‘Titans’ Season 4 Ep 12: Recap & Ending Explained


Titans have reached their final episode, and we’re here to explain what happened. In the previous episode, Sebastian decided to unleash Trigon upon the world, and this episode started from there. Episode 12 is titled ”Titans Forever,” and It follows Titans trying to stop Sebastian’s plans for one last time. Sebastian ripped Trigon’s heart out and absorbed his soul, Starfire sacrificed herself, and Titans decided to part ways. Let’s see how it all went down.

Sebastian rips Trigon’s heart out and absorbs his soul

The episode starts right where the previous one had left off. Titans are trying to get to Sebastian and Conner in the Temple of Azarath, but the door is locked. Sebastian is in the temple where Trigon was gradually ascending. Trigon was not pleased with Sebastian because he hesitated, doubted, and was scared. Nevertheless, when Trigon arose, he forgave Sebastian and confirmed they would now rule.

Raven used her powers to communicate with Sebastian in the Temple and told them that Trigon should not be trusted. But Sebastian never intended to rule side by side with Trigon. In an unexpected twist of events, he tore Trigon’s heart out and drank, absorbing his soul. After Rachel declined to side with him, he decided that she was next he was going to kill.

Rachel notified Titans of what happened. Conner was still in the Temple, severely injured and unresponsive, and they did not have a plan for how to stop Sebastian. The Titans brought Conner back to the RV, where Dick brought Red Kryptonite with nitroglycerin and epinephrine to stabilize Conner. Titans injected Conner with the substance; all they could do was wait. Dick arranges a mysterious meeting that will most likely help Conner. Kory was planning on sacrificing herself to defeat Brother Blood and was gradually preparing the others for their farewell, and Titans were not ready to accept that.


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Sebastian/Brother Blood was supposed to be in the chemical warehouse after a biochemical weapon. Titans tracked him there, and Robin came to their assistance. However, it turned out that Brother Blood was never in the warehouse, and the whole thing was just a distraction. Brother Blood was in the STAR Labs, trying to access the Icarus Lab.

Brother Blood intends to send Earth through a wormhole and destroy Tamaran

Titans were monitoring Conner when Bernard called them to inform them what happened in the STAR Labs. Brother Blood killed everyone on his way to the Icarus Lab. None of the Titans, except Dick, knew what Icarus Lab was, so Bernard explained it to the rest of the team. Icarus Lab was a fully operational wormhole capable of sending any object anywhere to space, no matter how large. The only problem was that there wasn’t enough energy on Earth to run it.

Kory concluded that Brother Blood intended to use the wormhole to destroy Tamaran and Earth. So, the plan was to get inside the STAR Labs with Bernard’s help and destroy the Icarus Gate. Brother Blood was already there and wanted to engage the Icarus Gate. He realized that the Gate needed vast energy to be fully operational, and Kory was only once capable of emitting that energy.

Titans arrived at STAR Labs and were ready to face Brother Blood. However, Kory went separately. Brother Blood used his powers to control Kory and lead her to him. Titans concluded that Brother Blood would use Kory to power the Gate. In the meantime, Conner’s vitals started to wake up.


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Kory found herself in front of a great ball of blue light. It was the same ball she had seen in her visions many times. Brother Blood was there, waiting. He revealed his plans to Kory. He intends to send the Earth through the wormhole and use it to destroy Tamaran. Trigon always feared that if Tamaran and Earth were to join forces one day, they would be unbeatable, and Brother Blood was unwilling to let that happen.

Starfire sacrifices herself to save the world

Brother Blood was sure he would survive the whole process when Earth went to a wormhole because he considered himself a god. Titans fought the guards before the Gate, and Beast Boy transformed into a tiger. Starfire refused to help Brother Blood, but he connected her to a device that could drain her powers. Titans managed to get in, and the machine gradually powered the wormhole.

The only way to disrupt the process was to damage the Gate’s guidance system. Gar tried to pull all the guidance system’s cables, Tim and Dick fought Brother Blood, and Raven tried to help Starfire. Brother Blood was too strong, and the Titans were about to lose. At that moment, Conner arrived and helped them overpower Sebastian, while Tim and Gar managed to disable the guidance system. Rachel freed Starfire.

It was over; the Titans won. Dick wanted to toss Brother Blood into Icarus Gate and send him to the vast space, but Starfire was against it. She was afraid that he might return even stronger. Kory couldn’t prolong her destiny anymore and decided it was time to do what had to be done. Starfire grabbed Brother Blood, used her powers, and flew high. She then blasted herself, creating an enormous blue explosion in the sky.


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Starfire sacrificed herself to save both Earth and Tamaran. Titans were devastated and could not hide their tears. Dick stared into the sky in disbelief. The team was ready to leave, but Dick contained looking to the sky. At that moment, a ball of red light appeared in the sky, carrying Kory back to him. Starfire survived; she returned to the Titans. In a brief emotional moment, Dick and Kory kiss.

The Titans decide to go their separate ways

After all the ”save the world” things were over, it was time for the team to enjoy themselves. It’s revealed what kind of meeting Dick arranged at the beginning of the episode. It was a place called ”Top of the Mark” where Titans would have dinner and celebrate everything they had been through.

Gar announced that he was leaving the team. There are things he still needs to do in The Red. Many questions were left unanswered for him there, and he needed to find out more about it. Rachel applied for Bludhaven University, so she’ll spend more time with some regular kids. Tim decided to dedicate himself to being Robin, which meant he would spend more time in Gotham. Conner decided to return to Metropolis. He will spend more time with Superman there and get much-needed flying lessons from him. As for Dick and Kory, their life together begins.


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Conner is still struggling to find himself. He doesn’t like what he’s become and everything he did. Dick assures him that, as long as he does more things to protect the others rather than for his personal gain, he’ll be fine. Conner eventually grew his hair back and learned how to fly.

Dick and Kory enjoyed their alone time; it was just the beginning of all the great moments that would happen to them.

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