‘Ahsoka’ Episode 5 Ending Explained: Ahsoka Completes Her Training

ahsoka chooses to live

The ending of episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ allowed us to see the return of Anakin Skywalker in a plane believed to be the World Between Worlds after Ahsoka Tano lost to Baylan Skoll and fell into the water. Of course, episode 5 continued from where episode 4 ended to allow us to see Ahsoka and Anakin reuniting for the first time since they last saw each other before the Siege of Mandalore during the Clone Wars.

Of course, it was clear that the Force created this phenomenon because Anakin was already dead. Ahsoka, of course, is somewhere between life and death at the moment she loses to Baylan. Now, what is the significance of Anakin’s return? Well, that’s something we are here to discuss as we continue our discussion regarding the ending of episode 5 of ‘Ahsoka.’

The search for Ahsoka and Sabine

The ending of episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ allows us to see Hera Syndulla arriving at Seatos after leading a small group that she took on an unsanctioned mission to help Ahsoka and Sabine. The problem was that neither she nor Huyang knew what happened to the master and apprentice duo. And that was when Hera saw Huyang.


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A sad Huyang was quite disappointed in the fact that Ahsoka and Sabine didn’t stick together. He was holding on to Sabine’s Mandalorian helmet as it was clear that he understood that the duo got separated during the fight. But the thing is that he wasn’t fully aware of what happened to them, and that was why he and Hera were looking for answers while trying to understand if Ahsoka and Sabine were still alive.

Anakin gives Ahsoka a choice

In the World Between Worlds, Ahsoka was surprised to see Anakin but still wondered what he was doing there. It was clear that she had her doubts about the vision that she was seeing. That was when Anakin told her he would complete her training. And the training involved giving Ahsoka a choice between living or dying.

Anakin was quick to engage his Padawan in a duel to try to test her mettle. Ahsoka was quite hesitant to fight her master but still defended herself because she understood that Anakin wasn’t holding back. And this was the true test started because Ahsoka understood that Anakin was serious.

blades clash

Elsewhere, Hera and Carson were still wondering what had happened on Seatos. Carson told Hera that the New Republic Defense Fleet was urging her to return because this was an unsanctioned mission that the Senate didn’t approve. And while that was happening, Jacen and Chopper were close to the ledge where Ahsoka fell.

Jacen told his mother to come closer so that she could listen to the waves. Hera didn’t understand it at first because all she heard was the sound of the waves crashing on the rocks. But Jacen told her that he could hear lightsabers clashing, as it was clear that he could sense the duel going on between Ahsoka and Anakin in the World Between Worlds, proving that this entire event wasn’t just happening in Ahsoka’s head.

As Hera ordered Carson and the others to search the ocean, the captain wondered what happened. Huyang told him that Jacen had unique abilities because he was the son of a Jedi Knight known as Kanan Jarrus.


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Of course, Ahsoka continued fighting her master in the World Between Worlds. But while Anakin was always considered the better duelist, Ahsoka could match his prowess as she told him that there was no longer anything he could teach her. Anakin, however, struck the floor as Ahsoka fell into an entirely new plane.

She was now back to her youthful self during the early part of the Clone Wars while she and a younger Anakin were engaged in one of their first missions together. A confused Ahsoka was wondering what was happening all while Anakin was trying to put her head in the game while they led the clones in that battle. Ahsoka had no choice but to fight that battle as if she were replaying an event decades ago.

Hera and Carson continue the search

After Jacen gave Hera hope that Ahsoka was in the ocean somewhere, she and Carson continued searching for her. Carson was starting to lose hope because they were running out of fuel. But Hera urged them to continue because she trusted her son’s instincts and abilities.

chop hera jacen

Jacen called Hera to tell his mother that Chopper may have picked up something. He told her to fly lower and closer to the water so that they could sense Ahsoka. And that meant that Ahsoka was clearly in the waters while her head and spirit were in the World Between Worlds.

Speaking of Ahsoka, she had just concluded the Clone Wars battle but was visibly sad because she lost a lot of good soldiers that day. However, Anakin didn’t seem to be too bothered about what happened as he was trying to console his Padawan that they were now soldiers who needed to move on from their losses. Ahsoka tried to reconcile the fact that Anakin was training her to be a soldier with the fact that the Jedi were supposed to be peacekeepers.

But Anakin only told Ahsoka that he was training her not to be a peacekeeper but to be a survivor. He understood that she needed to survive instead of becoming a Jedi. And that was what Anakin had been preparing Ahsoka for her entire life.

Ahsoka makes a choice

While the search was ongoing in the real world, Ahsoka and Anakin found themselves in the early portion of the Siege of Mandalore, which occurred near the end of the Clone Wars. Ahsoka told Anakin that they had already parted ways by then, and we know that Anakin was proud of how his apprentice had now become a warrior. He also told her that she had become everything that he was, including all of his knowledge and the knowledge of Obi-Wan Kenobi and the other Jedi who came before them.


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Ahsoka was part of a legacy, something that she tried to reject and deny because she understood that a part of this legacy involved death and destruction. However, Anakin told Ahsoka that she was more than that, just as we all know that Anakin was more than what he did when he fell to the dark side and became Darth Vader.

Angry that Ahsoka tried to reject their legacy, Anakin engaged his Padawan in another duel. This time, however, he wielded a red lightsaber symbolically of his fall to the dark side as none other than Darth Vader.

The two dueled and found themselves back in the World Between Worlds after Anakin kicked Ahsoka into where they started. Now back in her adult form, Ahsoka dueled Anakin, whose image as Vader flashed before her eyes. But after a hard-fought duel, Ahsoka disarmed Anakin and held his own lightsaber against his throat.

ahsoka spares anakin

At this point, Anakin realized that Ahsoka now had two choices: to kill him or to spare his life. Ahsoka chose to end the duel by throwing Anakin’s lightsaber away as she told him that she chose to live. A proud Anakin’s eyes returned to normal, symbolizing his return to the light side. He told his Padawan that there was hope for her yet, as the World Between Worlds disappeared together with Anakin.

The Sabine problem

As the World Between Worlds disappeared, Ahsoka’s body was shown in the waters of Seatos. One of the New Republic pilots rescued her from the water and brought her back to safety while she was still partly unconscious. As she fell back into a state of unconsciousness, the only word that she could say was “Anakin.”

Ahsoka woke up a day later as Huyang tended to her. The droid told her that Jacen was the one who sensed her, and Ahsoka was surprised that Hera and her son were there even though the New Republic Senate didn’t sanction this mission. However, Huyang also told her that they were yet to find Sabine.

As Ahsoka left the ship to meet up with Hera, she told her that she could try to use the destroyed starmap to determine what happened to Sabine. Using psychometry or Force Echo, which is a Jedi skill that allows a Jedi to sense the memories of a certain object, she found out that Sabine left Seatos with Baylan Skoll so that she could rescue Ezra Bridger from the other galaxy. The only problem was that they didn’t have the means to get to where Sabine and the Imperial remnants were.


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There was another problem because a fleet of New Republic ships were on their way to Seatos to try to force Hera and Carson to return to Coruscant to answer some questions. Hera tried to reason with Chancellor Mon Mothma, all while Ahsoka was trying to figure out how to get to Sabine. That was when she saw the fleet of Purrgil flying above the atmosphere of Seatos.

Purrgil to the rescue

Ahsoka told Hera that she had a plan to get to Sabine and Ezra, and that was when they went to the Purrgil to try to make contact with them. Meanwhile, Carson went to the New Republic fleet to try to stall them because they feared their arrival might cause the Purrgil pod to panic.

As Hera watched, Ahsoka made contact with the largest of the Purrgil so that she could try to use the same trick that Ezra used to communicate with them. While we didn’t see Ahsoka confirming whether or not it worked, the Purrgil opened its mouth as if it was welcoming them into it. As such, Ahsoka prompted Huyang to take the ship into the Purrgil’s mouth without confirming whether this giant space whale knew where Sabine and Ezra were.

Nevertheless, as the Purrgil were on their way out of Seatos, Hera told the fleet of ships to get out of the way because they were on a collision course with the space whales. As the New Republic soldiers and Hera watched the Purrgil with awe and excitement, the whales disappeared into hyperspace one by one until the biggest one that had Ahsoka’s ship was the only one left.


Ahsoka told her farewell to Hera and promised to bring back Sabine and Ezra. Hera and the others could not come because Jacen was still too young to take that trip. There was also the fact that Hera had to attend a hearing with the Senate to explain her actions. And Hera was going to convince the New Republic to prepare for the return of Thrawn.

Nevertheless, Hera told Ahsoka her farewells, hoping she would succeed in her mission to bring their friends back from a different galaxy. The huge Purrgil left and entered into hyperspace as the episode ended with a renewed Ahsoka Tano ready for what was to come.

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