Top 10 Superheroes with Brown Hair (Marvel and DC)

best supeheroes with brown hair

As I begin to wrap up my superheroes with the various hair color lists, it has dawned on me that these lists were actually harder to do than I initially thought they would be. Sure, the lists that covered popular hair colors like black hair weren’t that difficult but the ones that discussed white hair, and even this one about brown, weren’t all that easy.

When I sat down to do this one about brown, I thought that thinking of ten superheroes with brown hair wouldn’t be difficult. After all, brown is a fairly common hair color. After writing it, however, I learned that it’s not all that common in comic books. Learning this didn’t deter me. I sat for hours brainstorming some of the greatest superheroes with brown hair and after dwindling my choices down, let’s take a look at our list of 10 superheroes with brown hair!

10. Jessica Cruz

Origin of Jessica Cruz

Don’t be surprised that Jessica Cruz is on this list of superheroes with brown hair. Just because she’s a relatively new superhero, doesn’t mean that she’s any less deserving.

Jessica Cruz was created by the DC Comics power team of Geoff Johns, Ivan Reis, and Ethan van Sciver. She first fully appeared on the pages of Justice League #30 in August 2014. As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, her power derived from a Green Power Ring. With it, she can fly, generate forcefields, travel into the deepest depths of space, create constructs that she can attack or defend with, and is able to speak every language across the galaxy. 

Not only is Jessica one of the best things to come out of DC during the 2010s, but she has also been named one of the greatest Green Lanterns ever. That’s right, readers, writers, and other creators have applauded Jessica for her tenacity, willingness to do what’s right, and how terrifying she is. 

And why? To be a Green Lantern means that you are able to overcome. Jessica doesn’t only overcome fear, but she does it on a level that very few will ever understand. And why? Jessica suffers from great anxiety. It’s so great that she struggles to get out of bed.

9. Moira MacTaggert

Origin of Moira MacTaggert

Up until a couple of years ago, I would’ve never put Moira MacTaggert on this list of superheroes with brown hair. After all, up until a couple of years ago, she was barely even considered a superhero. That all changed the moment Jonathan Hickman’s House of X/Powers of X hit comic bookshelves. Not only did HoX/PoX change the landscape of the ‘X’ Universe but it also solidified Moira MacTaggert’s spot as one of the most important mutants of the last decade. 

After years of being considered nothing more than a love interest/side character of Charles Xavier, HoX/PoX showed that Moira was a mutant and a very powerful one at that. Her mutation allowed her to reincarnate herself after death and revert back to the point of her conception. More importantly, upon being born again, she retained all of the memories of her previous life. Her mutation allowed her to successfully change the future time and again. The only downside of her mutation, should I need to discuss one, is that if she were to die before her mutation at age 13, she would not be able to reincarnate again.


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Moira is one of the greatest superheroes with brown hair simply because she has done more to change the landscape of comics in a few short years than most others do in their entire existence.

8. Wasp


If you don’t know how Wasp came to be, let me enlighten you. The world was introduced to Janet Van Dyne as she accompanied her renowned scientist father on a trip to visit Dr. Henry Pym. What she didn’t realize at the time was that Henry Pym was actually Ant-Man.

From the moment the two met, an immediate attraction was felt. While she was awestruck by his good looks, he couldn’t help but notice that she looked much like his deceased wife, Maria. Janet’s father explained to Hank that they had come for help in putting together a Gamma Ray Beam so they could detect signals from other planets.

Hank explained that his specialty was not associated with Gamma rays and as such, didn’t see how he could help. Despite this, Janet’s father continued his work. His work accidentally led to a portal to another world being opened. Through it, he discovered a planet called Kosmos and inadvertently teleported the most dangerous criminal on the planet into his lab.

Janet returned to the lab to find her now-dead father on the floor and the machine smashed to pieces. In a panic, she called Hank Pym. He immediately shrunk down and appeared at the scene of the crime. He quickly deduced that the crime was, in fact, the work of an alien.

Back at his lab, he called upon Janet and asked her to become his sidekick. He shared that he was Ant-Man. Janet was given the ability to shrink and grow. Above that, she was genetically modified to grow wings and antennae whenever she had shrunk down. She was also given a costume and a weapon that fired blasts called Stings. From this point forward, she was called Wasp.

7. Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch Origin

Of all the superheroes with brown hair, none are arguably as infamous as the Scarlet Witch. Not only did she nearly destroy the entire mutant population, but she’s also one of a few beings in Marvel known as Nexus beings. 

Nexus Beings are extremely rare beings in the Marvel Multiverse. So rare, in fact, that only one exists in, and two cannot take form in the same reality. Each Nexus Being is viewed as the mystical cornerstone of their reality and the entirety of the Multiverse is held together through them. Their power allows them to alter time and space itself. Because they’re so powerful, they’re watched over by some of the most powerful cosmic entities in existence.


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When Wanda first appeared she was a mutant capable of changing the probability of events happening. Over time, however, she learned that she could also rewrite worlds and realities however she saw fit. The most famous example of this is the 2005 crossover event House of M. In it, she changed reality so that mutants and not humans were the dominant race. 

6. Tim Drake

Origin of Tim Drake

Growing up, Tim lived a life of solitude from his parents. This wasn’t because he chose to be away from them but instead, because they were both world-renowned archaeologists. As a couple in high demand, they often traveled the world leaving Tim in various boarding schools. 

Like his parents, Tim also had a sharp mind. In fact, by the age of nine, he had successfully figured out that Bruce Wayne was Batman and Dick Grayson was Robin. Inspired by the two superheroes, Tim took to studying various fighting styles as well as learning everything he could about being a detective. 

By the time he was thirteen, Tim began to realize that Batman had become more violent. He deduced that this was because Jason Todd’s death adversely affected him. Wanting to help, he approached Dick Grayson (now Nightwing) and pleaded that he once again become Robin. Although Dick said that he wouldn’t become Robin again, a chance encounter between Tim and Two-Face prompted both Dick and Alfred to see Tim’s potential. The two approached Batman who quickly turned the thought of another teenage sidekick down. He did, however, agree to train Tim to become his assistant in the Batcave. 

Eventually, after a number of events that led to the paralysis of his father, the death of his mother, and Tim saving Batman from Scarecrow, Batman relented and agreed to take Tim on as the third Robin

5. Cyclops


Love him or hate him, Cyclops is one of the more interesting X-Men of the last 20 years.  Before that, maybe not. During that, it’s undeniable.

Cyclops went through a period of about 40 years where he was as exciting as a burnt piece of toast. He was a cardboard character with no qualities that any normal human clamors for. He was a leader who followed orders, never questioning the cause. Worse yet, he was kind of a crybaby when things didn’t go his way or he was challenged by another member of the team. 

Fast forward to the mid-2000s and Cyclops became really interesting. Not only did he start to question what it was he was fighting for, but he also did an about-face and began winning by any means necessary. Suddenly, rather than being a burnt piece of toast, Cyclops was a multi-layered character capable of carrying an entire series. 

If his development in the mid-2000s never happened, he’d still be one of the most boring superheroes with brown hair. However, because it did happen, he’s easily one of the greatest superheroes with brown hair.

4. Kitty Pryde

Kitty Pryde

Kitty is different from most other mutants. Kitty’s power, unlike so many other mutants, does not supply her with extra strength, durability, speed, stamina, or the like. It does not afford her the ability to heal, project energy from her body, or encase herself in an indestructible material. And it does not permit her to fly, use spells, or control others. Kitty’s power allows her to phase. Whereas most had offensively based powers, Kitty had defensively based powers. Additionally, as a by-product of her phasing, if she moves through electrical equipment, she disrupts the flow of electrons thereby causing the equipment to malfunction. 

For most of her existence, Kitty Pryde was an important, albeit small player in the X-Men Universe. Her early years painted her as an immature teenager capable of making immature teenage mistakes. Due to this, and in combination with her naturally good looks, quirky personality, and free-thinking spirit, boys all over the world fell in love with her. She became the poster child for boyhood obsession. This caused something to happen to the character that just doesn’t happen to comic book characters. She was overlooked. Her flaws, inconsistencies, and mistakes were often overlooked by the readers.


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As I aged, I learned to understand that she wasn’t perfect and her best years were not her early years. The more I read, the more I realized that Kitty became a really good character after her formative years. When we first met the character, she was a child in a child’s school. As she aged, however, she became a woman leading the children in a child’s school. For this, she differed from most other comic book characters.

Think about it. Kitty entered the Xavier Institute as a child uncertain about life and later joined the Jean Grey Institute as a teacher. For a medium where characters rarely age a day, Kitty aged a lifetime. And she did it all as one of my superheroes with brown hair. 

3. Hal Jordan

Green Lantern - Hal Jordan

Since his debut, Hal Jordan has gone on to become one of the greatest superheroes ever created. Not only is he one of the founding members of the Justice League, but he’s also responsible for keeping the peace across the entire galaxy. 

As a member of the Green Lantern Corps, Hal Jordan is charged with protecting Sector 2814, or Earth. He took over this responsibility after its former protector, Abin Sur, was killed and his ring sought out a new wearer. Once in Hal’s possession, he was brought in front of the Guardians of the Universe and trained by Sinestro. He cemented his legacy as a Green Lantern after discovering that Sinestro kept peace in his Sector through fear and violence.

Hal is well respected (for the most part) by the Green Lantern Corps. Because of this, he’s often the first to be called should another Sector require assistance. Hal is the epitome of what a Green Lantern is and as such, one of the greatest superheroes with brown hair.

2. Mr. Fantastic

Mr Fantastic

Although there were four important characters introduced in one book, I’d argue that only two of them have actually helped to shape the Marvel landscape. The Fantastic Four’s Mr. Fantastic is one of those two.

Mr. Fantastic first appeared in November of 1961. Of course, the book he debuted in was Fantastic Four #1. He, alongside The Thing, Human Torch, and Invisible Girl became what is affectionately known as the first family in comics. They gave the reader an experience that hadn’t been seen before. Unlike most superheroes of the time who were incredible beings free from everyday worries, the Fantastic Four were a family worrying about family problems all the while trying to be superheroes.


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Mr. Fantastic is their leader. Although his power set isn’t that impressive (being super stretchy), his intelligence is. Mr. Fantastic is widely considered the smartest person in Marvel Comics. His brain has given the universe weapons and machines that shaped the landscape and helped heroes all over the planet thwart planetary genocide. More importantly, his brain hides behind a luscious set of brown hair.

1. Spider-Man

Todd McFarlane and Spider-Man Cover

Debuting in August of 1962, nobody could possibly have predicted just how important the Spider-Man character would eventually become to Marvel Comics. 

Spider-Man was created by Steve Ditko and Stan Lee. After the monumental success of Amazing Fantasy 15, he quickly received his own book. The Amazing Spider-Man instantly became one of the most influential and popular comic books and remains this way today.

As a superhero, Spider-Man has many of the common superpowers but can also stick to walls and, due to his scientific know-how, is able to swing from building to building with webs. Spider-Man is the culmination of doing everything right in comics and is one of the most marketable characters of all time. Above that, not only is he Marvel’s flagship character, but he’s also the one that they’ve built one of the best supervillains rogues galleries in all of the comic books around.

So what does this mean? This means that he’s easily one of the greatest superheroes with brown hair.

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