Pie in ‘Loki’ Is More Important Than You Think, Here’s Why

why is key lime pie in Loki important

Season 2 of ‘Loki’ zeroes in on the TVA’s quest to mend the Temporal Loom before it wrecks the whole place. The main characters are all about that, but eagle-eyed fans caught a detail—TVA’s pie got a few shoutouts. Now, a pie might seem like no big deal in the grand scheme of the series, but hold up, there’s more to it. Why does that pie in ‘Loki’ matter, you ask?

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  • Every time characters in ‘Loki’ are in the middle of a tough situation, a pie is either mentioned or featured on screen.
  • “Having a pie” equals taking time to rethink your actions and gives you an opportunity to regroup.

It was never merely about a pie

In the intricate world of ‘Loki,’ grasping certain things can be a real head-scratcher, especially when we dive into pseudo-science. Concepts like the Temporal Loom and Throughput Multiplier might baffle most folks because, well, the science behind them isn’t exactly legit. However, amidst all the complexity, there’s one thing that’s both simple and surprisingly significant—the key lime pie in the TVA.

This delicious plot point made its debut in episode 2 of season 2. After a failed attempt to squeeze information out of X-5, now going by the alias Brad Wolfe, Mobius, and Loki found themselves in need of a breather. Mobius, trying the good cop approach, had his emotions hit hard when Brad delved into Mobius’ real-life journey on the Sacred Timeline.

loki and mobius pie.jpg

Feeling the pressure, Mobius decided to step back, and the duo headed to the TVA’s automat for a slice of key lime pie. Amid bites of this sweet treat, Mobius and Loki pondered their next moves. Sometimes, simplicity speaks volumes in the midst of a complex narrative.

Fast forward two episodes, and Loki, alongside Mobius, managed to bring Victor Timely to the TVA. The plan? Get Timely to assist Ouroboros in figuring out a solution for the wonky Temporal Loom. Since neither Loki nor Mobius had the expertise on the Temporal Loom and the Throughput Multiplier, they opted to take a breather. In his usual style, Mobius suggested grabbing a slice of pie first.

Well, Sylvie wasn’t having it. Amid a crisis that could be a matter of life and death, she let loose on Mobius. She didn’t hold back, insulting him for even entertaining the idea of indulging in pie at such a crucial moment. Sylvie accused him of being too laid-back and not grasping the gravity of the situation. She even called out Mobius for never bothering to explore what his life could have been on the Sacred Timeline after discovering he was a variant. Ouch.


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So, in these moments where the TVA’s key lime pie makes an appearance, a lot of emotional stuff unfolds. Mobius, in a fit of frustration with Brad, turns to pie for solace. On the flip side, Sylvie loses her cool when Mobius suggests indulging in some pie. Oddly enough, it’s not really about the pie.

The pie, in a way, ties into those moments of respite that characters, particularly Mobius, seek during tough times. What’s more, this pastry pops up whenever there’s an emotional storm brewing in the TVA. While some fans might see the pie as a trivial element with little impact on ‘Loki’s’ storyline, there’s got to be a reason why it consistently surfaces when certain characters are on shaky emotional ground.

Pie symbolizes taking a break

The pie in ‘Loki’ seems to serve as Mobius’s go-to break-time snack, a symbolic pause whenever he needs to step back. Episode 2 highlights this when frustrated with Brad Wolfe, Mobius suggests grabbing some pie. The same theme recurs later when OB and Timely are tackling the Throughput Multiplier.

In a way, the pie becomes a metaphor for taking a breather. It signifies moments when Loki and his allies hit the pause button, reevaluating the situation before diving back in. Episode 2 captures this as Mobius and Loki, munching on pie, reassess their approach to Brad. It’s a pivotal scene where Loki encourages Mobius to embrace his emotional side, sharing past experiences.


Episode 4 brings Sylvie into the automat, the pie spot. While they don’t indulge, the scene becomes emotionally charged. Loki’s speech about the strength of being soft resonates, urging Sylvie and others at the TVA to place hope in OB and Timely.

These moments, though not directly involving pie consumption, show emotional improvement for Sylvie and Mobius. In episode 2, after pie time, Mobius and Loki crack the case on Brad. In short, the pie symbolizes the importance of taking breaks. Facing hefty problems, a pause, perhaps over pie or any preferred snack, allows a mental reset and a chance to reconsider actions.

While the pie itself may lack intrinsic meaning in the ‘Loki’ series, the emotional scenes tied to it convey the value of stepping back. Mobius and Sylvie’s experiences show that taking a breather can be a beneficial strategy.

What do you think a pie means in ‘Loki’? Let us know in the comments below!

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