‘Secret Invasion’: What Are Frost Beasts & Why Is Their DNA Important?

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One of the things we saw in episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion‘ was that the Skrulls have been harvesting DNA from different sources, as it is becoming clear that they will most likely use the DNA to become stronger and create Super-Skrulls. We saw some of the DNA samples they collected; one sample belonged to the Frost Beast. So, what is a Frost Beast, and why do the Skrulls need its DNA?

The Frost Beast is a massive creature that’s native to the planet of Jotunheim, which is the very same realm where the Frost Giants live. These beasts are very agile despite their large size. They can also cover their bodies in ice and resist extremely cold temperatures.

We don’t know what the Skrulls are up to when it comes to their different DNA samples, but we do know that there’s a good reason why they chose specific DNA samples. Of course, the Frost Beast is a formidable creature with unique abilities and properties, and that’s why the Skrulls decided to use its DNA. Now, let’s learn more about the Frost Beast.

Frost Beasts explained

We all know that the MCU has always been full of surprises. Of course, ‘Secret Invasion’ had its own fair share of surprises when episode 2 allowed us to see what Gravik and his Skrulls were up to. He was looking to create a machine that used different DNA samples that could give superhuman powers and abilities to the Skrulls. And that means that they’ve collected quite a few samples already.

Gi’ah, who wasn’t aware of what Gravik was doing, could log into Dr. Rosa Dalton’s computer in the Skrull compound. That was when she could see some of the DNA samples they had collected. And one of the four samples we saw on the computer screen was labeled “Frost Beast.”


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That means that they’ve collected the sample of a Frost Beast. Of course, the Frost Beast isn’t the most prominent monster we’ve seen in the MCU. That’s why many people may have forgotten what this beast is. And we’ll have to look at the storyline of Thor to remember what this creature is.

In the first ‘Thor’ movie, we saw that Thor, Loki, Sif, and the Warriors Three attacked Jotunheim after it was believed that Frost Giants attacked Asgard during what should have been Thor’s coronation. When Thor didn’t want to talk things out with the Frost Giants, the Jotuns summoned a Frost Beast to attack the Asgardians. Thor managed to defeat the beast quite easily.

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The Frost Beast is a massive creature that is strong enough to give trouble to Sif and the Warriors Three, even though Asgardians have superhuman strength, durability, and speed. On top of that, despite being large, these beasts are nimble, mobile, and fast. They can also cover their bodies with ice and survive in the harsh extreme temperatures of a freezing planet like Jotunheim.

How did the Skrulls get the Frost Beast DNA?

As mentioned, the Frost Beast was one of the creatures from which the Skrulls could collect DNA. That means they are looking to use the creature’s DNA to strengthen themselves. But how did the Skrulls get the DNA of the Frost Beast?

The first Frost Beast we saw was in the first ‘Thor’ movie, where Thor and his companions killed one in Jotunheim. Some people are confused about how a creature from Jotunheim found its way into the laboratories of the Skrulls in Moscow. And we have to look at the events of ‘Thor: The Dark World’ to understand this.

While Thor was battling Malekith in the events of ‘The Dark World,’ the convergence happened. This allowed doorways from different realms all over the Nine Realms to open. Of course, one of the gates that opened up led to the realm of Jotunheim. When this portal opened up, a few Frost Beasts entered Midgard (Earth) and stayed there.

frost beast dark world

In fact, during one of the post-credit scenes of ‘The Dark World,’ one of the Frost Beasts stayed on Earth and never left it. It is possible that this Frost Beast was killed, and its DNA was harvested and collected by the Skrulls. After all, as we saw in episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion,’ a lot of Skrulls were in high positions in the government, and that means that Gravik must have used his connections with these Skrulls to get his hands on the DNA of this Frost Beast.

Why do the Skrulls need Frost Beast DNA?

As mentioned, the Skrulls needed the Frost Beast DNA in a project that may lead to Super-Skrulls’ creation. Gravik and Dalton created a machine that would allow them to infuse the DNA of these creatures into the Skrulls so that they would obtain the powers and abilities of certain creatures. And this is where the Frost Beast comes in.


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Of course, the Frost Beast is a formidable, strong creature because of its size. But it is also quite fast and nimble despite its size. That means that the Skrulls probably want to use its DNA to become faster and more durable. They already have Cull Obsidian’s DNA, which will make them stronger. And the Frost Beast’s mobility will likely allow them to move faster.

On top of that, the Frost Beast is resistant to extremely cold temperatures due to its nature as a creature that lived all of its life in Jotunheim. That means that it is likely that the Skrulls are looking to use the Frost Beast’s resistance to cold temperatures to make themselves more resistant to freezing temperatures as well. They already have the DNA of the Extremis, which allows them to survive extremely hot temperatures, and that’s why it is likely that the Frost Giant DNA is there to help them survive cold temperatures.

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