‘The Marvels’: Here’s What Happens to the Humans After Flerkens Eat Them (& Where They End Up)

flerken tentacles

Despite the fact that the movie was a bit short, ‘The Marvels’ was still able to introduce a comic relief subplot involving our favorite Flerken named Goose and the entire crew of the S.A.B.E.R. base in space. That’s because Nick Fury actually allowed Goose and the other Flerkens to eat everyone in the station to save them from what could have been a disastrous fate. But what happens to the things that the Flerkens eat, and where do they end up?

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  • Flerkens don’t actually “eat” things whenever they eat them using the tentacles inside their mouths because what they actually do is transport whatever they eat into a pocket dimension.
  • In ‘The Marvels,’ Fury allowed the Flerkens to eat the crew of the SABER space station so that they could all evacuate without worrying about the space that is required to evacuate dozens of people inside a tiny evacuation pod.

Goose and her Flerken children

While we do know that the focus of the events of ‘The Marvels’ was the Marvels trio’s attempts to stop Dar-Benn from messing the entire universe up in her attempt to save the Kree Empire’s planet from destruction, we also know that there are subplots that allow this movie to become quite entertaining. One such subplot involves none other than Goose, who we know was the cat responsible for blinding Nick Fury’s other eye back in the events of ‘Captain Marvel.’

goose and fury

Of course, everyone loves Goose because she is an adorable pet who has been quite useful in a lot of different situations, especially messy ones. But Fury actually discovers a subplot related to Goose and the fact that there were countless eggs found all over the ship.

While Fury and the crew of S.A.B.E.R. wondered where these mysterious eggs were coming from and what they could be, they eventually found out that these eggs were laid by Goose as they found her nesting in a small spot inside the station. And when the eggs started hatching, Flerken kittens started crowing the entire ship.

Fury used the Flerkens to save everyone on S.A.B.E.R.

During the events of the movie, the different jump points that Dar-Benn created started messing with the S.A.B.E.R. station as the crew needed to evacuate. The problem was that the escape pod was not big enough to fit everyone. But Fury was not about to let everyone on the station die, and that was when he saw Goose and her Flerken kittens as their way out of that mess.

Knowing that Flerkens were known to eat anything and everything by swallowing them up with the tentacles found in their mouths, Fury decided to let the Flerkens eat everyone on the ship, as there was even a radio announcement telling the crew members to allow the Flerkens to eat them.


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But because Flerkens are known to eat things in a horrifying way, as they use tentacles to drag people into their mouths, the crew members of the space station resisted. They ran away from the kittens in what was a somewhat horrifying yet incredibly comedic scene involving grown people fleeing from cats. 

Even the Marvels trio assisted Fury by forcing the crew of the S.A.B.E.R. to let themselves be eaten, as Ms. Marvel herself used her powers to create a barrier that stopped people from running away from the cats.

Nick Fury’s goal was to allow all of the cats to eat everyone in the space station because it was easier to fit dozens of kittens inside the evacuation pod instead of cramming dozens of people inside such a finite amount of space. And Fury knew that nothing would happen to the crew members even if the Flerkens ate them.

Flerkens have pocket dimensions inside

The reason why Nick Fury trusted that his crew was going to be safe even if the Flerkens ate them in such a horrifying way is that Flerkens don’t actually eat or digest the things that they stuff inside their mouths.

Flerkens may look like cats, but they actually house pocket dimensions inside their bodies. Essentially, their mouths act as gateways that allow tentacles from different dimension to pull things into a pocket dimension where they can be kept for an indefinite period of time. That means that Flerkens don’t stuff things inside their tiny bodies as they actually just transport them to a pocket dimension.


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In fact, whenever a Flerken eats something, the weight of that thing isn’t added to the weight of the cat due to the fact that the cat’s mouth simply acts as a gateway to a pocket dimension. Of course, we aren’t sure what’s inside this pocket dimension, but we are quite sure that whatever Flerkens stuff inside this dimension stays safe because Flerkens are actually known for being handy tools for transportation. In short, nothing is being digested in the pocket dimensions.


This is the reason why Fury was confident enough that he would be able to save everyone on the space station, as he knew that the pocket dimensions inside the Flerkens were harmless. True enough, it might be a horrifying and uncomfortable experience for someone to get pulled by tentacles into the mouth of a cat. But everyone on S.A.B.E.R. was sound and safe after the Flerkens spat them all out on solid ground on Earth.

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