Professor X Does Have Telekinesis, but It’s Complicated

Professor X Does Have Telekinesis but Its Complicated
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Charles Xavier is among the most powerful mutants in Marvel Universe. Until recently, he was classified as an Omega-level mutant with incredible telepathic powers and currently holds the status of an Alpha-level mutant. Although telepaths are nothing rare when it comes to mutants, some of them are, on occasion, able to manifest other types of mental strength. This is where Xavier’s potential telekinetic abilities come on, and due to inconsistent writing over the years, many fans are wondering does Professor X have telekinesis and, if he does, to what extent.

Professor X does have some telekinetic abilities. He always had, as a matter of fact. This was mostly attributed to writing inconsistency until ‘Inferno’ #4 when he was able to manipulate and disassemble Nimrod with nothing but the powers of his own mind. The sudden development of Xavier’s telekinetic abilities is mostly attributed to the Mutant Resurrection Protocol and the high levels of stress he was exposed to, although some fans do go as far as to claim that this was not a true display of telekinetic abilities. Professor X of Ultimate Universe has confirmed telekinetic abilities.

Now that we’ve covered the confusing state of Xavier’s telekinetic abilities, it’s time to explore it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Telekinesis vs. telepathy, does Xavier have both?

Before we begin to explain the extent of Xavier’s powers, it’s time to establish an important and clear distinction between the two types of power. Both telekinesis and telepathy stem from one’s mind, at least when the mutants are concerned, and both are done via distance, requiring no contact with physical objects or people. Telepathy is related to mind-reading, manipulation, etc., while telekinesis is largely related to moving objects with one’s mind.


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And while the comics are once again inconsistent when it comes to this, there are some theories that all telepaths do have some telekinetic abilities, even more so Professor-X, who is widely regarded to be among the best telepaths in Marvel Universe.

Xavier has had telekinesis for quite some time, even before ‘Inferno’

Charles Xavier has ultimate mastery over the mind. He is able to induce telepathic illusions, mask his presence from other powerful mutants, can create mental links with other people, possess one’s mind, alter the mind, induce amnesia, and plenty of other useful skills in his line of work.

He also does have powerful offensive abilities such as mind blasts which can hurt his target by placing an incredible amount of information into one’s mind, which can cause damage even on a physical level. He always did have some degree of telekinesis, although this rarely manifested. So what are our proofs of this?

The answer to this primarily lies in Xavier’s sister Cassandra Nova. Cassandra, being basically a clone of Xavier, managed to access the full potential and full scope of all powers that he did have and could have had.

Cassandra Nova tele

Among other overwhelming powers and Xavier’s telepathy, Cassandra also has access to telekinetic abilities. With her telekinesis, Cassandra is able to levitate, manipulate both living beings and objects. She is capable of generating powerful telekinetic shields as well as generating powerful and devastating blasts of pure, concentrated telekinetic energy.

But this isn’t necessarily proof that Xavier has telekinesis; as we’ve mentioned before, Cassandra has access to Xavier’s potential, but this doesn’t really prove that potential equals reality. However, it definitely does support the theory.

More tangible evidence comes from ‘Powers of X’ #1 when Charles was able to manipulate Mystique’s flash drive with his mind alone without touching it. Hardly a display of potent telekinetic powers but a display nonetheless.

Xavier using telekinesis

However, the latest and strongest evidence that Xavier is a powerful telekinetic comes from ‘Inferno’ #4, so let’s analyze it.

Professor X’s telekinetic powers are mostly attributed to Mutant Resurrection Protocol and/or desperation

During ‘Inferno’ #4, Charles Xavier can be seen brutally attacking Nimrod Super Sentinel, going as far as to pin him and disassemble him completely with nothing but his alleged telekinetic abilities. And while the scene is clear enough, the origin of his telekinesis isn’t, as he never showed such display before.

Xavier telekinesis Nimrod

The most logical answer is the Mutant Resurrection Protocol which allows X-Men to both cheat death and empower themselves by using Cerebro technology. As a consequence of resurrection, mutants are able to undergo some drastic physical changes that might result in mutants developing some additional powers.

Since Xavier’s current age is unclear, this is evidence enough of the changes he underwent. The Mutant Resurrection Protocol is the strongest evidence of Xavier’s newly-manifested powers.

The second issue is that mutants can sometimes manifest latent powers under extreme stress and in extreme danger. It’s possible that Xavier’s telekinetic domination of Nimrod was exactly that. He was cornered in extreme danger, which allowed him to break down some barriers that previously kept him from using the full extent of his existing abilities without prior practice.

Some fans, however, claim that what Xavier did to Nimrod was not telekinesis but rather a powerful version of Mind Blast that affected Niimrod in such a way.

Charles Xavier of Earth-1610 does have confirmed telekinesis

The Ultimate Universe provided us with some of the most interesting variants of popular Marvel characters, and it’s also the universe where Professor X does indeed have powerful telekinetic abilities.


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Charles Xavier of Ultimate Universe can levitate himself via telekinesis. He managed to lift Magneto into the atmosphere and lifted a 50-ton Sentinel with nothing but his mind. It was also, in one instance, implied that he could induce blood clotting in otherwise healthy subjects meaning that his telekinetic abilities are potent enough to affect biological beings and objects on a molecular level.

Xavier Ultimate Universe telekinesis

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