‘Secret Invasion’: What Kind of a Machine Is Gravik Building?

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If there’s one thing we know about the storyline of ‘Secret Invasion,’ Gravik has a plan in his hands. It just doesn’t involve infiltrating governments from the inside and using terrorism to destabilize entire governments and force them to wage war on one another. Instead, he is actually building a machine that could turn the tide of a war between them and the forces of humanity. So, what kind of machine is Gravik building?

Gravik is building a machine that could potentially give him and the Skrulls superpowers they could use against humanity once they are ready to wage war. We saw in episode 2 that they had DNA samples of different creatures with special powers. As such, Gravik is looking to create Super-Skrulls.

We already know that the ‘Secret Invasion’ storyline in the comics involves Skrulls with special powers that made them incredibly strong. In that regard, this is what Gravik is looking to achieve in ‘Secret Invasion’ as it is more than possible that he wants to create an army of Super-Skrulls that have powers strong enough to defeat even the Avengers. So, let’s look at how Gravik is looking to achieve this.

Gravik’s contingency plan against the Avengers

It was never a secret that the storyline of ‘Secret Invasion’ would talk about the invasion that the Skrulls would mount on humanity from within its own ranks. That’s why Gravik and his Skrulls have been preparing for a war that they want to wage on humanity after destabilizing the different governments around the world and making them hate one another.

One of the things that Gravik and his Skrulls have been doing is performing terrorist acts around the planet.

But while we know that he has killed many people through his terrorist attacks, Gravik would have to do more than that to take over the planet. We know that Earth has its own fair share of defenders, which means that Gravik understands that the Skrulls have no chance of winning a war against Earth and its protectors.


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During the meeting between Gravik and the Skrull council, the other members of the council questioned his actions. One such member asked what he had in store if ever the Avengers were to return, to which he replied that he already had a plan.

Meanwhile, as the episode continued, we saw Gi’ah observing a human doctor performing experiments inside a laboratory in the Skrull compound in Russia. That was when she got curious enough to check the computer, which contained files of the DNA samples of different alien creatures that the Avengers had met.

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After that, we found Sonya Falsworth interrogating one of the members of the Skrulls that were caught during the attack on Moscow. After interrogating the Skrull, Sonya discovered they were building a machine that the Skrull believed could make them stronger. And that means there’s a good chance that they are using the DNA samples to make the Skrulls stronger.

The machine that Gravik is building was meant to be his trump card against the Avengers or any other superhuman being looking to try to stop the Skrulls from taking over the planet.

We know that Nick Fury doesn’t want to call his friends for help because it would only complicate matters, especially when the Skrulls could basically impersonate anyone. Nevertheless, Gravik already cooked up a plan that would allow him and his Skrulls to fight the Avengers on par if ever they were going to appear in ‘Secret Invasion.’

Obtaining the powers of other species could make the Skrulls more than formidable enough to be legitimate threats to the planet, even if they don’t have to resort to infiltrating different nations from the inside. And that’s why Gravik is confident enough to believe that his leadership could very well allow the Skrulls to take over the planet.

Gravik is going to create Super-Skrulls

One of the things that fans of Marvel Comics understand is that the Skrulls were able to nearly succeed in the Secret Invasion storyline in the comics because they were able to find a way to give themselves powers. The Skrulls of Skrullos found a way to genetically modify certain Skrulls to become stronger than others. On top of that, the same Skrulls could obtain powers that were copied from other heroes and villains.


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As such, while the Skrulls aren’t true threats if they simply rely on their ability to shapeshift, they became dangerous in the comics because they could obtain the powers and abilities of many different heroes and villains.

There were even Skrulls that had the combined powers of entire groups of heroes and villains to make them more formidable than other Skrulls. The Skrulls genetically modified to become more powerful than other Skrulls were aptly called Super-Skrulls.

In ‘Secret Invasion,’ Gravik is looking to create an army of Super-Skrulls that he can use to defeat any other army looking to stop him from taking over the planet. That is why we saw in the trailer of ‘Secret Invasion’ that Gravik has powers similar to Groot. In episode 2, we saw that one of the DNA samples collected by the Skrulls belonged to Groot.

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So, if there were a lot of Skrulls that had the powers of Groot and the physical abilities of Obsidian Cull, it would be incredibly difficult for any army to stop them. We’ve seen the Avengers taking on an entire army but with the help of another army as well.

But if the army that the Avengers will have to face has powers that are on par with their own, it would be very difficult for any of them to find a way to defeat these guys. That is why Gravik is quite confident that he and his Skrulls will fare well in their war against humanity, even if the Avengers were to return and intervene in this war.

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