowered beings ever because of his intelligence and tactical skills. So, with that said, let’s look at this fight between Peacemaker and Batman in greater detail.



Peacemaker’s version in the DCEU is actually pretty strong and can fight on par with humans possessed by Butterflies, which gives them augmented strength. That means that Peacemaker is at peak levels regarding what human beings are capable of. As such, he is strong enough to overpower non-superpowered beings and can even stand toe-to-toe with characters that are at lower levels of superhuman strength.

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In the DCEU, Batman’s strength is nowhere near superhuman levels because he is simply a regular human being with abilities that are better than what humans are capable of. He is close to the peak levels of human strength but isn’t strong enough to take on bigger opponents and enemies that are on the higher end of human strength levels. As such, the DCEU version of Batman is more realistic.

Because DCEU Peacemaker (played by John Cena) is bigger and more muscular than DCEU Batman, we’ll give this one to Peacemaker.

DCEU: Peacemaker 1, Batman 0


The comics version of Peacemaker hasn’t been explored as much as his DCEU version, but we know that he is a strong human being with strength levels that are right around peak human levels. That’s because he is an incredibly muscular character and is bigger than most of the other regular human beings in DC.

While Batman may be marketed as a regular human being, he has strength that’s beyond peak-human levels. That’s because Batman can lift far more than what the strongest human being in the real world is capable of. And there aren’t a lot of ordinary human characters in DC that actually come close to Batman’s strength in the comics.


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We aren’t dismissing the possibility of Peacemaker being as strong as Batman in the comics. But Batman’s strength feats are well-documented.

Comics: Peacemaker 0, Batman 1



One of the things that we saw in the DCEU was that Peacemaker survived getting shot in the neck by Bloodsport in the Suicide Squad movie. This was somewhat of a miracle because he completely recovered after that near-fatal incident. There was no permanent damage to him after that, except that he had to have his clavicle replaced. While we can thank modern medicine for this, the fact is that he was durable enough to survive what could have killed any other character.

peacemaker shot

Batman hung with some of the strongest superhuman beings in the DCEU and survived encounters with incredibly strong characters. While we can attribute this to his suit, he was still durable enough to withstand attacks from the likes of Superman. As such, the DCEU version of Batman was pretty durable.

Even though Batman has the better suit and is very durable, Peacemaker survived what should have been a fatal gunshot wound.

DCEU: Peacemaker 2, Batman 0


In the comics, we know that Peacemaker is an ordinary human being that was able to train his body to near-peak levels in terms of what the human body is capable of. We haven’t seen a lot of durability feats from his character in the comics, but it is safe to say that he is far more durable than ordinary human beings.

Batman may be an ordinary human being, but his durability feats in the comics are well-documented because he has survived attacks from superpowers without suffering permanent injuries. He regularly flirts with death and has been able to showcase peak levels of durability by tanking hits from characters much stronger than him.


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Peacemaker may be durable, but Batman’s durability is well-documented in the comics. That is why Bruce Wayne takes this round.

Comics: Peacemaker 0, Batman 2

Combat Skills


In the DCEU, Peacemaker was trained by his father at an early age and was able to master a lot of different forms of hand-to-hand and armed combat. He is a master of close combat and can hang with some of the most skilled martial artists in the DCEU. There were instances wherein he struggled against the Butterflies, which weren’t as well-trained as he was. But Peacemaker handled them well enough as long as he had a gun in his hands.

The DCEU version of Batman is a martial arts expert who has been able to hang with many different characters despite his apparent lack of superpowers. He showcased the ability to defeat numerous armed people in a single room, all on his own, with little to no difficulty. As such, it is safe to say that he is at the level of his comic book counterpart in terms of combat expertise.

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Peacemaker is skilled, but Batman has showcased better control over his martial arts expertise in the storyline of the DCEU.

DCEU: Peacemaker 2, Batman 1


The Peacemaker in the comics is an expert in hand-to-hand and armed combat and is said to possess advanced fighting skills to defeat superpowered characters. He was even strong and skilled enough to fight the Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons during the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths.’

Thanks to the fact that he trained under many different mentors, Batman is one of the most skilled fighters and martial artists in the entire DCEU and was able to combine the fundamentals of the different martial arts disciplines that he learned to perfect his own craft. He is a skilled ninja who knows something about Asian martial arts and American close combat. And that is why he has always stood at the top in terms of the most skilled martial artists in DC.

Only a few fighters in the world of DC can match Batman’s skills as a fighter, and Peacemaker isn’t one of them.

Comics: Peacemaker 0, Batman 3



One of the reasons why Peacemaker is so popular in the DCEU is the fact that he can be quite stupid. He is a ridiculously dumb character that’s often the butt of many jokes due to how dense he can be. While he may be smart regarding combat tactics, he is a huge bigot that struggles to understand some of the most common basics of human decency.


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While he may not be at the level of his comic book counterpart, Batman was always one of the smartest characters in the DCEU because he finds a way to outsmart his opponents with his tactical and strategic mindset. He is the brains of the Justice League and can formulate plans that allow him and his colleagues to gain an advantage over their enemies.

Of course, Batman takes this round without any question.

DCEU: Peacemaker 2, Batman 2


While Peacemaker isn’t as dumb in the comics as in the DCEU, we know he isn’t the smartest character in DC. He is even delusional and suffers from a mental disorder that makes him commit simple mistakes. In that regard, it is safe to say that he isn’t remotely smart, even though he is well-trained in combat tactics.

peacemaker comics 2

Batman has always been right at the top of the ladder in terms of his incredible intelligence in the comics. Even though his raw intelligence isn’t on par with cosmic beings and superhuman characters in DC, he is the second smartest human on Earth. Still, he always finds a way to stay five steps ahead of his opponents because he understands how to use whatever information and resource he has to his advantage.

This isn’t even a debate. Batman is simply smarter than Peacemaker and even most of the other characters in DC.

Comics: Peacemaker 0, Batman 4



Peacemaker is an experienced character sent out on numerous missions due to his ability to do the job. He may be borderline brutal in terms of what he does, but he makes sure that he completes his missions, and that’s why he is one of the most reliable operatives working for the US government.


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Batman has been in the vigilante and superhero business for a long time. While he had a short run in the DCEU, let’s not forget that he was already a feared vigilante in Gotham for decades when he first made his appearance in ‘Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.’ So, while he mostly stayed in Gotham while operating outside of the Justice League, his experience as a longtime vigilante speaks for itself.

Peacemaker seldom goes on covert missions for the US government, whereas Batman goes out to patrol the streets of Gotham nightly and has done it for decades.

DCEU: Peacemaker 2, Batman 3


Peacemaker isn’t the most featured character in the comics, but he has been on several missions in the character’s relatively short history. He fought in the Vietnam War and eventually started working for the US government as an operative sent out on undocumented missions. As such, he has his fair share of experience as an operative.

Batman started as a vigilante during the middle portion of his 20s and continued to operate well into his 40s. While he may have just been operating as a local vigilante early in his career, he eventually became one of the planet’s most prominent heroes as he went on missions against threats to the entire world or even the universe. As such, he has experienced fighting small-time crooks and godlike beings.

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Even if Peacemaker and Batman have been operating for the same length of time, the fact is that Batman has seen and done it all due to his prominence as a vigilante and a hero.

Comics: Peacemaker 0, Batman 5

Peacemaker vs. Batman: Who wins?

When it comes down to it, Batman is superior to Peacemaker in many different ways. The DCEU version of Peacemaker may be the better physical specimen, but he is inferior to Batman in almost every aspect. Of course, the comic-book version of Batman is far superior in terms of physical abilities, intelligence, and experience. That is why we don’t see Peacemaker coming out with a win over Batman.

Who do you think would win in this battle? Let us know in the comments below!

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