Trigon vs. Darkseid: Who Is More Powerful and Would Win in a Fight?

darkseid vs trigon who is more powerful and who would win in a fight

DC is home to some powerful characters. Some of them have the ability to break the laws of space and time and conquer entire Universes. If you recognize Darkseid and Trigon in this sentence, you probably have a hard time deducing who between them is more powerful. One is a primordial entity, an aspect of pure evil, and the other one is New God and is considered to be among the greatest threats in DC Comics. This is why we decided to stage a hypothetical fight between the two to see how they compare against each other. When it comes to a battle between Darkseid and Trigon, who is more powerful, and who would win? 

Trigon is, in theory, more powerful than Darkseid and would likely win in a fight against him. He has a more versatile power set, is a lot more durable because you can’t really kill him, and has a lot more experience fighting. The thing is, the fight could go either way because Trigon was sometimes shown losing to characters much weaker than Darkseid. But theoretically, Trigon is on a completely different level of power. 

Now that we’ve covered who has the better odds of winning this fight, it’s time to explore it in more detail. We’re going to analyze the powers, abilities, durability, strength, and speed of both characters so you can see how we came to our conclusion. If you’re interested in more, stay with us and keep reading!

Powers and abilities

Trigon is a primordial entity spawned by a celestial group of aliens known as the Divine. He is a sort of manifestation of evil within the DC universe and really doesn’t have a beginning or an end. Trigon is often described as having absorbed the power and energy of 100 galaxies and is often put in the same power bracket as the Spectre, and we know that Spectre is among the most powerful entities in the DC Universe. Trigon is a dimensional entity, and you can’t really put him on the same level as the rest of the villains.

Trigon destroy planet

This is most obvious when you look at his power set. Trigon Eldritch blasts, he can use molecular reconstruction, mind control, and necrotic empowerment. He is one of the most powerful pyrokinetic, telepathy, reality warping, and many other abilities used for offense and defense. The flames he can project from his hands and eyes are hot enough to melt planets. 

His reality warping is on a multiversal level, and his ability to manipulate and utilize souls are on a universal level. So there’s that. 

Darkseid, on the other hand, is a New God, and as such, he is currently one of the most powerful characters in the Universe without taking his true form into account. Darkseid’s most notable destructive ability are Omega Beams. Those powerful beams are capable of disintegrating matter on a molecular level. He can manipulate darkness, create erosion blasts, and has been, on occasion, capable of manipulating gravity and time. 

Darkseid hurts Superman with Omega Beams

He is a skilled energy manipulator and isn’t exactly limited only to darkness energy. Darkseid oftentimes abuses and breaks the laws of physics to use them for his own advantage. 

Both Darkseid and Trigon have enough juice to erode half of the Universe. But Trigon is on a completely different level, so this point goes to him. 

Points: Trigon(1:0) Darkseid 


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Strength and Stamina 

Trigon was never about physical strength since he has plenty of other destructive abilities. Due to his ability to alter his own size, his strength is probably uncapped and limitless. As a powerful telekinetic, he can move things without the need to resort to his physiology. 

When it comes to stamina, Trigon has plenty of it. Being powered by hundreds of galaxies, Trigon can exhaust himself infinitely without feeling the effects of fatigue. He does, however, become weaker while he is outside of his own dimension. 

Darkseid’s ultimate strength is inconclusive. He can lift at least 100 tons, although, on several occasions, he has been known to be able to lift even up to 2 billion tons. His strength is generally regarded as infinite because he can always enhance himself either by tech or through other mystical means. 

Darkseid also has nearly unlimited stamina at his disposal. He once fought Highfather Izaya for a week straight without suffering the adverse effects of fatigue.

Darkseid vs Izaya

Strength would matter little in this fight, and if both have the potential to go limitless, the point goes to both Trigon and Darkseid. 

Points: Trigon(2:1) Darkseid 


Trigon has the ability to teleport, open portals, and fly, and he has highly enhanced reflexes and reaction times. He cannot be by any means put at the same level as regular human beings. Although his speed was never directly mentioned in terms of numbers, we can assume that he has massively faster than light speed. 


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Darkseid can also fly and teleport, and open portals at will. It’s also important to mention that Darkseid has enough tech to further enhance his prospects of faster travel. Darkseid can move faster than the speed of light when he is moving through space, and in fights, he has incredibly advanced reflexes and reaction times. Darkseid was shown in several instances as being faster than both Superman and Wonder Woman, and they are often regarded as being the fastest combatants in DC Universe. 

Darkseid flying to the edge of the universe in moments

Trigon is most likely faster than Darkseid, but since we don’t have solid proof of this, they are going to have to share a point once again. 

Points: Trigon(3:2) Darkseid 


Trigon cannot be killed completely, he has been “dealt with” multiple times in the past, but he always returns. As a primordial entity and aspect of evil, Trigon has the ability to surpass even gods in terms of durability. He is at least 13.7 billion years old and shows no signs of aging. His skin is set to be near impenetrable, except when it comes to some special metals and weapons, and he is highly resistant to most types of damage, especially physical. He has a strong healing factor, and after his heart was ripped out by Bizarro, he managed to regenerate it completely. 

Overall, Trigon is perhaps impossible to fully destroy, but he does have some weaknesses like magic and theology. 

Darkseid, like Trigon, is mostly invulnerable to damage and immortal. He was defeated in several instances, but he most finds a way to return. Darkseid is so durable he is able to survive the destructions of whole planets and is generally immune to almost all forms of damage, be it magical or physical in nature. As mentioned, Darkseid has been killed before, but there is a catch, his essence is simply too powerful, and it’s only a matter of time before he wills himself back to life. 

Darkseid takes a blast from heat vision

Even though both are capable of willing themselves to life after they have been “killed,” Trigon would be able to live way past Darkseid and would outlast him in a battle. 

Points: Trigon(4:2) Darkseid 


Due to his nature as a divine being, Trigon has cosmic awareness, meaning he can sense the most subtle changes in the fabric of space-time and can certainly find any individual he is looking for by using his black magic and occult powers. Trigon is well-versed in the occult and has a unique insight into matters of divine nature. 

Darkseid is among the smartest characters in comics in general. He has vast resources and technologies at his disposal. This is just one of many reasons because of which he is difficult to deal with. His careful planning and strategizing allowed him to defeat some of the most powerful beings in the DC universe.


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He is cunning, he is evil, and ruthless, and he can see his plans through with incredible precision. He always thinks of creative ways to deal with Justice League and everyone who stands in his way. 

Darkseid has way more intelligence feats, even though both have cosmic awareness. Darkseid uses smarts in fights more often, which is why he gets this point. 

Points: Trigon(4:3) Darkseid 

Combat Skills 

Trigon has been waging war against entire universes for billions of years. At age one he ruled his entire planet. At age six, he managed to destroy it, and at age 30, he already had his own dark dimension. He managed to slaughter the Divine and was fearless enough to engage in a fight with Spectre himself. Trigon is an expert swordsman and has supreme leadership and organizational skills.

Trigon warrior feats

Darkesied doesn’t have to rely often on his combat skills, as his Omega Beams are quite capable of blowing up and melting most of the opponents he encounters, despite that he is a deadly fighter that has a track record of destroying entire planets with nothing but his raw combat skills. He is trained and deadly, and his knowledge of tactics and long history of experience makes him the biggest threat in the known Universe, even if we’re not considering Omega Beams. 

Darkseid floors superman

When it comes to warfare and conquering, Trigon clearly has better skills. The point goes to him. 

Points: Trigon(5:3) Darkseid 

Trigon vs. Darkseid: Who wins? 

Now this is a complicated comparison because Darkseid is obviously a well-known villain and is treated as a bigger threat in the DC Universe than Trigon is. Darkseid also has better feats. Trigon’s feats are mostly that he destroyed Universe X off-panel and similar things. When it comes to raw power output, Trigon is way more powerful than Darkseid. He is also a better warrior and is likely more durable than him, so according to these criteria, he should have no trouble winning against Darkseid. However, I have trouble taking Trigon seriously because, in recent years, he is mostly associated with Teen Titans as a villain. He would most likely stand no chance whatsoever against Darkseid’s True Form. 

What’s your opinion on the matter? Who do you think would win? Let us know in the comments!

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