‘Ahsoka’ Episode 3 Ending Explained: The Plot Thickens

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The storyline of ‘Ahsoka’ just keeps getting better, especially with episode 3 revealing more details regarding the relationship between Ahsoka and Sabine. Of course, we also saw more developments on the part of the New Republic and Hera Syndulla’s efforts to make sure that Thrawn would never return to the galaxy to lead the Imperial remnants.

Things happened on the side of the bad guys as well because the true nature of the Eye of Sion was revealed. Of course, there were also welcome surprises along the way, as the storyline is only going to become more developed as the series dives deeper and deeper into the plot. That said, let’s look at what happened in episode 3 of ‘Ahsoka’ and how it ended.

Sabine is getting in touch with her training

The third episode of ‘Ahsoka’ opened up with a scene inside Ahsoka’s T-6 shuttle, wherein Huyang was sparring with Sabine to allow her to remember her basic lightsaber form training. We know that Ahsoka allowed Sabine to join her on her mission to stop the Imperials from rescuing Thrawn and in their quest to bring Ezra Bridger back home. Of course, Ahsoka even called her Padawan at the end of episode 2.

sabine spar

In that regard, Sabine needed to keep up with her lightsaber training because she needed to be as strong as she needed to prepare for the upcoming fight with the master-and-apprentice duo of Baylan Skoll and Shin Hati. And Sabine learned the hard way that she needed to train as she almost died back in episode 1 when Shin stabbed her.

After sparring with Huyang, Ahsoka took charge of Sabine’s training by making her wear a visored helmet to obscure her vision. Ahsoka was teaching her the importance of trussing in her senses to tell where her opponent was. Due to her weak aptitude in the Force, Sabine struggled but eventually got the hang of it because she was trusting in her anger, which Ahsoka told her was going to make her unbalanced.


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Still, the training continued as the ship was on its way to the last known location of the tracking beacon that Hera placed on Shin and Marrok’s transport at the end of episode 2. Ahsoka and Sabine used the time to make sure that the Mandalorian Padawan was ready.

The Senate problem

Elsewhere, Hera was trying to find a way to provide support to her friends. She had to talk to discuss the situation with Chancellor Mon Mothma and a few other New Republic senators. And one of Hera’s men cautioned her that one of the senators on board was Senator Hamato Xiono.

Hera explained the situation to Mothma and the Senate, and they were all surprised by the fact that she believed that Grand Admiral Thrawn was alive and that the Imperial remnants were trying their best to bring him back to the known galaxy. However, not all members of the Senate agreed that Hera should take a task force because they still believed that Thrawn was already long gone.


Xiono was extremely adamant that Hera was only wasting their time. He believed that Hera was only trying to convince the Senate to give her the resources she needed to continue her search for Ezra Bridger. That was why Xiono thought that this was a waste of time and resources, as they could’ve focused more on helping out the people of the New Republic instead of chasing after Imperial remnants without a central commander.


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As such, it was clear that the Senate was unwilling to support Hera in this matter even though she was only trying to prevent a war from breaking out. And this also meant that Ahsoka and Sabine would have to face the Imperial remnants on their own.

Ahsoka explains Sabine’s Force aptitude

Back on Ahsoka’s ship, the training had concluded. Ahsoka was explaining to Sabine the nature of the Force and how she could still be a Jedi even though Huyang told her that she had the weakest aptitude out of all of the Padawans he had met in the 25,000 years of his existence.

That was when Ahsoka explained that the Force resides within all living beings and that only those with the innate talent to wield the Force will find it easier to use it. But that doesn’t mean that those without the innate sensitivity to the Force could not be open to it. 

Ahsoka was telling Sabine that she needed to be more open to the Force to understand its use. She was strong because she was a Mandalorian. Most of Sabine’s saber skills were innate to her because she already had basic combat training as a Mandalorian. But being a Jedi was different because one needed to be open to the Force to actually wield it in combat.

huyang ahsoka 1

Huyang and Ahsoka discussed this matter on their own after they had left Sabine. The droid told Ahsoka that Sabine was too weak in the Force and that the Jedi Order would never have accepted her into their ranks because of her innate weakness in wielding the Force. But Ahsoka told the droid that she didn’t want Sabine to be a Jedi. Instead, she wanted her to be herself.

A space dogfight

Upon learning that Hera and the New Republic weren’t going to be assisting them due to the bureaucracy going on in the Senate, the heroes found themselves in a dogfight against Shin Hati, Marrok, and the rest of the starfighters who were on their tail upon reaching the Denab system.


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Sabine needed to man the guns while Ahsoka and Huyang were navigating their way to the Eye of Sion structure. While Sabine initially struggled to hit her targets because Ahsoka told her to learn how to use the Force to anticipate them, Huyang knocked some sense into the former Jedi by telling her they needed to work together.

That was when Ahsoka learned that she needed Sabine to be herself and allowed the Mandalorian to do things her way. Sabine succeeded in shooting down a few starfighters as they made their way to the Eye of Sion.

shin hati

Huyang needed to scan the large structure to understand its nature, all while the Eye of Sion was bombarding them with lasers. The T-6 shuttle was able to take the hits while Huyang was still scanning the structure. And at the very last moment, when Huyang succeeded in completing his scan, the deflector shields went down as the ship lost power.

Ahsoka needed to take things out to space to confront the remaining starfighters on their way to shoot them down. Meanwhile, Sabine was focused on fixing the ship. Ahsoka managed to take down one of the starfighters before Sabine restored power to their shuttle.

The return of the Purrgil

Because the hyperdrive was down, the ship needed to enter Seatos. But Shin and Marrok were still tailing the good guys. That was when Ahsoka sensed that there were other beings in the atmosphere.


They were surprised to see that a pod of Purrgil was on Seatos, as Sabine was visibly shocked. The Purrgil provided the distraction that the heroes needed to shake Shin and Marrok off their tails. Meanwhile, Huyang’s power was restored just after encountering the Purrgil.

The heroes landed the ship in the forest of Seatos while powering down to make sure that the bad guys wouldn’t be able to scan them. After Shin and Marrok had left the planet to regroup in the Eye of Sion, Huyang explained that this massive structure was a hyperspace ring meant to have the power needed to make a huge jump to a neighboring galaxy quickly.


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That was when Ahsoka asked if the ship could make the jump to another galaxy, only for Huyang to explain that the Purrgil were once known for using hyperspace routes that allowed them to get to other galaxies. As such, it became clear that the Pathway to Peridea may have been a secret hyperspace route that the Purrgil used to get to Peridea. And because the Purrgil were the progenitors of hyperspace travel, it is possible that the Nightsisters learned about this route from them.

Baylan’s hunt begins

As the episode ended, Baylan Skoll and a few Imperial soldiers landed on Seatos and were on the structure that revealed the Pathway to Peridea. Seemingly conflicted, Baylan ordered the soldiers to hunt down the Jedi in the forests. They needed to take care of the loose ends because the Eye of Sion was not yet completed. And that means that Ahsoka and Sabine were still going to be troublesome for them before the completion of the Eye of Sion.

In that regard, the next episode will allow us to see Ahsoka and Sabine facing off against Baylan Skoll’s hunters. There’s also a good possibility that they will end up facing Baylan and Shin. Of course, Hera’s quest to provide backup to her friends should also be a story worth anticipating in the fourth episode of ‘Ahsoka.’

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