Why Do Some Kree in the MCU Look Human? Explained

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One of the things that we know about the storyline of Captain Marvel in the MCU is that she has a very complex relationship with the Kree because she was once one of them before learning the truth about her history and origins. During the time that she was with the Kree, one of the things that we noticed was that there were some Kree people, including Carol Danvers, who had human-like appearances instead of the blue skin that the Kree were known for. So, why do some Kree in the MCU look human?

  • Article Breakdown:
  • The Kree were always originally blue-skinned people.
  • In the comics, the Kree interbred with other species to produce “Pink Kree,” who have the appearance of Caucasian humans.
  • In the MCU, the “pink” skin color of some of the Kree is due to their overexposure to nitrogen.

The Kree were originally blue

The events of ‘Captain Marvel’ allowed us to learn more about the Kree, whom we met earlier in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ when we saw Ronan the Accuser and his army of Kree. We know that the Kree Empire is one of the most technologically advanced civilizations in the universe, and their people are also stronger than humans. But we also know that the Kree also happen to have unique appearances.

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Of course, in the events of ‘Captain Marvel,’ we saw a lot of Kree that weren’t actually blue. Some of them had skin colors that made them look like humans. Yon-Rogg and Mar-Vell were some of them. But there were also a lot of Kree with blue skin colors, including Ronan and some of the other members of Yon-Rogg’s Starforce. This made people wonder why some Kree have blue skin while others look like humans.

Originally, however, the Kree were always blue. The Kree look humanoid in terms of every feature of their appearance. However, the most distinctive feature was always their blue skin. Nevertheless, some blue-skinned Kree also have purple eyes or even pointed ears. Other than that, they are similar to humans in almost every way. It’s just that they tend to be stronger and probably smarter than human beings.


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So, if that’s the case, why is it that we’ve seen members of the Kree Empire who look exactly like humans? Well, there’s a good reason for that. And that’s something that we are going to discuss next. 

The Kree have different variations among their people

One of the things about the Kree that remains constant between the comics and the MCU is the fact that they originally had blue skin. But the comics tell a different story about how there were members of the Kree Empire who had different appearances. In fact, some of the Kree actually look human.

It has always been the case that the Kree were a fascist people who roamed around the galaxy to take over entire civilizations and conquer different worlds. We’ve seen this in the MCU when Ronan wanted to destroy the people of Xandar and when the Kree waged war against the Skrulls and even caused the near-extinction of these shape-shifting people.

So, because of that, the Kree actually bred with different types of races of people throughout the galaxy. The comics say that this happened hundreds of years ago, and that’s why some of the members of the Kree Empire look different compared to the original blue-skinned people that the Kree always were.

The Kree that didn’t have blue skin were called “Pink Kree.” But the color of their skin isn’t actually pink but is closer to the skin colors of Caucasian humans. This is why the Pink Kree resembled human beings and were almost difficult to differentiate from the humans of Earth.

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As time passed, the Pink Kree became more abundant than the “pure” blue-skinned Kree of the Kree Empire. But because of the fascist system that the Kree followed, the blue-skinned Kree often held the most power in the government. It is also possible that Accusers, such as Ronan, are stronger than Pink Kree due to their pure Kree bloodlines. 

While this was explained well enough in the comics, the MCU hasn’t been quite clear about why there are some Kree that look like humans. The closest we have to such an explanation can be found in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ which is a loose part of the MCU canon and may or may not even be part of the actual canon.


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In ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ it was explained that the Kree’s skin turns from blue to pink when overexposed to nitrogen. So, if that’s the case, the Pink Kree in the MCU may be the result of a certain group of Kree who were overexposed to nitrogen at some point in the past.

However, that doesn’t explain well enough why certain Kree have other skin tones. Yon-Rogg isn’t exactly “pink” in terms of his features. Meanwhile, Korath the Pursuer is actually a black-skinned Kree. 

This could mean that the MCU may have adopted the same explanation that is present in the comics in that the Kree once bred with other species all over the galaxy to produce hybrid offspring that had different skin tones and colors. This is the most likely explanation as to why some of the Pink Kree don’t really look pink or Caucasian.

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