What Episode Does Barry Meet Supergirl in ‘The Flash’ Series?

What Episode Does the Flash Meet Supergirl in the Flash Series

Even though Oliver Queen is considered the catalyst of the ‘Arrowverse’ franchise, most fans would agree that Supergirl and the Flash were always the heart of the universe. ‘Arrowverse’ started with the TV series ‘Arrow’ which followed the story of Oliver Queen and his beginnings as Green Arrow, while Barry Allen was introduced in the second season of ‘Arrow’ as the Flash. Supergirl’s first season was developed and aired by CBS, but the second season saw the Girl of Steel joining the television-shared universe and becoming one of the most powerful characters. In this article, we will discuss in what episode the Flash meets Supergirl and when in ‘The Flash’ series.

Interestingly enough, Supergirl and the Flash first met in the ‘Supergirl’ series, in season one, episode eighteen, titled “World’s Finest’ which was listed as the crossover episode between the then-CBS series and ‘The Flash.’ The episode in ‘The Flash’ series when Kara Danvers is listed as the guest star for the first time is actually one from season three, episode eight, as part of the four-part crossover called ‘Invasion!’, where the heroes have to combine their powers to defeat the Dominators.

We all know of numerous crossovers between the ‘Arrowverse’ shows, but Supergirl and the Flash joined forces more than most of the other superheroes, which we will mention further in the article. If you are interested, stay with us until the end.

In which series Supergirl and the Flash meet first?

‘The Flash’ series first started airing in 2014, after Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen was first introduced in the second season of ‘Arrow,’ where we see the brief romance between Felicity Smoak and Barry Allen. Of course, this happens before Barry suffers an accident in S.T.A.R. Labs that gives him superspeed and superhuman powers.

The cameo in ‘Arrow’ kickstarted the series ‘The Flash,’ which follows the adventures of Barry Allen as the new superhero in Central City, since the explosion in the laboratory kickstarted a whole meta-human “epidemy.”

The concept of a shared television universe suddenly made sense, and CW started calling it ‘Arrowverse.’ However, Arrow and the newfound speedster in Flash needed more allies and characters to help them to have much bigger events and interesting stories. Sara Lance’s resurrection in ‘Arrow’ sparked a new spin-off show called ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ and another TV network decided to create the show with the stars of a quite popular DC superhero – CBS aired the first season of ‘Supergirl.’

Of course, the ‘Arrowverse’ fans immediately wanted to know if Kara Zor-El would be part of the CW’s superhero universe and join Barry Allen and Oliver Queen in the efforts to protect the world.

What Episode Does the Flash Meet Supergirl in the Flash Series?
Supergirl and the Flash first met in the first season of ‘Supergirl.’

We finally get the confirmation that Supergirl is technically part of the ‘Arrowverse’ when Barry Allen accidentally arrives on Earth-38, establishing that Arrow and the speedster are set on Earth-1.

The time-travel storyline in season two of ‘The Flash’ series brought us one of the biggest comic book stories on TV, Flashpoint, which opened up the possibility of time travel and the concept of the multiverse. Barry Allen accidentally arrived on Earth-38 during his experiments and tests, where he saw Supergirl fighting her nemesis Siobhan Smythe, also known as Silver Banshee.


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He helps Supergirl in the fight and explains the multiverse concept and his speed force that lets him travel across multiple universes and timelines. The Supergirl and the Flash crossover happened in the first season, episode eighteen, titled “Worlds Finest.”

The episode sees Barry and Kara bonding and working together to defeat Silver Banshee and Livewire. Of course, each superhero learns something new from one another, and at the end of the episode, after both superheroes save the day, Supergirl and the Flash race to see who is faster, with the promise of meeting again.

What Episode Does the Flash Meet Supergirl in the Flash Series?
Kara and Barry racing to see who is faster.

‘The Flash’ series didn’t add this episode to their show since Grant Gustin was a guest star, but the happenings during that episode were canon in the ‘Arrowverse,’ confirming there will be more ambitious crossovers in the future. When it comes to Supergirl being in ‘The Flash’ series, her first guest appearance happened in season three, episode eight, the second part of the four-part crossover, titled “Invasion.”


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The ‘Invasion!’ crossover started in season two, episode eight of ‘Supergirl’ which transferred from CBS to CW after the end of season one, making the show part of the ‘Arrowverse.’

The whole event sees multiple superheroes combining powers and dealing with the threat of Dominators, a dangerous alien race.

However, this isn’t the only time Supergirl and the Flash appeared as guests in their respective shows. Let’s determine which episodes feature more crossovers between these two notable superheroes.

How many times did ‘The Flash’ and ‘Supergirl’ crossover?

Besides the aforementioned “Worlds Finest” and “Invasion!” crossovers, Supergirl and the Flash had more crossovers. One that featured Grant Gustin as a guest star in the ‘Supergirl’ show happened after the “Invasion!” event, specifically in season two episode sixteen, we see Kara dealing with Mon-El and his possessive mother, while another extraterrestrial being attacked the superhero – a mysterious being called the Music Meister.

What Episode Does the Flash Meet Supergirl in the Flash Series?
Another crossover between only ‘Supergirl’ and ‘The Flash’ shows occurred in the second and third seasons of the respective shows.

The episode sees Supergirl being trapped in the dream world, which is actually a music reality where everyone sings. The episode arc continues in ‘The Flash’ series season three, episode seventeen, titled ‘Duet,’ where Barry and Kara meet. Mon-El and J’onn arrive on Earth-1 to seek help from Team Flash, while Barry and Kara need to follow a script, sing and dance to save themselves from the strange alternate reality.

Initially, this musical episode in ‘Arrowverse’ was frowned upon, but in the end, fans started to appreciate and decide it was a much better musical episode than any drama series released until that moment. Only a few shows could top it, and it was a certified musical episode for superhero fans. It was really well made and served as a mini-reunion for former ‘Glee’ cast members – Melissa Benoist, Grant Gustin, and Darren Criss, who portrayed the villain Music Meister.

Nevertheless, only Supergirl and the Flash work together in these two episodes to solve the mystery or fight powerful enemies alone. Of course, crossovers like ‘Crisis on Earth X, ‘Elseworlds,’ ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ and ‘Armageddon’ were the major events that saw ‘Arrowverse’ superheroes combining powers to save the Multiverse, but whenever Supergirl and the Flash join their forces, they are always a joy to see on our screens.

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