‘Ahsoka:’ Here’s Why Marrok Might Be Ezra Bridger

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One of the things that we know about the ‘Ahsoka’ series is that Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren are on a mission to get to where Thrawn was banished nearly a decade ago when Ezra Bridger used the power of the Purrgil to take themselves out of the equation. Of course, they are looking for Thrawn to prevent a war and get Ezra back. But we did see a mysterious masked Inquisitor named Marrok, who was skilled enough to fight Ahsoka on par. So, could Marrok be Ezra Bridger?

There is a chance that Marrok could be Ezra Bridger because this Inquisitor has a name that’s linked to wolves. We know that Ezra is also linked to wolves due to his relationship with the Loth-Wolves of Lothal. Marrok also has the same body build and skills that Ezra has.

The thing about Marrok is that so much mystery surrounds him as of this writing because nothing has been said about him. He doesn’t even talk and hasn’t shown anything that could disprove the theories that point to him being Ezra. So, with that said, let’s look at the clues that point to the possibility that Marrok could actually be Ezra Bridger.

Marrok’s name is linked to wolves

When Marrok’s name was revealed several months ago, people quickly wondered who he could be. After all, the Inquisitors were suspected to be all but dead already, and that means that there was an unlikely chance that one of them managed to survive the Rebellion without appearing in the original trilogy to assist Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine.

In that regard, some theories quickly pointed to the possibility that this masked and silent Inquisitor might be someone familiar to fans of ‘Star Wars: Rebels.’ And yes, we are talking about Ezra Bridger.

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We know that Ezra disappeared around a decade ago when he used the Purrgil to transport Thrawn’s ship, the Chimaera, outside of the known galaxy so that the Grand Admiral would never be a threat to Lothal and his friends ever again. But Ezra also disappeared together with Thrawn, which means no one knows exactly where he is.

Thrawn is believed to be in a legendary place called Peridea, outside the Star Wars galaxy. As for Ezra, we aren’t sure if he is still with Thrawn or if he has found a way to escape him since they both disappeared together.


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In that regard, fans now view Marrok as one of the possible people who might be Ezra. After all, years are enough for someone to brainwash Ezra into falling to the dark side and becoming a foe to the people he once cared about. But the biggest clue that could serve as a link between them is Marrok’s name.

Marrok, in real-life mythology, is an Arthurian knight who was turned into a werewolf by an enchantress. However, Marrok eventually found a way to return to his human form. The thing that links this Arthurian legend and Ezra is that Ezra himself has a link with wolves.

Ezra formed a bond with the Loth-Wolves of Lothal during the latter part of the ‘Rebels’ storyline. The giant white Loth-Wolf called Dume has spiritual links with Ezra’s master, Kanan Jarrus. In that regard, there might be a chance that this wolf connection between Marrok and Ezra could be a clue that points to the possibility that they are the same person.

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Nevertheless, there’s also a good chance that Marrok’s name is simply Dave Filoni, keeping up with the theme of the Force-wielding antagonists having names that are linked to wolves. After all, Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati have names linked to the prominent wolves of Norse mythology. And because Marrok is allied with Baylan and Shin even though he isn’t in the same group as they are, Dave Filoni might have given him a wolf-related name to stay consistent with the theme.

Ezra has the same build as Marrok

Of course, we also know that Marrok seems to have a human body. It seems he is male and isn’t exactly an old person. Based on his build, Marrok could be a male human around 25 to 30 years old. And we know that Ezra Bridger should also be right around that age.

Ezra disappeared when he was around 18 years old. Around a decade has passed since his disappearance, meaning he should be around 27 or 28. And Ezra had a lean and athletic build similar to Marrok’s.


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There’s also the fact that there must be a reason why Marrok wears a mask. While Inquisitors were known to wear masks, they were known to show their faces occasionally. Also, Marrok is entire character seems to have been copied from GI Joe’s Snake Eyes because he doesn’t show his face or refuses to speak. And the possibility that he might be Ezra could be why he hasn’t shown his face or spoken a single word.

There aren’t a lot of Force wielders left

Baylan himself said it would be a waste to kill Ahsoka because very few in the galaxy can wield the Force. While there may be many Force-sensitive people all over the galaxy, only a few were trained to have the Jedi skills that Ahsoka and Ezra have.

We know that the Inquisitors were known to be former Jedi who were corrupted to the dark side of the Force. After all, Palpatine would have wanted to use ready-made Force-wielders that he only needed to corrupt to turn into Inquisitors instead of training an entire batch of Force-wielding children.


As one of the few remaining Jedi-trained Force wielders in the galaxy, Ezra might have been brainwashed or corrupted into falling to the dark side to become an Inquisitor. It also seems odd that Marrok was absent during the Rebellion period while all other Inquisitors were believed to have been killed off already.

As such, people would naturally ask where Marrok was the entire time when Vader and Palpatine were fighting the Rebels. It seems unlikely they would have sent him off on a different mission when the priority was to the Rebels and corrupt Luke Skywalker. That is why there’s a good chance that Marrok was only turned into an Inquisitor recently instead of during the reign of the Empire.

Then again, we are just speculating here. There’s still a good chance that Marrok is a new Inquisitor without a connection to Ezra. After all, it would have been impossible for Ezra to have fallen to the dark side and suddenly returned to the known galaxy while Thrawn was still stuck in Peridea. And we’ll just have to wait and see to understand who exactly is under that Inquisitor mask.

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