‘Ahsoka’ Episode 4 Ending Explained: Choices Needed To Be Made

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Episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ has picked up the pace in terms of the plot of the story and the action that fans love from a good Star Wars series. While we do know that Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren are on the same page, the problem is that it was clear that choices had to be made in this episode, especially when it comes to the individual pasts of the different characters involved. And that is where things got interesting.

Now halfway through the entire series, ‘Ahsoka’ is looking to explore the different characters’ pasts and what led them to make their choices. That’s why we need to look at what happened in episode 4 and how it ended to understand the overall impact that this episode has had on the series.

Ahsoka knows what’s at stake

At the end of episode 3, we learned that Ahsoka, Sabine, and Huyang were trapped on Seatos after the encounter with the Eye of Sion. The problem is that Baylan Skoll had sent out a hunting party to go after them in the forests of the planet. Meanwhile, at the start of episode 4, Huyang has been trying his best to repair the ship.

In one of the scenes involving Ahsoka and Sabine while the droid was repairing the ship, Ahsoka made it clear to Sabine what was at stake. She told her apprentice that the enemy had the means to get to where Thrawn and Ezra were and had the map that could take them there. That means that the stakes were too high to allow the enemy to get to Thrawn, and Ahsoka tried to make Sabine understand that they couldn’t have their cake and eat it too.

ahsoka choices

Ahsoka knew that leaving Ezra marooned in a different galaxy was a tough choice to make. Still, it was better to do so instead of risking the return of Thrawn because more lives were at stake with the possible rise of the Imperial remnants. But Sabine found it hard to understand why sacrificing Ezra was a choice they needed to make if they needed to do so.

A troubled Sabine

Elsewhere, Morgan Elsbeth and Baylan Skoll ordered Shin, Marrok, and their guards to go after the Jedi in the forests. Huyang was left all alone outside the ship to take care of the repairs. Meanwhile, inside the ship, Ahsoka sensed that Sabine was very tense and troubled by the fact that she needed to make a decision regarding Ezra.


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Ahsoka tried to ease Sabine into understanding what was at stake in the situation, and it was clear that the Mandalorian was still troubled about the fact that she needed to make a choice between saving a friend and preventing another war from breaking out.

troubled sabine

While that was happening, the advanced troops got to the ship and attacked Huyang, who used his basic combat knowledge to keep one of the droids at bay. The fight damaged the ship, which prompted Ahsoka and Sabine to go out to see that the Imperial remnants had found them.

Ahsoka and Sabine fought off their enemies and decided to go to the ground base of the Imperial remnants. But before they left, Huyang told them they needed to stay together because they were always better. The droid continued to repair the ship and focused on the transmissions so that he could send out a distress call to their allies.

Lightsabers clash

While the heroes were on their way to the ground base of the Imperials, they had to go up against the duo of Marrok and Shin, who were preventing them from advancing further. Sabine decided that it was time for retribution by going up against Shin. Meanwhile, Ahsoka took on the mysterious Marrok.


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Sabine was more prepared to take on Shin this time because she combined her lightsaber training with her Mandalorian combat style. On Ahsoka’s side of things, she struggled against Marrok initially but eventually overcame him with one quick countermove that allowed her to end things in a single strike. Green gas suddenly came out of Marrok as he died from that strike.

marrok death

Sabine urged Ahsoka to go on ahead and retrieve the starmap from the enemies instead of telling her to go help her out against Shin. Ahsoka went ahead, and Sabine was about to lose to Shin before she used her Mandalorian instincts. Fooling Shin into believing she was about to use the Force (which she couldn’t use), Sabine disarmed her opponent with her wrist laser before deciding to help Ahsoka out.

Hera, the Rebel

Elsewhere, Hera Syndulla had to make a tough decision while she was together with the New Republic Defense Fleet. She decided to go against the orders of the Senate so that she could send backup to Ahsoka and Sabine over at Seatos.

Hera boarded the Ghost together with Jacen Syndulla and Chopper. The Ghost was accompanied by a small company of starfighters led by none other than Carson Teva, who we know has formed a good professional relationship with Din Djarin in ‘The Mandalorian.’ And they headed off to help their friends while Hera reiterated her status as a rebel.

Baylan’s intentions

Ahsoka reached Baylan, whom Morgan left to defend the starmap while she was inside the Eye of Sion to oversee the calculations for the hyperspace jump that they were about to make. Baylan and Ahsoka met for the first time as the fallen Jedi talked about how Anakin held her in high esteem.

Baylan Skoll

However, Ahsoka told him she did not intend to discuss her past. That was when Baylan told her that he was doing everything for the future because he knew that Thrawn would start a war and that he could rebuild from the remains of this war between the New Republic and the Imperials. 

To that end, it was clear that Baylan’s intentions were not entirely evil but were still too dangerous because he was willing to allow billions of people to die for the sake of his ideals. He didn’t even want to fight Ahsoka but realized that he had no choice because Thrawn’s return was in line with his ultimate goal, which is yet to be made clear. Still, the fact is that Baylan believes that the end justifies the means and that he is willing to do anything to achieve his goals.


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Whatever the case may be, Ahsoka and Baylan dueled. Neither of them was superior to the other, but Ahsoka’s goal was to get to the starmap before the calculations for the hyperspace jump were completed. She momentarily kept Baylan at bay so that she could grab the starmap. But the energy surging through the starmap burned Ahsoka’s hand.

Handicapped, Ahsoka struggled in round 2 of her fight with Baylan. Shin arrived and made Ahsoka think that Sabine was killed. An angry Ahsoka used the Force to manhandle Shin and slam her against a pillar. In his anger, Baylan cornered Ahsoka and was now in the position to finish her off while she was struggling to defend his attack.

Sabine’s tough choice

Sabine arrived in time with the starmap in her hands and threatened to destroy it with her blaster. Ahsoka urged her to destroy it, only for Baylan to realize that she didn’t have the guts to do so. Baylan’s final attack on Ahsoka made her fall over the edge, as Sabine thought that her master had been killed.

sabine map

Still threatening to destroy the starmap, Sabine was now in her most troubled state. Baylan understood that she didn’t want to destroy the map because it was her only way to reunite with Ezra.

Using the Force to sense Sabine’s feelings, Baylan understood that Ezra was her only family because she lost her entire clan on Mandalore during the Imperial era. And that was when Baylan gave Sabine his word that he wouldn’t hurt her and that he would allow her to reunite with Ezra as long as she handed the starmap over to him.

Sabine realized that she couldn’t destroy the map. She handed it over to Baylan, who told Shin to leave Sabine alone because he gave her his word. It is clear that Baylan still has his sense of honor as a Jedi despite all the evil things he has done. Using the map, he allowed Elsbeth to complete the calculations for the hyperspace jump.


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Morgan sent a shuttle to retrieve Baylan, and Hera arrived just in time to try to stop the Eye of Sion. Huyang told her the situation so that she could try to prevent the massive hyperspace ring from leaving the galaxy. But it was already too late.

The Eye of Sion jumped into hyperspace with Hera’s company obstructing them. Hera lost almost all of her allies due to the effects of the hyperspace jump. Nevertheless, she, Jacen, Chopper, and Carson managed to survive.

The return of a familiar face

Elsewhere, Ahsoka’s unconscious body was seen lying down as the episode was about to close. But she regained consciousness in a place resembling the World Between Worlds, a plane of existence that the Force created. And the World Between Worlds exists beyond time and space.


As Ahsoka was wondering where she was, she heard a familiar voice calling her by her nickname, “Snips.” Only one person ever called her that name, and that was Anakin Skywalker, who served as her mentor while she was still a Padawan.

Ahsoka turned around to see that Anakin was there in all of his pre-Vader glory. Anakin said he was surprised to see her this early, and Ahsoka was only happy to see her master and old friend. The episode ended with Ahsoka and Anakin reuniting in the World Between Worlds, as it is clear that Skywalker’s spirit will serve as Ahsoka’s guide in another spiritual journey.

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