Sentry vs. Captain Marvel: Who Wins & How?

captain marvel vs sentry who wins and how

Ryan Reynolds and Carol Danvers are well-known powerhouses from the Marvel Universe. Both received their powers in an unfortunate way which changed them on a molecular level, and both have access to higher forms of capabilities that allow them to reach unimaginable levels. With everything said, we decided to put both of them in a hypothetical fight to see how the two would manage against each other so, without further ado, in a battle against Sentry and Captain Marvel, who wins and how? 

Sentry wins a fight against Captain Marvel. Sentry is too much for Captain Marvel to handle, even in his base form. He has superior powers and abilities, superior strength, speed, and a healing factor. Even in her binary form, Captain Marvel would struggle against Sentry, and if Sentry were to face Captain Marvel in his merged form, the fight would probably be over rather quickly. 

Now that we’ve given you a brief answer to the main question, it’s time to analyze both characters in a bit more depth. We’re going to explore both characters’ powers, abilities, strengths, and weaknesses so you can see how we concluded that Sentry would win. If you’re interested, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

All of Captain Marvel’s powers come from her hybrid human-Kree physiology. She is capable of energy manipulation and absorption, which further empowers her. She can use precognition to some extent to predict enemy moves and upcoming dangers around her. With her energy-manipulating powers, she can produce extremely powerful and potent photonic blasts capable of massive destruction. She can likewise conjure various tools and weapons made out of pure energy. Her strongest form, Binary form, allows her to access powers on a greater strongest level.

captain marvel photon blast

Even though it all sounds so impressive, it’s nothing against what Sentry offers. 

Sentry is well known to possess powers and abilities well beyond even his scope of understanding. While reading this, please consider that Sentry, and nobody else for that matter doesn’t really know what all of his powers are. He conjures up some new set of overpowered abilities whenever he shows up. But, still, we can analyze his existing and demonstrated abilities so far. 


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Sentry can manipulate energy, light, darkness, biology, and technology. He has incredible psionic powers. He can mimic and train himself to use any other superpower if he is exposed enough to it. His most notable and dangerous power, however, is the ability of molecular manipulation. With it, he can deconstruct and reconstruct almost anything, even himself, after he has been liquified. This gave him the edge of Molecule Man and ultimately allowed him to prevail. 

controling molecules sentry

Sentry can conjure both beings and material objects out of thin air. In his Merged form, Sentry is near omnipotent regarding what he can do. 

Captain Marvel might be powerful to stand up against some of the most powerful characters in the Marvel Universe. Still, she is not powerful enough to stand against the power of millions of exploding suns. 

Points: Sentry (1:0) Captain Marvel 

Strength and Stamina 

Sentry’s muscles produce no fatigue toxins, which allows him to fight indefinitely without truly becoming tired. His body requires no sustenance, and for all practical purposes, he has unlimited stamina at his disposal, meaning we can’t measure and test how much and how long he can go without rest. 

Captain Marvel is in a similar position but nowhere near Sentry. Her hybrid physiology allows her to produce fewer fatigue toxins than a normal human being. She can fight and use her powers for around 24 hours before fatigue overcomes her. She has vastly larger reserves of stamina than ordinary humans but is still nowhere near infinite. Like Sentry, Captain Marvel doesn’t need sustenance. 

Speaking of physical strength rarely is there a Superhero that can match Sentry. Sentry doesn’t have the upper limits to his strength. He broke every bone in Hulk’s body and ripped Ares in half. His strength is further enhanced by solar radiation and is immeasurable in every practical sense. Sentry has access to unimaginable lifting strength, lifting well over 100 tons.

sentry rips ares in half

Captain Marvel also has unimaginable strength at her disposal. She could support a dead celestial as one was falling down to earth, which meant that she could easily lift more than 100 tons. Her energy-absorption powers can further enhance her strength. Still, no matter how impressive she is, Sentry is in a different category altogether and has more reserves of stamina. This point goes to him. 

Points: Sentry (2:0) Captain Marvel 


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Captain Marvel was shown on numerous instances to move at speeds several times faster than the speed of sound. She is capable of flight and has swift near-instantaneous reflexes that vastly surpass those of a regular human being. 

Captain Marvel speed

Sentry can achieve massively faster-than-light speeds. He can teleport and is capable of flying. When flying, he can bend the space-time around him to reach distances that are mind-boggling and hard to perceive for a regular human being. His combat speed and reflexes are also on another level since he was shown to be able to keep up with Thor during fights and other characters that can be thought of as the fastest in Marvel comics. 

It’s safe to say that this point goes to Sentry as well. 

Points: Sentry (3:0) Captain Marvel 


Captain Marvel can sustain injuries and harm that would kill a regular human being. Her muscle tissues are so dense and resistant that she survived nuclear detonations and planetary-level explosions. She is near-immortal and has decelerated aging abilities. She is one of the hardest Marvel superheroes to kill and boasts an incredibly potent and rapid healing factor

Sentry being liquified

Sentry is likewise extremely durable and immune to most types of damage. It is theorized that he can genuinely die only when he wishes to. He is immortal and has a near-instantaneous healing factor, and quite frankly, he can walk away from being thrown into the sun. His durability and healing abilities are further supplemented by his molecular-manipulating skills, allowing him to reconstruct himself from being liquified, as demonstrated against Molecule Man. There are only a few ways to take down Sentry, and all of them seem impossible to achieve, so this point goes to him no matter how durable Captain Marvel is. 

Points: Sentry (4:0) Captain Marvel 


Sentry is a mentally unstable individual, but despite that, he is extremely intelligent. He is nowhere near the smartest mind in Marvel but highly understands mechanics, architecture, machinery, tracing energy sources, cybernetics, robotics, and computer science. Using his intelligence and resourcefulness, he managed to construct both Watchtower and CLOC with the help of Reed Richards. 


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Captain Marvel is a brilliant individual herself. She is an accomplished spy, author, and pilot, and her strategic and tactical knowledge is exceptionally advanced. She also inherited knowledge of advanced Kree technology from Kree Captain by the Psyche-Magnitron. Despite that, she lacks intelligence feats like the one that Sentry has, and this gives him a slight edge. 

Points: Sentry (5:0) Captain Marvel 

Combat Skills 

Captain Marvel is a highly trained master combatant that can be put in the same category as one of the best fighters in Marvel comics. She is extensively trained in armed and unarmed combat through military combative. 

Danvers vs Sentry

Sentry never had to rely on his combat skills to defeat an enemy since his powers quickly overpowered the strongest of beings. His combat skills, proficiency with weapons, and tactical skills remained underdeveloped when compared to the rest of his arsenal. 

Having said all that, Captain Marvel has a massive advantage over Sentry regarding combat skills. 

Points: Sentry (5:1) Captain Marvel 


Captain Marvel has no special equipment at her disposal. On the other hand, Sentry invented CLOC with Reed Richards’s help, and it’s the most famous piece of equipment he possesses. CLOC is an AI supercomputer that monitors crime activities worldwide and, with the help of highly advanced calculations, informs Sentry on which crimes he should focus on next. CLOC can be used to monitor specific individuals offering Sentry a great insight into their momentary state. When it comes to resources, Sentry has an advantage here. 

Points: Sentry (6:1) Captain Marvel 


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Sentry has several notable weaknesses: anti-matter and Negative Zone, which can depower him to some extent, although ultimately, he has found a way to manage both. His most notable weakness, however, and the one he can’t control, is the mental instability that can severely depower him if he is caught at the wrong moment. The more mentally unstable Sentry gets, the weaker he is. He has trouble controlling his powers in his base form; if he gets out of focus, it can end catastrophically for him. 

Sentry negative zone

Captain Marvel might be weaker than Sentry, but compared to him, she has no notable weaknesses that can be exploited in a fight. Due to that, the point goes to her. 

Points: Sentry (6:2) Captain Marvel 

Sentry vs. Captain Marvel: Who would win?

Despite Captain Marvel being among the most powerful and durable superheroes in Marvel Universe, she has nothing in her arsenal to counter or take down Sentry. Sentry is simply a being on a different level from our analysis. He has more powers and abilities, is more robust, faster, more durable, and has better resources at his disposal. Captain Marvel takes the cake regarding combat skills and weaknesses, but sadly, it’s not enough to take down Sentry. 

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