‘Secret Invasion’: Who Are “The Other Skrulls” & Why Did Talos Call Them?

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There’s no doubt that the storyline of ‘Secret Invasion’ involves the secret war that Gravik is looking to mount on the entire planet so that the invasion of the Skrulls would be successful. Of course, one of the reasons why Gravik has the number that could allow him to invade the planet is that Talos called the other Skrulls from all over the universe. But who are the other Skrulls Talos called, and why did he call them to Earth?

The other Skrulls that Talos called to Earth were all of the other Skrulls that were displaced from their home planet and were not followers of Emperor Drogge. Talos called them to Earth so that they could safely live on the planet while Nick Fury was looking for a new home for them.

Even though Nick Fury and Talos were good friends, the problem was that Talos wasn’t quite honest about what he did in the past when he called a lot of other Skrulls to Earth for safe refuge. In that regard, Fury was furious (pun intended) when he learned that Talos was responsible for telling all of the other Skrulls to go to Earth. So, with that said, let’s talk more about these other Skrulls.

There were Skrulls scattered all over the universe

One of the things we’ve seen so far during the ‘Secret Invasion’ events is that there are more Skrulls than anyone ever imagined. We saw that the Skrulls were hiding in a compound in Russia, where they felt safe from all the other people on the planet. And the thing is that Gravik and his rebel Skrulls are quite numerous.

We know that a good number of Skrulls were with Talos during the events of ‘Captain Marvel.’ Of course, Fury was aware of the existence of these Skrulls on Earth because he was the one that allowed them to stay on the planet after they helped each other in ‘Captain Marvel.’ And Fury was quite sympathetic to what happened to the Skrulls.

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That was why Fury could befriend Talos, who was one of the few people he trusted. They’ve been friends for three decades. But, in 1997, Talos called a few more Skrulls to Earth to work with Nick Fury. This was seen in episode 2 of ‘Secret Invasion’ when Fury spoke to these Skrulls and formed a deal with them.

The goal was for the Skrulls to help Fury protect the planet using their shapeshifting powers. In return, Fury and Captain Marvel would work together to find a new home for the Skrulls. Of course, we all know how that turned out, as Fury is yet to work on finding a new home for the Skrulls. And by the time of the ‘Secret Invasion’ events, which take place in 2025, the Skrulls are said to be around a million already.


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Fury and Talos had this conversation while on a train from Moscow. Talos admitted that there were already around a million of them on the planet, to Fury’s surprise. And that was when Talos admitted that he was the one that called them to the planet.

Even though we know that there weren’t a lot of Skrulls 30 years ago during the events of ‘Captain Marvel,’ Talos continued to call them to Earth. And that’s because there were more Skrull survivors around the galaxy than anticipated.

We know that the Skrulls used to live on a planet called Skrullos, which was a somewhat peaceful planet before the Kree invaded. The Kree demanded that the Skrulls submit to their rule, only for the Skrulls to resist. As such, the war between the Kree and the Skrull began, with the Kree’s superior force overwhelming the Skrulls.

The Kree-Skrull War eventually destroyed Skrullos and killed a lot of Skrulls. Meanwhile, there were Skrulls that could flee the planet before its fall to the Kree. And while most of the Skrulls found their way to Earth, some Skrulls kept themselves hidden on different planets using their ability to shapeshift.

In that regard, the Skrulls that Talos called to Earth were the very same ones that lived on different planets around the universe. Talos most likely used a communication device that the Skrulls use to call all the other Skrulls to the planet without Nick Fury knowing what his friend did. And while Talos didn’t mean any harm, he knew that he had made a mistake when he saw how angry Fury was when he found out about this.


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Talos said that all of the surviving Skrulls that weren’t members of Emperor Drogge’s faction were on Earth. He brought the entire Skrull population to Earth without Fury’s knowledge. And that’s why Gravik was able to muster up a large enough group of Skrull radicals that he was able to convince them to work with him in their takeover of the planet.

Talos wanted them to be safe on Earth

As we saw in ‘Captain Marvel,’ Talos was a pretty friendly Skrull. His only goal was to keep his family and people safe from the Kree, which was why Nick Fury and Carol Danvers were willing enough to give them shelter on Earth. And Talos trusted Fury to keep his end of the bargain when he told him and the other Skrulls that they were willing to find them a home as long as they would cooperate.

Of course, while Talos never really mentioned that he brought the entire Skrull population to Earth, he did so out of the kindness of his heart because he wanted the other Skrulls that were all over the galaxy to feel safe on Earth, which was the very same planet that kept Talos and his family safe from the Kree.

fury and talos

Earth is protected by Captain Marvel, Nick Fury, and the Avengers. In ‘Captain Marvel,’ we saw how Danvers could decimate an entire fleet of Kree ships on her own. And because the Skrulls were still painted as villainous invaders all over the galaxy due to the Kree propaganda, Talos realized that Earth was the only planet safe for him and his people.

As one of the few Skrull leaders remaining in the galaxy, Talos called his people to go to Earth to seek refuge. Of course, he didn’t ask permission from Fury because he knew there was a good chance that Fury and the planet’s leaders wouldn’t allow a million shapeshifting aliens to hide on Earth. And while Talos did this out of kindness, he knew he made a mistake when Gravik eventually convinced the Skrulls to go to war.

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