‘Ahsoka’: Why Did Marrok’s Body Disappear? Explained

marrok green mist

The events of episode 4 of ‘Ahsoka’ have had the most action scenes of any episode in this series by far. As Ahsoka Tano and Sabine Wren were on their way to try to retrieve the starmap from the Imperial remnants on Seatos, they had to face Marrok and Shin Hati. Ahsoka faced and defeated Marrok with a decisive counterattack that left a mortal wound on the mysterious Inquisitor and forced his body to disappear after green mist escaped from the wound. So, why did Marrok’s body disappear?

Marrok’s body likely disappeared after green mist escaped from the suit, likely due to the fact that he was only a body reanimated using the power of the Nightsisters’ Magick. The Nightsisters of Dathomir have the ability to reanimate the dead. And it is possible that Morgan Elsbeth did the same to Marrok.

Since Marrok was shown in the trailer of ‘Ahsoka,’ fans have been wondering what he is and his true nature. There were a lot of theories regarding his identity, as some even started to believe that he could be Ezra Bridger, Barriss Offee, or even Galen Marek. But none of the theories proved to be true. So, with that said, let’s look at why Marrok’s body disappeared.

Ahsoka clearly defeated Marrok

Back in episode 3 of ‘Ahsoka,’ we saw that the heroes used the cover of the forests of Seatos to keep themselves hidden from the Imperial remnants. Then, at the end of the episode, Baylan Skoll ordered his men to hunt the Jedi down. And that was one of the things we saw during the earlier part of episode 4 when the Imperials spotted Ahsoka’s ship.


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Eventually, the Imperials attacked the ship, only for Ahsoka and Sabine to defeat the advanced party that was sent there. The duo needed to get to the ground base to retrieve the starmap, only for them to encounter Marrok and Shin, who were not about to let them get to Baylan and the starmap. Ahsoka took on Marrok while the apprentices fought one another.

Ahsoka initially struggled against the skills of the mysterious Inquisitor. However, when Marrok started spinning his dual-sided lightsaber, Ahsoka kept her composure and clearly had a counter for the Inquisitor’s next move. Marrok struck but was outmaneuvered by Ahsoka, who used one simple counterattack to defeat her opponent.

marrok death

Marrok had a huge wound across his chest, and it was clearly a fatal wound from which any person would die. But before Marrok died, green mist escaped his body as he fell down like an empty sack of potatoes. His body seemingly disappeared without even surprising Ahsoka.

Marrok was never alive

This can be an interesting topic to talk about because we know that the Inquisitors were actually former Jedi who were pulled over to the dark side by the Empire so that they could be used as pawns to hunt down any remaining Jedi in the galaxy. To that end, people were wondering who Marrok was because it was believed that the Inquisitors had all died before the events of the original trilogy.

Another interesting fact is that the Inquisitors had standard names that included their numbers and designation (Brother or Sister), such as the Third Sister of the Fifth Brother.

But while that may be true about the Inquisitors, Marrok seems to have a unique name because he doesn’t follow the usual format. On top of that, he seems very emotionless, with little to no interest in talking. We’ve only heard him saying a few lines throughout the entire series before his death. On the other hand, all of the Inquisitors were vocal and full of emotion, such as anger and hatred, because they were strong on the dark side.


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This opens up the possibility that Marrok probably was never alive at all. He was an emotionless husk lacking the same intentions and motivations Baylan and Shin had. And it was clear that he was seemingly a puppet that was created to obey orders.

Of course, our next point on this list can explain the possibility that Marrok was never alive. And it has something to do with the power of the Nightsisters, which we know Morgan Elsbeth was a part of.

Nightsister Magick was at play

One of the things that we know about ‘Ahsoka’ is that Morgan Elsbeth is a Nightsister of Dathomir. She is a survivor of a group of people long believed to be extinct. And we know what the Nightsisters are capable of.

The Nightsisters are capable of using something called Magick, which is an aspect of the Force that focuses on the use of illusions, deception, and dark sorcery. Nightsister Magick is so mysterious and powerful that it can create illusions to deceive opponents and even curse others. And we did see in ‘The Clone Wars’ that Magick can also bring back the dead to some extent.

nightsister necromancy

When General Grievous attacked Dathomir to exterminate the Nightsisters after Mother Talzin betrayed Count Dooku, the Nightsisters used a powerful ritual to bring the dead back to life. Several Nightsisters were brought back from the dead as zombies that attacked the droid army that Grievous led to destroy the Nightsisters.

In that regard, because Elsbeth is a Nightsister herself, it is more than likely that she can also bring someone back from the dead to some extent. That was what she probably did to Marrok when she found the body of a dead Inquisitor, brought it back to life, and rechristened them as Marrok to serve as a lackey for her. And the fact that Marrok needed to wear a suit the entire time suggests that he may be a reanimated corpse.

The green mist that came out of Marrok’s suit is what tells the story because Nightsister Magick is often represented by the green mist that manifests whenever they use their Magicks. As such, it is likely that Morgan used her Magicks to reanimate Marrok from the dead because it always helps to have an extra pair of lightsabers fighting on your side against a powerful Jedi-trained character like Ahsoka. 

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