Kratos vs. Wonder Woman: Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

kratos vs ww
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The world of fiction has a lot of different powerful characters, and beings with the blood of the gods are actually some of the strongest that you can find in any kind of fictional universe. Of course, the God of War video game franchise has Kratos, who has Zeus’s blood and was the Greek god of war. Meanwhile, DC has Wonder Woman, who is known to have Zeus’s blood as well. So, in a battle between Kratos and Wonder Woman, who would win?

This fight should be incredibly close because of how even Kratos and Wonder Woman are in a lot of aspects. While Wonder Woman is quite possibly stronger and faster than Kratos, the god of war is durable and has better weapons. Of course, it all boils down to fighting abilities, as they are both equally skilled.

The fact that both Kratos and Wonder Woman are two of the strongest non-cosmic beings in their own universes is incredible, considering that they do have the blood of Zeus coursing through their veins. Of course, that is also the reason why they are both almost equally matched in a lot of different areas. Now, let’s look at this fictional battle in greater detail.


Kratos is an incredibly strong god and has strength levels that are almost immeasurable because it really depends on how angry he is and how much he exerts himself. There are times when he struggles to carry large boulders, but there are also times when he can literally stop a titan from crushing him with his fingers. But we do know that he gets stronger the more that he taps into his Spartan rage, and that’s why he was able to defeat powerful gods like Hercules, Zeus, Thor, and others.


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Wonder Woman is one of the greatest characters in the Justice League and has displayed strength that has been able to match Superman’s own strength at times. Of course, while Wonder Woman’s strength feats are nowhere near the Man of Steel’s, she has displayed incredible strength a lot of times as well as there aren’t a lot of Justice League heroes that could come close to Superman’s strength levels.

ww strength

The fact that Wonder Woman can match Superman’s strength at her highest strength levels means that she could be stronger than Kratos. But we do know that Kratos is also strong enough to lift entire boulders and even titans, and that means that Wonder Woman doesn’t have a huge edge.

Kratos 0, Wonder Woman 1


While Kratos may be a powerhouse, he is also faster than most other gods in God of War due to his powerful legs. He may not be on par with the likes of Hermes in terms of how fast he is, but he has been able to showcase speed that has allowed him to defeat Zeus, Magni, and Thor. In fact, in his fight with Magni, Kratos speed-blitzed the bigger god, who could match his strength but not his speed. As such, we know that Kratos is faster than most of the other powerhouse gods he faced.

Wonder Woman may not be a speedster, but she is incredibly fast and has the ability to match the Flash’s cruising speed. That means that she can move from one point to another in a blink of an eye, as we’ve seen her defeat opponents using her ability to speed-blitz them. Of course, she isn’t as fast as Superman and the Flash, but Wonder Woman’s speed is still an impressive part of her physical capabilities.

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It might be true that Kratos is faster than he looks, but he has never shown the same kind of speed that Wonder Woman has displayed. And the fact that Wonder Woman can match the Flash’s cruising speed is already impressive on its own.

Kratos 0, Wonder Woman 2


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One of the things that we’ve seen Kratos do in the God of War games is survive attacks that would have killed other gods. As good as he is at dishing out punishment, he is much better at taking it because of his incredible durability and resilience. That is why he has, in fact, survived point-blank attacks from Thor’s Mjolnir and has even lived through getting stabbed by swords. Of course, ordinary attacks can still hurt Kratos, but he is able to survive powerful attacks and even heal from them in almost an instant.

kratos stabbed

Wonder Woman may be a physical beast, but she is also capable of withstanding attacks from powerful opponents. Her durability level isn’t on par with Superman’s, but she is capable of withstanding strong attacks and then getting up from them unscathed. Of course, we know for a fact that she relies heavily on her bracers for defensive purposes, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t take attacks. It’s just that she would rather defend herself than take an attack head-on.

The fact that Kratos has survived attacks that would have knocked other superhuman characters out means that he is most probably more durable than Wonder Woman. But the gap between them in terms of their durability isn’t that wide.

Kratos 1, Wonder Woman 2

Weapons and Equipment

Kratos has had a wide variety of different weapons, especially during the original God of War trilogy. However, by the time he moved to the realm of the Norse gods, he relied heavily on the Leviathan Axe, which has ice powers and is the equal of Thor’s Mjolnir, and on his classic Blades of Chaos, which are powerful short swords that have fire powers. He also has a lot of other weapons and equipment, but he mostly relied on those two godlike weapons throughout his time in the Norse storyline of God of War.

leviathan axe

Wonder Woman may be a powerhouse without weapons, but she also relied on weapons and equipment during her time as a superhero. Her bracers are her most widely-used equipment, as they are powerful enough to deflect almost any kind of attack. She also uses a sacred sword and a powerful shield that both allow her to improve her offense and defense. Of course, her Lasso of Truth is said to be unbreakable and is capable of compelling anyone to tell any kind of truth about themselves.

It might be true that Wonder Woman’s weapons and equipment allow her to have a more versatile skill set. However, Kratos’s weapons are a lot more powerful than what Wonder Woman has in her arsenal.

Kratos 2, Wonder Woman 2

Fighting Skills

Even before he became a god, Kratos was already a powerful Spartan warrior that rose up to the rank of general among the Spartans, who are the most skilled warriors in the world. Kratos was trained in the art of using any kind of weapon in a fight and is known to have hand-to-hand combat abilities that are unmatched. In that regard, he has used his skills in both armed and unarmed combat masterfully, as he is capable of defeating other gods and skilled warriors in a fight.


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Wonder Woman is the most skilled out of all of the Amazons in DC, as she was trained by some of the best warriors when she was still just a very young girl. In that regard, her fighting skills are legendary as she is able to overwhelm Superman using her combat experience as a warrior despite the fact that the Man of Steel is marginally stronger and faster than her. In fact, Wonder Woman has won fights against opponents that are just as strong or even stronger than her by using her superior fighting skills.

ww vs superman

Both Kratos and Wonder Woman are trained warriors that rank as some of the best of their kind. In that regard, we can’t really say for certain who is the better warrior between them because they are both skilled in the art of armed and unarmed combat.

Kratos 2, Wonder Woman 2

Kratos vs. Wonder Woman: Wins?

As you can see, Wonder Woman has the edge over Kratos in her physical abilities, as her strength and speed feats are better than what the god of war has to offer. However, Kratos is incredibly durable and has some of the strongest godlike weapons you could ever see in any video game. And the fact that they are both skilled warriors that have been training since they were still young means that this battle could go either way at any given moment.

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