Young Avengers Project Allegedly Still Happening Even After ‘The Marvels’ Underperforming

Young Avengers Project Still Happening Even after The Marvels Underperforming

‘The Marvels’ looks like it is the latest Marvel Studios box-office bomb. The movie has broken an unflattering record, opening with $110 million globally, making it the lowest opening in the MCU to date. Various combinations of factors affected the success of the movie. The reception was mostly mixed, meaning that even among the critics, the view on whether the movie was good or not in the first place was vastly polarizing. Many fans now outright state that the effects of superhero fatigue are to blame and the fact that writing quality has decreased severely from MCU’s golden days. 

Nevertheless, the 33rd movie in the MCU did a lot to set up the future of the MCU. Monica Rambeau ends in what viewers strongly assume to be Earth-838, the Universe that Scarlet Witch also visited and brought chaos to it. The presence of Beast opens up a way for X-Men integration into the MCU, as well as for Maria Rambeau’s Binary.

There’s also the fact that Kamala Khan started recruiting the younger superpowered individuals. She liked working in a team so much that she took it upon herself to assemble a team, a Young Avengers.


Top 10 Most Likely Members of the Young Avengers

Following the release of the movie, there have been rumors that the Young Avengers won’t be a Disney+ show but rather a movie. We have three officially confirmed Young Avengers so far, Kamala Khan, Cassie Lang, and Kate Bishop, with several “suspects” still under wraps.

In any case, Alex Perez commented on X that the project is likely still going forward even with the abysmal results that ‘The Marvels’ have had. 

Fans were quick to notice that Marvel Studios seems too stubborn in some aspects, focusing on characters that are really not at all interesting, or their integration in the MCU was bad, to say the least. Yesterday, a rumor resurfaced that ‘Eternals 2’ is being developed with Madden Returning as Ikaris. This is yet another movie that had bad results but despite the overall bad reception, it’s going through with the sequel. 

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