Who Is Flash’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Who Is Flashs Love Interest in the Comics Explained 1

Regarding love interests in comics, there are always characters we cannot think of being with someone else – some superheroes always had irreplaceable soulmates. Superman and Lois Lane, Reed and Sue Richards, Green Arrow, and Black Canary, and among them were Barry Allen and Iris West. Yes, Flash and Iris have been together in some ways since the 1950s and have become one of the most iconic comic book couples ever. However, even the strongest couples in the comics get broken up at some point, and modern times tease some other love interests for the notable speedsters. His nephew, Wally West, another version of the Flash, also had some major relationships in the DC comics, and for that, we will mention both characters’ love interests. So who are Barry’s and Wally’s love interests in comics?

Barry Allen had a lot of romantic partners in the DC comics, but besides Iris West, Patty Spivot and Fiona Webb were his major love interests. Wally West also had major love interests in his life, with Raven being one of the former loves of the speedster during the 1980s. However, Linda Park is Wally’s soulmate, like Iris is for Barry.

There were many women in speedsters’ lives, but only one for each of them became their endgame. Of course, for this article, we will list some of the more significant relationships of Barry Allen and Wally West and determine which woman has stolen speedsters’ hearts.

Barry Allen’s significant other’s in DC comics

When we look into the history of DC comics, one could say that the prominent characters always had their significant others, or rather “flings” that appeared in one comic book story to propel Flash’s storyline further.

Barry Allen is the second Flash in the DC comics, after Jay Garrick, and he first appeared in 1956. Since then (as usual with DC comics), his character has gone through a few reboots, but he was also part of those major events that changed the timelines and realities within the main continuity of the comics.

Why is Barry Allen so popular today? Well, when Barry introduced so many years ago, in the Silver Age of Comics, the Flash developed significant, colorful, and interesting villains that are known to be Rogues Gallery and established the sci-fi concepts of Speed Force.


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Barry Allen’s Flash became one of the most popular superheroes of that era and was at the forefront of the major reforms and creative developments of DC comics. Besides great storylines and the concept of a Multiverse that changed comic book media significantly, Barry was teamed up with other major DC characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman and “helped” them to establish the Justice League team.

Barry Allen, with many other characters and superheroes in ‘Crisis of Infinite Earths,’ was killed off and was out of DC Comics for 23 years until writers Grant Morrison and Geoff Johns teased and ultimately brought back the character to DC Comics.

Of course, with ‘The Flash: Rebirth’ storyline, Barry Allen returned, and his character was once again part of the DC Universe. Of course, the character with that kind of “resume” always has a great supporting cast, most commonly in the form of lovers and significant others, which we will mention further in the article.

Zatanna and Barry Allen had a fling “back in the day”

Who Is Flash’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Zatanna is one of the most notable female superheroes in comic book media, with her being a half Homo Magi, a human with a natural ability for magic in the DC comics. In the 1970s, readers had a chance to see The Flash and Zatanna “hook up” briefly in the comics after Barry’s wife died in the accident.


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This fling didn’t last long since we never saw the couple being together again, but one comic book panel confirms the notion that Zatanna and Barry indeed got together after the magician complimented Flash on his ability to listen to her.

Barry is a smooth talker, even when he is grieving for his dead wife. Their relationship wasn’t anything significant since Barry moved on and married another woman, but since these two are significant superheroes of DC comics, it’s good to mention them in this context.

Fiona Webb was significant for Barry Allen after Iris’ death, but she went insane

Who Is Flash’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Some significant others, especially civilians, cannot handle the dangers of superhero life – of course, not if you’re Mary Jane Watson from Marvel Comics, however after Iris West dies at the hands of Reverse-Flash.

After that tragic event, Barry meets a mysterious woman named Fiona Webb, with whom he falls in love, and the couple gets engaged. However, Reverse-Flash returns once again and tries to kill Barry’s lover, but this time, the said woman doesn’t get over the tragic event.

After the incident that sees Flash breaking Reverse-Flash’s neck, Fiona Webb has a mental breakdown and ends up in a mental institution. Yeah, I guess some people find dating superheroes traumatic, which I don’t blame her for.

New 52 introduced us to Barry getting together with his childhood friend, Patty Spivot

Most DC fans will agree that ‘The New 52‘ is a mess. From major changes in the comics’ continuity and its characters, this major reboot saw some iconic couples being split up, like Lois Lane and Superman and Barry Allen and Iris West. DC “found” another woman in Barry’s life, this time his childhood friend Patty Spivot.

Patty was Barry’s support for years during his superhero career, but after working together at Central City Police Department, two scientists get together, but Barry’s apparent death splits them temporarily. Of course, Patty discovers that Barry is indeed the Flash but ultimately forgives him.

However, the couple eventually breaks up after the events of ‘Future State’ comic book storyline.

Iris West is Barry Allen’s soulmate

Who Is Flash’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Of course, it goes without saying that Iris West is Barry’s true love, even almost 80 years after their first appearance in the DC comics. Their love had ups and downs, like deaths and breakups, but ultimately, even the DC writers couldn’t separate these two.

In the current timeline, Barry Allen and Iris West are engaged, and we learned years ago that they have children in the future, Don and Dawn Allen, the Tornado Twins, and grandchildren, specifically, Bart Allen, known as Impulse, and at one point Kid Flash.


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Despite Barry’s numerous marriages after Iris’ death or breaks, the Flash always returned to his biggest support and love, Iris West. Barry Allen and Iris West are undoubtedly one of the most iconic couples in comic book media.

Of course, an honorable mention goes to Jessica Cruz, a Green Lantern whom Barry mentors and teaches the superhero reigns. Interestingly enough, Jessica Cruz and Barry Allen have children in the possible dark future, who we meet in the ‘Justice League: Legacy’ comic book storyline. However, nothing comes from that relationship since Barry is already engaged to Iris at that point.

Wally West’s love interests in comics

Wally West was introduced shortly after Barry Allen in 1959 and was supposed to be a sidekick to his Uncle Barry Allen. Iris’ nephew eventually became the first Kid Flash. Of course, Wally was supposed to Flash what Robin is to Batman, who eventually became the Flash himself after his mentor’s death in ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths.’ As Barry, Wally West is a beloved character among DC fans, which was propelled by the fact that he was one of the founding members of Teen Titans and a member of the Justice League of America.

Like his uncle, Wally West as Flash was part of the major events in DC Comics and had many love interests, from which we will mention a few that were significant in his tenure in DC Comics.

Raven and Wally West were borderline controversial together

Who Is Flash’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Raven, also known as Rachel, has an interesting origin story that mostly revolves around her troubles with her demon father, Trigon. She meets Wally West when Titans help her defeat her evil dad after she tricks then-Kid Flash into being in love with her to ensure he helps them on the mission.

Even after Trigon is defeated and Raven admits to Wally that she manipulated him, the young Flash insists on being in love with her. However, Raven couldn’t reciprocate Wally’s feelings since that would cause Trigon to emerge from her and once again be a threat to the world.


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Ultimately, despite their feelings for each other and Raven’s reluctance to be with Kid Flash, Wally leaves the superhero life to live normally. Quite tragic, I would say, but in the end, their love would be catastrophic for the universe, hence why they never truly have been together. However, it’s good to mention them in this article.

Linda Park is Wally West’s soulmate and biggest support

Who Is Flash’s Love Interest in the Comics? Explained

Of course, there have been many loves of Wally West, that include Frances Kane, known as Magenta, and the scientist Tina McGee, but the biggest and most significant woman in Wally’s life is and was Linda Park.

Linda and Wally weren’t together from the start like Barry and Iris were, but their love was always significant for the Flash’s lore in the DC comics. Linda Park is an investigative journalist in Central City who had an unsuccessful marriage that ended up in divorce, but after meeting Wally West as Flash, her life changed significantly.

Wally and Linda date and eventually get married, which results in two children, Jai, and Irey West. Their relationship is adorable and one of the few in the comics that are stable. Nevertheless, Barry Allen and Wally West have one woman in their lives that are their soulmate, and they are Iris West and Linda Park.

What’s your favorite partner to the Flash in the comics? Let us know in the comments below.

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