When & Where Does ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie Take Place?

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Almost everything in the MCU is connected, and that’s why the current events unfolding in some of the latest MCU movies and shows are connected to the past. For example, the events of ‘Secret Invasion’ were directly affected by the events of the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie, which happened decades before the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ So, when and where does ‘Captain Marvel’ take place?

‘Captain Marvel’ takes place in 1995 when Nick Fury was still starting out as an agent of SHIELD and when the Avengers were yet to be conceptualized. The movie started in the Kree capital and on Torfa before it shifted to the 1995 setting of Los Angeles and Louisiana on Earth.

It is important to take note that the events that led Carol Danvers to Earth in the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie were the very same ones that allowed Talos and the other Skrulls to end up on this planet, which has become their home ever since. That is why the events of this movie affect the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’ Now, let’s look at what we know about the setting of ‘Captain Marvel.’

When does ‘Captain Marvel’ take place?

One of the things that have always been clear about the MCU is that it has a good way of connecting the events of the past with the events that are currently happening. That is why the events of ‘Captain Marvel’ were very important in the event surrounding the Skrull invasion in the current MCU timeline. As such, the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie happened before the events of ‘Secret Invasion.’

To be precise, the ‘Captain Marvel’ events took place in 1995. At that time, Nick Fury was still starting out in his career as a spy working for SHIELD. That means he was yet to become the high-ranking operative he eventually became somewhere down the line.

And this is where it becomes interesting to see how he rose up the ranks after the events of the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie.

la 1995

Back then, there were also no Avengers yet because most of the superheroes that formed part of the Avengers were either too young or weren’t on the planet. As such, when the Skrulls came to Earth during the movie’s events, no one could find a way to resolve the issue. And that was how Nick Fury got entangled with Talos and the Skrulls during the events of ‘Captain Marvel.’

This timeline was also shown in a flashback scene in ‘Secret Invasion’ when episode 2 opened up with some scenes shown during the ‘Captain Marvel’ movie. We saw how Fury and Carol Danvers succeeded in helping the Skrulls with their problems related to the Kree. After that, Fury promised to allow the Skrulls to stay on Earth while they were still trying to find a home for them.


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Then, in 1997, it was shown that more Skrulls were called to Earth by Talos, who had learned to trust Nick Fury. That was when Fury and the Skrulls formally agreed to help one another. Fury and Danvers promised to find a home for the Skrulls. In exchange, the Skrulls would use their shapeshifting powers to help keep the planet safe from threats. As such, it is possible that Fury’s relationship with the Skrulls allowed him to rise to power as one of the best secret agents that the planet could offer.

Where does ‘Captain Marvel’ take place?

While the events of ‘Captain Marvel’ affected the events that transpired on Earth, the movie didn’t start out on Earth. And that’s because Vers, who was a member of Kree’s Starforce at that time, was still living on the planet of the Kree, specifically the planet’s capital city of Hala.


At that time, Vers didn’t know who she was because she suffered from amnesia and was trained to become a soldier fighting for the Kree Empire. During that time, she also joined the Kree in hunting down any remaining Skrulls that were still operating in different places around the galaxy.

With that, Vers and the Starforce members went to Torfa to hunt down the Skrulls on that planet. The Skrulls, however, were able to capture Vers. They used their mind probe to probe into her mind while searching for something they needed. That was when Vers’ memories took them to Earth, one of the places they found in Vers’ mind while they were probing it.

That means Earth was one of the locations where ‘Captain Marvel’ was set. Specifically, the Skrulls crash-landed and ended up in the 1995 version of Los Angeles, California, USA. It was in LA where Nick Fury tried to fight off the Skrulls as he ended up killing a Skrull that was impersonating Agent Phil Coulson.


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After Vers learned more about her past, she had to go to Louisiana, where she met her friend, Maria Rambeau. That was when more of her past memories came back to her as she was Carol Danvers before an event in the past gave her powers and made her forget who she was. The truth was that Yon-Rogg, who acted as her mentor on Starforce, was the one who kidnapped her and took her to the Kree Empire.

A good part of the movie takes place in Louisiana. But Carol Danvers was captured by Starforce and taken to their ship in space. After gaining access to her full powers, she eventually fought off some of the ships of Ronan the Accuser and returned to Earth, where the movie concluded with her leaving the planet to try to resolve some of the other issues involving the Kree Empire.

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