And There You Go, That’s Why Ben Affleck Left Batman

Why Ben Affleck Left Batman

After weeks on wondering, Ben Affleck has shed light on exactly why he left the DCEU. And despite all the controversy, it’s not that controversial.

While out promoting his next movie, Triple Frontier, Affleck said this, “We worked on the script, I was trying to figure out how to crack it, and I was never happy enough with it where I thought it was worth going out and making it because I just didn’t want to do a version that I wasn’t really excited by, so I still don’t know,”. 

And there you go. That’s why Ben Affleck left Batman. No controversy at all.

He simply didn’t like what he had been working on and instead of putting out another shitty Batman movie, he decided to hang up the cape and cowl. 

For his decision, thank you Ben Affleck. 

The world knows that we’ve had enough terrible Batman movies (just look at the mid-nineties) and seeing another come to life may have been more than fans could handle.

On one hand, his openness to severing ties before it’s too late is kind of good for Warner Bros. and DC. After the monumental success of Aquaman and a positive direction on the horizon (Shazam and James Gunn’s involvement in The Suicide Squad), a bad Batman movie would most certainly have derailed any and all momentum. 

On the other hand, Affleck’s lack of involvement is also kind of bad for both companies. His near-perfect take on both Bruce Wayne and Batman is something that very few if any, actors have been able to do. As Bruce Wayne, he was cunning and exemplified every characteristic needed to rule a boardroom. As Batman, he was tough as nails, personified fear, and didn’t take any bullshit. He was arguably the best Batman of the last 20 years.

Hopefully, his successor will be the same. 

The Ben Affleck-less Batman is scheduled to be released on June 25, 2021. 

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