Who Is the Supervillain “Hush” in ‘The Batman’ Movie?


Batman’s Rogue Gallery is full of different personalities that are unique in many ways. One of the characters newer to the scene is Hush, who we know is a villain that is strong enough to give Batman some problems in a lot of different ways because he seems to know where to attack the Dark Knight. So, who exactly is Hush?

In the comics, Hush’s real name is Dr. Thomas Elliot, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne. However, during his younger years, he plotted to kill his own parents to inherit their wealth, only for Thomas Wayne to use his surgical skills to save his mom. Hush will likely be the son of a reporter named Elliot in ‘The Batman.’

The storyline of Dr. Elliot is very complicated because most of the things he did to Batman were personal. That means he isn’t like the other villains that do evil things for evil’s sake. Instead, he acts on a personal grudge he has held for decades. So, with that said, let’s learn more about Hush and who he is in ‘The Batman’ movie.

What is Hush’s story?

While there were a lot of people that doubted whether or not his interpretation of The Dark Knight would be stellar enough for fans to appreciate, Robert Pattinson proved himself good enough to carry the role of Batman in what is the darkest and grittiest version we’ve seen since the time of Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne. Of course, we also know that the villains are going to be very important in the future of this new Batman franchise, especially now that we know that Barry Keoghan is set to portray the role of the Joker.

But while the focus is on Keoghan’s upcoming role of the Joker, the events of ‘The Batman’ seemed to have set up the future of the franchise, especially when we look at the fact that there should be a lot of different villains that are going to be very important in the future of Batman. One of them is a villain named Hush, who is on the newer side of things when it comes to comic books but is actually one of the most interesting villains in recent DC history.

The story of Hush in ‘The Batman’ can be rooted in one of the most interesting moments of the movie. We know that Thomas Wayne once campaigned to become the next mayor of Gotham City, and that was when he learned that a reporter was digging dirt on his wife, Martha so that he could find out more about the aspiring mayor. Afraid of what the reporter could do to his career, Thomas went to Carmine Falcone to scare the reporter off, only for the mobster to kill him instead.

We eventually found out that the last name of the reporter was Elliot. Moreover, while the Riddler was revealing the truth to the public, the word “HUSH” could be seen in the video, as he was alluding to the fact that Thomas Wayne silenced the reporter. 


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This is clearly one of the ways that the filmmakers are setting up Hush as one of the future enemies of Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. The reporter’s son, Elliot, may be going to seek revenge for what happened to his father, especially after the Riddler revealed that the Wayne family was involved in his father’s death. And that would push him into attacking Bruce personally as Hush.

In the comics, however, Hush’s story is quite different. His real name is Thomas Elliot, one of Bruce Wayne’s childhood friends. The Wayne and the Elliot families were very close, so Thomas Elliot was named after Bruce’s father. However, Thomas Elliot had a dark personality that Bruce didn’t know about, which pushed him into attempting to kill his parents to inherit their wealth.

Thomas Wayne used his expertise as a surgeon to save his mother’s life, and that caused Thomas Elliot to become bitter toward the entire Wayne family. Elliot grew up to become a skilled surgeon, spending decades plotting to bring down Bruce Wayne for what his father did years ago. He disguised himself as the villain Hush and used this persona to attack Bruce and Batman personally for the sake of his vendetta against the Wayne family.

Is Hush Batman’s brother?

As mentioned, the Wayne family and the Elliot family were very close to one another as Thomas Wayne was best friends with the scion of the Elliot family. That means that Bruce grew up with Thomas Elliot, which is also why they were very close when they were still children. 

However, Hush was never Batman’s brother. Instead, Thomas Elliot was simply someone he treated as a brother because they were very close. That means that he saw Thomas as the brother he never had, as we can also make the presumption that, at one point in time, Thomas also felt the same way about Bruce before Thomas Wayne saved his mother’s life.

Why does Hush look like Bruce Wayne?

Hush and Bruce Wayne have no familiar relations at all. However, we know that Thomas Elliot, the man who calls himself Hush, was such a psychopath that he performed surgery on himself to change his face. This allowed him to resemble Bruce Wayne’s appearance to attack the billionaire playboy on a deeper level.

How did the Riddler become Hush?

One of the things that we saw in the ‘Batman: Hush’ animated film, which adapted the Hush storyline from the comics, is that there were changes to the original version of the narrative. Instead, the man that calls himself Hush is the Riddler instead of Thomas Wayne.


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Hush worked with the Riddler in the comics because he learned that Batman was Bruce Wayne by using the Lazarus Pit. However, in the animated film, the Riddler killed Thomas Wayne and was the man that assumed the identity of Hush. The Riddler gave himself a new identity and persona because he needed to change from a B-level villain that Batman never took seriously. But Batman still regarded him as a B-level villain after learning that the Riddler had just rebranded himself. 

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