‘Secret Invasion’: Is Nick Fury Aware That His Wife Is Skrull?

Nick Fury Wife Skrull Varra Priscila Does NickFury Knows that his wife is a Skrull

Despite Fury’s many appearances in the MCU, it would be an understatement to say that we know almost nothing about his personal life. It was only in ‘Secret Invasion‘ episode 2 that we were given a glimpse into his romantic life. Yes, Nick Fury is married to Priscilla Fury, and it would appear that his wife is a Skrull. Considering that the large focus of the series is placed on the fact that Skrulls can be almost anyone at any time and that Fury has been losing his touch considering everything that happened to him following Thanos’ Snap, many fans are wondering is Fury even aware that his wife is a Skrull? 

Nick Fury is fully aware that his wife is a Skrull. This explains perfectly why Fury was such a strong supporter and voice for the Skrull community all these years and why he stated on several instances that he knows them better than anyone. Varra and Nick Fury met shortly after Skrulls arrived on Earth following the conflict with the Kree, they fell in love, and she married him under the identity of Priscilla, so Fury likely knew about her Skrull identity from the first day. 

Now that we’ve covered the essentials, it’s time to give you the full backstory and explain it in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading! 

Nick Fury met Varra as soon as she came to Earth 

We got the first glimpse of Skrulls at the same time as Nick Fury did. It was during the events that took place in ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, in 1995, according to the MCU timeline, to be more exact. 

We know that at first, Fury and Danvers thought that Skrulls were enemies, but as soon as they got a bit more context from Talos, both Fury and Captain Marvel went as far as to accept Skrulls on Earth and provide them with temporary safe space.  

It wasn’t until the ‘Secret Invasion’ episode 2, set in 1997, that we got a bit more context behind the deal that Fury made with the Skrull community. We’ve learned that he asked them to take on human forms and to protect the Earth. With their talents and a sign of appreciation and he will do everything in his power to find a suitable planet for Skrulls along with Captain Marvel. 


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In that same scene, we get our first glimpse at Varra, who will ultimately become Fury’s wife, maybe they were romantically involved at that time as well, but the chances are slim. Varra introduced Talos to Gravik, and it’s quite possible that from that day onward, Fury took on a more fatherly role for Gravik, and Varra took on the motherly role since we know that Gravik lost his parents in the war against the Kree. This will ultimately end in betrayal

Vara Secret Invasion

But, as you can see, in the first scene that we see Priscilla Fury / Varra in, she is wearing her Skrull shape. Hence it’s proven that Fury was aware that Varra is a Skrull since at least 1997. 

Why is Fury so close to the Skrull community? 

Now consider this. We know that Fury is among the best S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives that the world has ever seen. He climbed the ladder pretty high, and he managed to lead some of the most dangerous (and most expensive) programs in the history of mankind. Fury is extremely capable and extremely vary of all possible threats. He is always prepared and three steps ahead. 

So how does a person like this, who knows that danger is everywhere, accept a colony of shapeshifting aliens to live on Earth? In secrecy and imposes almost no limits on them? Fury is not dumb. He was aware of what kind of danger Skrulls posed to humanity since he took them in, and yet, he let it happen why? 

It’s possible that Fury wanted to keep his friends close and his enemies closer, and he figured that having a watchful eye on Skrulls was better than Skrulls coming unannounced to Earth behind his back. He figured if he made them a good deal, he would gain allies and not enemies. Eventually, Skrulls did come to Earth behind his back, but this is something that we’ve already analyzed in a different post. 

The more likely option on why Fury reacted to Skrulls the way he did is because he had personal ties to them all this time. We know that Fury is a good friend of Talos. They are practically brothers at this point. We also know that he was a good friend of Soren, who sadly passed away while Fury was away from Earth. 

nick fury talos secret invasion

Fury’s fight for the Skrull community seems personal because it is personal, he was married to a Skrull all this time, and her struggle was his struggle at the same time. This makes it all that more surprising that Fury just left the Earth without delivering on his promise.


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Fury’s wife might be a Skrull spy 

Still, even though it’s clear as a day that Fury is married to a Skrull and that he is aware of it, we can’t completely rule out the scenario that Fury’s real wife was replaced by one of Gravik’s operatives.

Shapeshifting is a trademark of the Skrull race, and if they can shapeshift into just about any humanoid creature or inanimate object, there’s no real reason that Skrulls can’t shapeshift into other Skrulls. Although Skrulls, among themselves, would probably notice such deception, the slight differences in looks would probably go under the radar for humans, even Nick Fury. 

So, even though Fury is aware that Priscilla is a Skrull, he might not be his Skrull, she could be anybody, and considering that Gravik was close to both Fury and Varra, he would have relatively easy access to her. 

But I realize that the paranoia of everyone being a Skrull is starting to get to me so much that at this point, I’m having conspiracy theories about conspiracy theories, so I ask you, what do you think about Fury’s wife being a Skrull? Let us know in the comments!

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