Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel Who Would Win in a Fight Why

Neither Marvel nor DC Universes lack incredibly powerful and inspiring female superheroes. DC gave us one of the most iconic female superheroes of all time, Wonder Woman, an Amazon gifted with the powers of gods themselves. Captain Marvel, on the other hand, was relatively recently featured in the MCU, which brought the character to the masses. What do Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman have in common, though? Both are not only inspiring and strong, but they are among the most powerful superheroes in their respective universes. If it ever came to a battle between Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman, who would win the fight and why? 

Wonder Woman would win in a fight against Captain Marvel because she is a more skilled and experienced fighter. Captain Marvel has energy-based powers that Wonder Woman cannot even hope to match, but in turn, Danvers is lacking in almost every other aspect. Wonder Woman is simply stronger, faster, more intelligent, and wiser and has an arsenal of lethal weapons at her disposal that she’s spent centuries practicing with. Wonder Woman managed to go against some of the most powerful beings in DC Universe, and survived to tell the tale. A fight against Captain Marvel wouldn’t be any different.

Now that we’ve given you a brief summary of why exactly Wonder Woman would prevail over Captain Marvel, it’s time to analyze our hypothetical fight in a bit more detail. In the rest of this post, we’re going to compare powers, abilities, strength, speed, and other relevant aspects of both superheroines so you can see why the result ended up going in Wonder Woman’s favor. If you’re interested in more, stay with us!

Powers and abilities

The core of Wonder Woman’s powers and abilities lie in her blessings from the gods. She was made to be incredibly strong, durable, and fast, with enhanced senses. She can also communicate with animals and, with it, put powerful beasts under her command. Diana was previously known to be able to utilize magic, and due to receiving a small amount of Godwave power, she had realty-altering abilities, cosmic awareness, and the ability to teleport at will if she meditates and concentrates enough.

captain marvel photon blast

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, has a vast array of superhuman powers and abilities at her disposal. The source of her powers is her hybrid human-Kree physiology, and the powers are mostly focused on energy manipulation and absorption. Captain Marvel can produce extremely potent and destructive waves of photonic energy, generating powerful blasts.

Her energy-focused powers are so potent she can generate various tools, objects, and weapons from energy with little more than mere intent. Captain Marvel’s binary form elevates all of her powers and abilities to an insane level making them more potent and more easily accessible. 

As you can see, Captain Marvel’s powers are far more tangible and concrete than what Wonder Woman has to offer. Most of Wonder Woman’s powers are focused on her physiology and other related attributes, which will be discussed in the rest of this post. Due to that, the first point goes to Captain Marvel. 

Points: Wonder Woman (0:1) Captain Marvel 


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Strength and Stamina 

Wonder Woman was blessed by the gods with incredible strength and how showcased feats to match. She is often seen matching Superman’s own strength and occasionally is seen manipulating celestial bodies and the like with nothing but her own pure strength. Regarding stamina, due to her god-like physiology, Wonder Woman’s muscles and tissues do not produce fatigue toxins which means she has near-unlimited reserves of stamina at her disposal. 

Wonder woman pulling earth

Captain Marvel has incredible feats of strength of her own. She managed to support the weight of a dead celestial as one was falling down the earth. This feat easily puts her lifting strength above the 100 tons category. Her strength can be further enhanced in her binary form. Captain Marvel, like Wonder Woman, has superhuman physiology, and she also produces fewer fatigue toxins when compared to normal human beings.

Captain Marvel lifting celestial

But, her reserves of stamina are far inferior to those of Wonder Woman, as Captain Marvel can fight for around 24 hours straight before becoming tired and needing to rest. Even though both our ladies have near-unlimited strength, Wonder Woman has more stamina, so the point goes to her. 

Points: Wonder Woman (1:1) Captain Marvel 


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Wonder Woman is known to be among the fastest superheroes in DC and is frequently seen matching Superman’s speed. Flash also claimed that Wonder Woman could match his cruising speed but falls off as soon as he reaches his top speed. Her physiology and mind are able to perform at inconceivable speeds due to the blessings granted to her. And this is only her moving speed.

Wonder Woman and Flash

Her combat speed, reflexes, and reactions are far superior to that of a normal human being as well. She can easily dodge bullets, Superman’s heat vision, and other projectile and non-projectile attacks. 

Captain Marvel flies arround the world

Captain Marvel can move at speeds faster than the speed of sound. She is capable of flight and likewise has superior reflexes and reactions. Captain Marvel is able to fly around the world in only a few moments, but no matter how many speed feats she has, it takes a lot more to match Flash’s speeds to this point, goes to Wonder Woman. 

Points: Wonder Woman (2:1) Captain Marvel 


Wonder Woman is immortal in the sense that she will never age beyond her prime years. This is due to her Amazonian genetics and, once again, a gift from the gods themselves. Being immortal, Diana is also highly-immune to most diseases, poisons, and other calamities that would burden an average human. She is highly durable and has a healing factor and her disposal.

Her healing factor is fast enough to heal her from moderate injuries in mere moments. This, however, does not mean that Wonder Woman is immune to all types of damage as she can still be killed by most forms of weapons if they hit a vital area that would kill her before her healing factor can kick in and finish the repair. 

captain marvel point blank energy hit from thanos

Captain Marvel is likewise highly durable. She managed to survive nuclear detonations and planetary-level explosions. She is not immortal but has decelerated aging abilities that allow her to age much more slowly than the average human. Captain Marvel is likely among the superheroes in the Marvel Universe that are hardest to kill. With everything said, Wonder Woman might be hard to kill, but Captain Marvel is harder. This point goes to her. 

Points: Wonder Woman (2:2) Captain Marvel 


Wonder Woman is known to be among the smartest superheroes in the DC universe, and due to her longevity and massive life experience behind her, she is also among the wisest superheroes. She managed to adapt quickly to the modern world when she left Themyscira and learned English in a matter of days. She is an extremely skilled tactical analyst. 


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Captain Marvel is likewise brilliant. She is skilled in espionage. She is an accomplished author and a pilot. She is a skilled tactician and also has a wide array of Kree knowledge at her disposal. But one thing she lacks when compared to Diana is her wisdom. Wonder Woman is far wiser due to her age, and this is something that only in the future Captain Marvel might surpass. Due to that intelligence point goes to Diana. 

Points: Wonder Woman (3:2) Captain Marvel 

Combat Skills 

Wonder Woman is among the most skilled combatants in the DC universe. She started training her combating skills back when she was still in Themyscira and quickly rose to the ranks among the most skilled fighters among the Amazons.

Wonder WOman cuts off cheetahs tail

She is unmatched in a wide range of martial arts and is an extremely proficient hand-to-hand combatant as well as an armed combatant. Wonder Woman masterfully uses almost all known types of weapons, like ranged weapons, bladed weapons, and projectile weapons. 

Captain Marvel likewise received formal training through military combative and is considered the finest in terms of combat, at least when it comes to Marvel Universe. However, she simply cannot match Wonder Woman’s proficiency in almost all weapons imaginable and all combat styles imaginable. 

Points: Wonder Woman (4:2) Captain Marvel 


Wonder Woman has one of the most notable pieces of equipment in comics in general. She is never seen without her bracelets of submission that are virtually indestructible and can protect her from any attack imaginable. Bracelets are durable enough to repel Darkseid’s Omega Beams.

Wonder Woman tiara slice Supermas throat

Wonder Woman also has her Lasso of Truth at her disposal, which is one of the most iconic weapons in the DC universe. Lasso of Truth is completely indestructible and can manipulate the minds of others as well as grow in size if needed. Diana’s Tiara of Athena is considered to be a formidable weapon as well. Diana uses her as a boomerang. It is a projectile weapon sharp enough to slice Superman’s throat. 

Captain Marvel has no special equipment at her disposal, which makes Diana far superior in this context. 

Points: Wonder Woman (5:2) Captain Marvel 


Wonder Woman is notoriously weak when it comes to sharp objects such as bullets, swords, and spears. She can deflect them with her bracelets of submission, but if they make contact with her skin, she can easily be extremely hurt or even killed.  

Captain Marvel, on the other hand, has no notable weakness that can be exploited in a fight. In this view, Captain Marvel seems to be superior, but to hurt Wonder Woman, first, you need to get close, and this seems like a near-impossible feat. 

Points: Wonder Woman (5:3) Captain Marvel 


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Wonder Woman vs. Captain Marvel: Who would win?

Now that we’ve analyzed various aspects of both Captain Marvel and Wonder Woman as well as their powers and abilities we can confidently say that Wonder Woman takes this round. She is simply a superior fighter that doesn’t have to rely on mystical powers to get the job done. She is a more skilled and trained fighter between the two with various lethal weapons at her disposal.

Captain Marvel has more energy-manipulating abilities, but with her poorer stamina reserves, she is more durable and has fewer weaknesses, still, Wonder Woman can equally match her and ultimately, skills and experience would prevail and Wonder Woman has plenty of those.

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